Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-5-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • WATCH: Kids carry Disney’s X-mas Helliday message: ‘We love you Satan’ ‘They don’t hide their agenda anymore’ ‘THE BLACK MAGIC KINGDOM’ CAN NO LONGER STAY HIDDEN 
  • Gullible Christians Watching The Series ‘The Chosen’ Are Being Led To Idolatry, ‘Mother Rome’, Praying The Rosary & To The False Idol Mary–By Catholic Actor Jonathan Roumie – Plus Bible Verses
  • Qatari official puts World Cup soccer deaths ‘between 400 and 500’!!—Hey Only 400-500 people had to die so they could play soccer!! What’s the big deal, right??!!! The bottom line is: The “Soccer Gods” must be appeased and well fed!!!<<& this is prior to the tournament even starting!!!
  • The Biggest Sporting Event Ever! At Least 3.5 Billion People Watching This–The Inside Story-Cause of Death: Migrant Workers & the 2022 Qatar World Cup
  • Human rights in the Gulf states: Thousands of migrant worker deaths unexplained–Every year, some 10,000 low-paid migrant laborer’s return home to southeast Asia from the Gulf in body bags!
  • Warning Mature Content–PIZZAGATE 2.0!!! Balenciaga Blown Wide Open as Public Awakens to Elites’ Child Molesting Agenda — KIM KARDASHIAN is Balenciaga’s Most Famous Model
  • CEO of Balenciaga Parent Company Owns Auction Site That Sells Child Sex Mannequins With Genitalia For Faces
  • Top Balenciaga Fashion Stylist’s Social Media Loaded With Images of Sadistic Child Abuse, Witchcraft & Satanism
  • Balenciaga is Satanic
  • So After The Balenciaga Psyop–Kanye West (Who Condemned Balenciaga for Their Actions) Was Wearing a Balenciaga Mask on the Alex Jones Show!!!! Kayne Then Says He Likes Hitler & the Nazis!! This Was Done to Portray the Right Alternative Media (Which Is Mostly Part of the Right/Left Paradigm & Controlled by The Same Puppet Masters) and Those on that Team as Total Hypocrites and Totally Insane!!
  • The Truth About “Ye” AKA Kayne West–The simple masses obsession with their precious shiny things—This is Idolatry
  • To Kanye West, Alex Jones and the Double Minded—What Does the Bible Say
  • Alex Jones Says: Kanye West Is A Hero For Exposing The Mark Of The Beast
  • Listener Comment: Here’s a short video of Alex Jones explaining his family roots in Freemasonry and explaining away the occultic “New Atlantis” concept.
  • Watch For Free: Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Volume 1: The New Atlantis | Full Movie
  • Facts and Pictures Showing How Blasphemous, Insane, Evil, Wicked & Greedy Kanye West Is!!
  • Blasphemy on a Whole Other Level—Let Us Pray! New Version Of The Bible Replaces the Word “God” With “Kanye”
  • Perverted Satanist Marilyn Manson Leads a Public Prayer Circle On Sunday Halloween With Kayne West and Justin Bieber!
  • Listener Comments on Kayne West Being a Closet Black Hebrew Israelite

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-5-22

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