Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-29-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Commentary: It’s Not Just Smallpox, It’s Small Pox + Ebola That Will Soon Be Released
  • If I get smallpox what is the chance of survival if I go the medical route?
  • Smallpox Recommend Protocol
  • Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries to build up the Immune System:
    Scott Johnson’s Previous Teachings on Ebola and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From It
  • Is Selenium Deficiency Behind Ebola, AIDS and Other Deadly ...
  • Selenium – Prevents Retroviruses HIV – Marburg – Cocksackie – Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses – Ebola …
  • Listener Comment About The Importance of Copper in Fighting Off Ebola
  • Vitamin C Is Essential in the Ebola treatment
  • Have you taken your vitamin C today? While Vitamin C is unequivocally recognized as a quintessential player in maintaining function of the immune system, a recent review paper points to 70-80% of patients with severe covid-19 suffering HYPOvitaminosis C (i.e. low vitamin C status) in hospitals – Please Note Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid
  • Previously Covered–DOCTOR’s Findings: Marburg, Aids, Ebola & the C-O-V-I-D Vaxx–Intentional Infection Underway–Breaking J&J vaxx!!! These shots are deleting your genes that repair your damaged DNA!!! Inducing an AIDS/HIV like condition and that is just a little what is covered here
  • MARBURG VIRUS DISEASE Natural Recommended Protocol

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-29-21

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