Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-27-23-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • DIOXIN: The DEADLY Chemical No One Is Talking About! People Will DIE: East Palestine MUST BE EVACUATED NOW!
  • ‘Stay Away, Don’t Believe EPA,’ 9/11 Cancer Victim Lawyer Warns East Palestine Residents
  • East Palestine Farmer’s WARNING: ‘MyID’ Biometric Surveillance Devices Given Out BEFORE Derailment
  • Norfolk Southern trying to BUY OFF East Palestine residents for just $1,000 to silence them forever, and block all future cancer lawsuits resulting from vinyl chloride train catastrophe
  • RED ALERT: Toxic hazardous waste water from Ohio being INJECTED into wells in Texas
  • East Palestine Fallout, Health Problems Exploding, 43k Animals Dead, Toxic Water Secretly Shipped To Texas & Michigan!!
  • Doc Pete Chambers returns from Ohio front lines for a post-catastrophe situation report
  • List of 103 U.S. Food Manufacturing Facilities Destroyed Under Biden Admin: While 135 million people faced acute food insecurity before the COVID-19 pandemic, that number has more than doubled to 276 million over the last two years.
  • The Bicarbonate of Soda ( Baking Soda ) Rescue of Ohio

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-27-23

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