Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-8-21-Part 3

Table of Contents: 

  • March 4 has Come and Gone which was the day that “Q” and their pals claimed Trump would return as President, resume the presidency, and arrest all the bad guys who have committed Treason against our country. This has been one giant deception!!
  • Trump claims total credit for vaccines almost exactly a year after saying Covid would disappear ‘like a miracle’
  • Vaccine depopulation weapons and the GOP’s pro-vaccine stance against humanity–The GOP is all-in with the vaccine industry, even knowing that mRNA vaccines are euthanasia shots designed to carry out genocide on a global scale–With Trump touting his “success” with vaccines during his CPAC speech yesterday, it’s abundantly clear the GOP is now pro-genocide, just like the Dems
  • Current Event Headlines
  • For Anyone Contemplating Taking Any Covid-19 Vaccination Please Go Through This Information & Checklist–So You Can Know You Have Performed Proper Due Diligence–FAMILY FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORM FOR COVID-19 INJECTIONS
  • More than 200 U.S. Marines Arrive in Philadelphia to Assist FEMA in Covid Kill Shot Mass Inoculations!!!
  • The Most DISTURBING California Covid SCAMdemic Propaganda Yet–LA Schools To Launch Bill Gates Microsoft COVID-19 Tracking App So Children Can Attend Classes
  • Will Israel become the first country to make the COVID vaccine mandatory? Human rights lawyer tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS nation is headed for “a bad situation” as the government unveils a litany of threats – and sanctions – for those who have not gotten their KILL shots
  • Knesset passes law to give Israeli cities personal info on unvaccinated residents
  • Medical Tyranny in Israel
  • Multitudes of JEWS just PRAYED for the WRONG messiah AKA “Thee Antichrist”! The Blasphemous Talmud That Most Jewish Religious Sects Follow to This Day

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 3-8-21

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