Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-16-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Psalm 77—When Your Discouraged Remember all the Good Things the Lord has Done
  • Supreme Court Reportedly Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade–Let States Protect Babies From Abortion
  • What is Despicable about ROE is that All the Governments of Men Obeyed SCOTUS for 49 Years while the Preborn were Savagely Butchered
  • Witchcraft, The Great Invocation and The World Economic Forum
  • The Great Invocation: Praying for the Arrival of the Antichrist
  • LUCIS TRUST, Maitreya & The Great Invocation
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-15-21-Part 2—The masses are Begging for the Antichrist to Show Up Now! Will Maitreya Answer the Satanic Call & Appear Soon? Who is Maitreya AKA Devil Betraya? What is the Great Invocation? What is the Day of Declaration?
  • Maitreya’s Day of Declaration Description Straight From his UN Sponsored Website
  • Together Elevate LUCIS TRUST
  • ExecutiveOrder10 – Kandiss Taylor

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-16-22

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