Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-30-20-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Expect A Massive Propaganda Blitz In The Coming Days As Globalists Push ‘Covid-19 Despotism’ And ‘The Great Reset’: Americans MUST Stand Up To The Globalists Draconian Agenda
  • Covid Insanity!!: Broncos Starter & All Backup Quarterbacks Won’t Be Playing In Sunday’s Game Due To COVID even though they all tested Negative!!!
  • San Francisco 49ers not allowed to play in stadium for 3 weeks under new COVID-19 draconian restrictions–Stanford’s football program will also be affected by the measures
  • Sources: New Orleans Saints fined $500K & lose draft pick for not wearing masks during Week 9 postgame locker room celebrations
  • Covid ‘Compliance Ambassadors’ Now In America – Top 10 Tyrannical Mandates By Liberal Governors Across America- Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’
  • Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is ‘The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public’ Says ‘masks are utterly useless’ 
  • C-o-v-i-d-19 PCR Tests Ruled Totally Unreliable By Portuguese Court–Quarantine Lifted-Potentially 97% False Positives!!!
  • Listener Comment: “totalitarian tip-toe”
  • United Nations Launches New Biometric Digital ID Combining
  • ‘Covid Checkpoints’ Unleashed Across NYC to Catch & Fine Violators of Quarantine Rules
  • QANTAS CEO Confirms That Proof That You Will Have To Be Vaccinated For COVID-19 For International Air Travel–Korea Air & Air New Zealand Are in Agreement
  • Governor of Hawaii becomes a tyrannical monarch, threatens $5,000 fine and jail time for people who do not wear masks
  • Brutal police beating of maskless French man hints at frightening future for locked-down Europe
  • Medical police state HORRORS in Australia: Young man choked out, slammed to the ground, heaved out of a restaurant for not wearing a mask-While Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, is now saying that Americans “have no constitutional right to walk around without a mask.”& he has launched a new, expanded covid-19 “snitch line” so that citizens can call the police on each other for not wearing masks
  • New Legislation Could See Christians in Victoria Jailed for 10 Years for Attempting to Convert People To Christianity

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-30-20

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