Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-11-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?
  • Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths
  • Insurance Companies Pays Pediatricians a Blood Money Kill Shot Bounty for Every Fully Vaccinated Child
  • The Incremental Covid SCAMdemic Satanic Meat Grinder Says: Shut Up and Obey Sheeple!! Wear Your Face Diaper and Take the Kill Shot!!!!–Bill Gates Foundation Calls For CIA/US Military to Silence Anti-Vaxxers–Masked vs Non Masked Americans Going Kinetic–CBS News reports “Covid Vaccine Boosters” to be delivered by “patches & pills” that contain tracking nanotech<<<This is where the masses will finally get their Luciferase Quantum Dot Microneedle VAXXpatch
  • 6 Reasons Bill Gates Is Pure Evil
  • Satanist Bill Gates Fights to Keep Covid Kill Shot Vaccine Ingredients Secret
  • Pharmacist Shows Blank J&J COVID–19 Vaccine Insert
  • MODERNA COVID-19 “vaccine” was completely blank, omitting all ingredient and side-effect info
  • Listener Hospital Employee Confirms Blank Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Insert
  • Total Tyranny: Depending Where You Live-Deadly Vaccines Will Soon be Required to Work in the US
  • Most Vaccinated Country on Earth Closes Schools and Sports as COVID Cases Surge — 35% of New Covid SCAMdemic Cases Are Fully Vaccinated Residents
  • Tyranny: Cyprus to Require ‘Coronapass’ for Church, Shops, Restaurants
  • Covid Kill Shot VAX Pass: Access To Slavery

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-11-21

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