Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-21-22-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • People Now Connected to the Demonic Realm Through COVID-19 Injections Via Quantum Mechanics Nanotech—Creating a Luciferian Race of Defiled Cyborg Humanoids Via the Covid Kill Shot and 5G!! The Scum Behind This Whole Covid Kill Shot Worship the Demiurge
  • What is the Demiurge: The evil ‘god of Chaos’ who seeks to destroy all of humanity and infest humans with AI parasites primarily via the Covid kill shot!
  • It’s In the Patents! PCR Test Linked To Human Cloning & Defiling Our DNA–Spread the word… still, millions of people getting PCR ‘tests’ daily… and they are not even tests… and they are not detecting viruses either!!
  • The Truth About DEADLY Bivalent Covid Boosters: What Is Really In These Jabs?
  • Thorpe (Obstetrician) On the Horror he is Seeing Regarding the Covid Jabbed Mothers Offspring
  • All by Design: Satanist Senator Chuck Schumer calls for REPLACEMENT of the Americans who can’t reproduce anymore–Which is obviously from the mRNA Covid-19 depopulation jabs
  • BBC Television Says A Segment of the HIV/AIDS Virus Was Used to Create the COVID-19 Kill Shots!
  • Finding (And How to Find) the Bluetooth Covid Signals of the Departed Covid Shot Recipients at Gravesites
  • Vaccine Expert Warns Of Catastrophe Within Months Driven By ‘The Vaccinated’: ‘Hospitals Will Crash And The Rest Of Society Will Follow’ ‘Literally there is no immunity, left for the Covid vaccinated,’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-21-22

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