Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-25-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Comment Regarding My Information on Easter Says: I mean this with all respect but EVEN IF what you are saying is true, why would it be a bad thing to take an old pagan practice and transform it into a Christian reality?
  • Drag Queen Shows at Lutheran Church + Bible Study
  • Virtually all the prominent Covid ‘truther’ doctors are connected to the Occult “Seven Rays” – “The Academy of Divine Knowledge” & New Ager Sasha Stone who is united with the UN & so much more! Members Include: Christ Hating Godless David Icke – Del Big Tree – Dr. Judy Mikovits – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Carrie Madej – Sherri Tenpenny, MICHAEL JACO – DR. LARRY PALEVSKY – DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP – SEAN STONE – Dr David Martin – Dr Andrew Wakefield & many More– All placed by the UN to make our transition to the NEW NORMAL / New World Order more comfortable?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-25-22

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