Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-20-24-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Demonic Transgender Insanity in the US Military—Getting a Morality Lesson From Satan
  • The Promiscuity of today’s youth is insane! Plus Bible Verses and a Detailed Look at the Biblical Word: Fornication
  • A Biblical Look at Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage–Excellent Biblically Based Books!!!
  • Some boundaries should not be pushed. Objectifying little babies and making “entertainment” around the themes of child exploitation is a sin
  • Listener Comment: Lying Documentary Claims God of Israel demanded child sacrifice
  • Armed police stand guard outside Sierra Leone’s cemeteries to stop drug addicts stealing human bones that they grind up and use in new psychoactive ‘zombie’ drug sweeping the country
  • Tucker Carlson says UFOs are piloted by ‘spiritual entities’ with bases ‘under the ocean and the ground’
  • SHOCKING! Vatican Preparing Guidelines For ALIENS?!
  • BREAKING: UN Troops To Be Used Inside The US & Europe For Civil Unrest
  • All H*** Is Gonna Break Loose–Americans know in their gut that the despotism demonically possessing the Federal Government is only getting started
  • YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS HARD AT WORK FOR SATAN!!! The US government working hand in hand with Non-Government Organizations…or NGO’s (to bring in, house & cover their expenses) millions of illegals into the United States! A huge percentage being military aged fighting men!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-20-24

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