Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-15-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • High Numbers of Jews are Praying in Unity for their Messiah (The Antichrist) to Appear & NAR (The New Apostolic Reformation) is also praying in UNITY for the next six weeks via the “One Voice Prayer Movement”
  • Exposed: NAR / New Apostolic Reformation – C. Peter Wagner – Dominionism – Moving Towards the Coming One World Religion Under The Antichrist
  • Why We Are NOT in the tribulation–much less the second half of the tribulation where the “Seal Judgments” are opened
  • Things the Bible Says God Hates
  • “There is no [QAnon] Plan” – General Flynn
  • Tom Arnold’s Wild Night at the Playboy Mansion with Trump, Trump’s Mistress, Ivanka and Melania–No Profanity or Graphic Material
  • German parliament advances Mark of the Beast with “Agenda ID2020” ratification
  • Coming Soon: Climate Lockdowns to Coincide With The Covid Lockdowns!!!!
  • They Want Your Guns and Want You Dead!!
  • It Begins: Joe Biden Calls For ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban On Parkland Shooting Anniversary–Less than a month in office and Biden is already trying to take away your guns
  • Praise the Lord! Missouri County Sheriffs Will Arrest Feds Who Violate Second Amendment Under Biden

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-15-21

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