Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-14-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Pharmakeia – The VMAT2 ‘God Gene’ – And Just What Is The Real Target Of The COVID-19 Vaccines That Were Rushed Into Production And Forced On Us?
  • Covid-19 Shots—Testimonies Spiritual Implications—No Desire for God Anymore??
  • Geopolitics expert warns China preparing for TOTAL WAR against the United States in “a matter of months” … cyber attacks, bioweapons, kinetic and NUCLEAR strikes all on the table
  • Communist China Controls 200 Square Miles in Texas Next to Major Air Force Base
  • Deep Cover Insider Sources Say that Americans Are Being Abducted, Having Their Organs Harvested and Then Cremated CHINESE-Style
  • Claim: Bill Gates Aiding Communist China in Harvesting DNA of Americans to Build Race-specific BIOWEAPONS
  • Current Event Headlines
  • Ivermectin’s Horrible Side Effects
  • Hydroxychloroquine Warnings
  • This is What Medical Dr Lorraine Day Thinks About Hydroxychloroquine
  • Hydroxychloroquine Tablet Ingredients Exposed
  • Hydroxychloroquine Horrific Side Effects
  • Medical Martial: Law Canada Announces Plan to Imprison The Unvaccinated
  • The Pressure is Building on the Unvaccinated–Medical ‘Mark of the Beast Like’ Kill Shot Rolled Out Worldwide

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-14-21

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