Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-6-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • U.N. Taking Down Private Websites — Domain Level Censorship
  • We are not there yet but the stage is being set!!!: Can’t Buy or Sell without the Mark—Imbedded Covid Vaccine Passport Chips Coming?<<Please Remember From Antiquity Only the Christian Bible Predicted This Scenario
  • A Microchip Containing Your Covid Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand—Sweden Leading the Way!!!
  • Graphene Oxide Wireless Network: C-O-V-I-D Bio-weapon Shots Contain Wireless Nanosensor–Some Vaxxed Giving off a Unique Bluetooth Signal!
  • BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED…UNLESS YOU WILLINGLY PUT IT IN YOU…Tom Brady and Witchcraft…Graphene Oxide Turning the Covid Vaxxed into Human Batteries Similar to the Movie “The Matrix”
  • Luciferian’s Proclaim: “We are Hacking Human Beings–Humans Are Hackable Animals” “The idea that humans have free will or a soul — these are over!” Technocrats have not just declared war on humanity, they have declared victory in that war—But we still have the opportunity to NOT comply enmass with this rewrite of humanity — but we must be ALL IN, RIGHT NOW
  • Recommend Protocol For The Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-6-21

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