Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-1-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • The Largest-Ever Gathering Of Satanists Will Meet This Weekend For Sold Out ‘SatanCon 2023’ In Boston
  • Transgender He-Woman Call to Arms!!! They are Preparing for War! #MenDoNotBelongInWomensRestrooms
  • Transgender Abomination Headlines
  • GOP SELLS OUT To LGBTQ Agenda: TPUSA & Mainstream Republicans EMBRACE Gay Rights
  • Ron DeSantis Flies To Israel To Destroy Free Speech In Florida
  • NC Black pastor denounces North Carolina Wake County schools for attacking Christian students while at the same time promoting perversion and the LGBTQ agenda
  • Enraged Christian Screams We are Sacrificing our Sons and Our Daughters to Demons!
  • Bible Verses Leviticus 26:13-33—A Warning for the God’s People!
  • PROOF Disney is above the law… Reaction from a Christian perspective

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-1-23

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