Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-27-23-Part 2

Table of Contents: 

  • 5G Exposure To ENSLAVE The Vaxxed: Vaccinated Connected To Global 5G Death Grid — LED Street, Home and Vehicle Lights are Weapons Platforms! LED lights Are Tied Into the 5G Grid
  • EXCLUSIVE Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed–Doctors will be ‘incentivized’ by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status
  • Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI
  • CLOT SHOT COERCION: In Brazil, all Universal Basic Income (UBI) recipients must show proof of vaccination
  • S MILITARY NOW BEING TESTED FOR AIDS DUE TO THE COVID VAXX GIVING THEM AIDS! They put 3 HIV proteins in these shots and gave the world vaccine induced AIDS–The DOD database reports a 500% increase in HIV in 2021
  • Pfizer and Moderna were studied under mass spectrometry which revealed luciferase was a key component of both products making it impossible for soldiers to fake their vaccine status
  • THOUSANDS Of Canadian Children Are DYING SUDDENLY! Fully Vaxxed & BOOSTED Kids Unexpectedly DROP DEAD
  • Calls to suspend covid 19 vaccines in South Africa because of safety concerns hits mainstream news
  • Over 60 scientists call for an end to covid-19 “vaccines” after documenting foreign toxins that damage the blood and impede circulation
  • Nano Tech Findings Reveals Terrifying Findings In Global Extermination Agenda
  • CONFIRMED: Graphene Oxide Found In SHOTS Pfizer SUED For $3 TRILLION Over “Safe & Effective” LIES!
  • The Vaccinated Are No Longer Fully Human?? How do you apply ‘intellectual property rights’ to a human? You create mRNA technology, to alter their DNA, that’s how

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-27-23

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