Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-29-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Prayer Alert–More Satellites by SpaceX and OneWeb Launched Despite Opposition and Catastrophic Warnings- Global Health Consequences for Everyone
  • Current Event & Kill Shot Statistic Headlines
  • ‘Hot Zone America’ Would Be The Final Nail In America’s Coffin As Globalists Initiate Final Lockdown, Arrests And The Destruction Of Over 125 Million ‘Deplorables’- Nightmare Scenario Would Mean Nothing Less Than ‘America’ And Freedom Extinguished¬†
  • CDC Pretending That NOBODY is Getting Injured or Killed from COVID-19 Vaccines
  • BOMBSHELL: Medical Doctor Loses 22 Patients After COVID Kill Shot Vaccine
  • Scott Jensen & Former Minnesota State Senator says: The WHO Confirms ‘We’ve All Been Played’ on COVID-19
  • The Real Covid SCAMdemic Agenda–Never Ending Vaccines, Lockdowns & The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-29-21

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