Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-14-22-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment About a 2021 Movie That Describes Alien Disclosure Happening the Same Time Russia and Ukraine Are At War
  • Will This Be How Disclosure Happens? Supposed Space Ark In Ukraine Now Controlled by Russia?
  • Insane World Headlines!
  • The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth
  • Listener Comment:  I wanted to give you a quick update in what we know of the horrible situation in Ukraine + Ways to Donate to Help
  • Listener Comment: Updated News & Warnings from Refugees crossing borders in Romania, Poland & Moldavia
  • CRYPTO FEVER: Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing The Creation Of A Digital Dollar As World Continues Moving Closer To A Cashless Society
  • Secretary of Transportation Degenerate Sodomite Devil Pete Buttigieg Rolls Out Plan To Cover America With ‘Red Light’ Surveillance Cameras Connected To The Metaverse
  • US Digital Passport Alert
  • Breaking: Parasite Worm Eggs Found In Covid Vaxx Vials: German Doctors Report Hatching Eggs In Vaxx
  • An Annual COVID Kill Shot Vax for Kids?
  • The Pfizer “vaccine” has ONLY 1,291 side effects! <<No this is not a misprint!! This is the clinical data a judge forced the FDA to release … it’s worse than you could possibly imagine—I wonder if this has anything—or everything—to do with the ongoing plague of “sudden deaths” now ravaging humanity worldwide?
  • CONFIRMED! 1 billion dollars in tax payers money secretly given to large media companies to push vaccines and prevent vaccine hesitancy–GENOCIDE AND HUMAN RACE EXTINCTION IS BIG BUSINESS!
  • Listener Comment: Another Invive Covid Testimony
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-14-22

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