Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-7-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Lorraine Day Says Vaccines Are the Main Way “They” Have Been Killing Us Off for Decades and That “The Covid-19 Test Vaccinates you & Implants You With Nanoparticles”!!!!! Plus a Warning on Her Beliefs
  • C-D-C Admits to the FDA: NO such thing as C-o-v-i-d-19
  • FDA: COVID-19 VIRUS Has NEVER Been Isolated–They have never–not once–isolated the virus for which they have shut down the United States economy and through which they have denied tens of millions of Americans their most basic freedoms
  • Renowned Scientist Tells Fox News: COVID-19 Vaccine is ‘Downright Dangerous’ and Will Send You ‘To Your Doom’
  • Priest who volunteered for COVID vaccine – dies suddenly — Pregnant Women Immediately Abort Babies! “IMAGINE A VACCINE SO SAFE YOU HAVE TO BE THREATENED TO TAKE IT, FOR A DISEASE SO DEADLY YOU HAVE TO BE TESTED TO KNOW YOU HAVE IT”
  • Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female (& Possibly Male) Sterilization
  • Top EU Scientist Warns COVID-19 Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women–Breaking down medical experts’ testimony that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine will sterilize women, as the head of the EU medical advisory board admitted that secret experimentation with the vaccine would violate human rights
  • Oxford Professor Sir John Bell – A Designer of the AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine – Admits – The Vaccine Will “Very Likely” Sterilize up to 70% of The Population!!!!
  • We’ve Got the Box! Astra-Zeneca’s COVID-19 “Vaccine”– Frankenstein in a Bottle – Chimpanzee GMO Virus Used to Make This Vaccine & This Vaccine is Also Cultured off Two Different Aborted Baby Fetal Cell Lines and One Line From Cancerous Lung Tissue!!!!
  • Total Satanic Insanity!!!! Moderna to start testing its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine on children – are parents really letting their kids serve as guinea pigs?
  • ACTION ALERT! COVID Vaccine: What We Don’t Know

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-7-20

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