Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-12-22-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Kill Grid Countdown
  • CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS HAVE BEGUN! – 15 Minute City Project FORCES WORLD Into Prison!
  • How China’s lockdown policy is inspiring the Great Reset
  • Reports That Overseas Airports May Be Scanning For Luciferase To Authenticate Your Covid “Vaccine” Passports!
  • Wicked Beta Testing: Canadian Psychiatric Association Targets Anti-Vaxxers With Mental Illness & Forced Psychotropic Meds If They Refuse the Covid Kill Shot
  • Listener & Scott Johnson’s Comment: Testimony–We have been doing numerous breathing treatments with the Invive Silver and make a big bottle of the nose spray with silver and it has been GREAT!!!  I can take nice deep breaths…I feel so much better, been sick since Labor Day!!!!  Also Supplements to help with Allergies and Lung Function
  • Listener Comment: This is a warning for all current personal trainers – DO NOT work with the Covid Jabbed
  • Air Cleaner Recommendation & The Globalists SICK, TWISTED Plot To Murder You With Chemtrail Pollution
  • “You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests “Amnesty” For Pandemic Authoritarians
  • INSANE: Covid Cult Wants AMNESTY For Evil Acts During COVID; Refuses To Apologize For Crimes Against Humanity
  • Listener Comment: If You’ve Been in a Hospital Since the Covid Kill Shot Was Implemented–You may of been JABBED!!!
  • How do you know if you have an implant?
  • Listener Comment: Some Hospital Surgical Patients Being Microchipped
  • RFID chips implanted in multitudes of people without their knowledge via flu shots, vaccines & surgeries!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-12-22

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