Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-13-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Giants Emerging Everywhere – They Can’t Hide This
  • Strong Delusion–According To Top High Level New Agers: 7 Sleeping Anunnaki Giants Scientists are Awakening To Enlighten Humanity To Bring Us To A “New Golden Age”!
  • Listener Comment: Nephilim Architecture….yes, they are probably looking for ancient Nephilim technology–but I also believe they are trying to raise these Nephilim–They will be the first ones sorry when they do
  • Ancient Floating City Built By Giants – Nan Madol
  • Biblical Giants ALIVE on the Solomon Islands | Nephilim
  • Listener Comment: The ring of fire is over there in Oceania (Guadalcanal) as well–MANY of those aboriginal persons do have something odd going on with their genetics
  • “Unholy” Song Glorifying Evil & Satan Wins Grammy Award! | Sam Smith & Kim Petras | First Transgender HeShe Abomination Winner!!!
  • CBS Openly Admits Goal with Message to Artist Before Satanic Performance – It Was Hidden in Plain Sight

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-13-23

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