Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-24-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • BREAKING: Whistleblowing Doctor Exposed Globalist Plan For UN Directed Depopulation / Great Reset Using Vaccines For Extermination
  • The Kill Shot Is an “Operating System” In Your Own Body!!! The Vaxx Companies Admit This!! Anybody Who’s About To Get Jabbed Must See This!!
  • The Canadian theology professor Dr. Pierre Gilbert during a lecture in 1995 warned of a coming mandatory vaccine containing liquid crystals that when exposed to magnetic frequencies, turn vaccine recipients into “zombies”– Mind Control: Scientists Engineer ‘Magneto’ Protein Capable Of Remotely Controlling Brain & Behavior
  • Kill Shot Cyborg Predictive Programing from the 2007 Vexille Movie!!!
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis Shows the Covid Vaccinated Blood Is Defiled and Being Infiltrated With Nano Particles & Only God Knows What Else
  • BOMBSHELL! 5G Network to Wirelessly Power Devices. Guess what it can do to nanotech (DARPA-financed)
  • COVID Crisis Schemed to Decoy Cyborg Plot of Linking Human Brains to the Cloul–National Security Fraud/Crime Charged Against Moderna/Pfizer/DOD “Racketeering Enterprise” in Federal Court Case
  • URGENT – Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use”
  • Connecticut form requires health care professionals to sign away their lives saying “I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any reactions” caused by covid vaccines
  • Watch: Uniformed Troops Go To Bars & 7-Eleven In Dallas To Randomly Covid Administer the Covid Kill Shot to the “Younger Crowd”
  • Governor/Satanist Larry Hogan announced Thursday a $2 million COVID-19 vaccine lottery for Marylanders

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-24-21

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