Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-8-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • PURE EVIL: The Boys and Girls Being Sold For Sex During COVID-19 and Super Bowl–Up to 500,000 children are trafficked each year, and their ages are getting younger and younger–According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, In America alone nearly 800,000 children go missing every year (or roughly 2,185 children a day)!!!
  • Bible Verses Regarding Defending & Protection of the Innocent & Children
  • Warning Horrific Content: Former Republican Senate Staffer Arrested for Child Porn–Baby Rape Videos
  • PedoEmpire: Sean Stone Interviews Former MK Ultra (Child to Adult) Sex Slave Cathy O’Brien
  • Proof the 7th Day Adventist’s Believe & Teach That The Catholic Church’s Papacy Received the Deadly Head Wound (of Revelation 13:3) in the year 1798!! & in the year 1800 SDA Heresy Teaches that Wound Was Healed!!! & Scott Johnson’s Response

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-8-21

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