Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-2-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • National Guard Being Deployed Across America Regarding The Election
  • Police Nationwide Make Huge Final Preps for Election Troublemakers
  • Businesses are boarding up windows and pulling guns off the shelves in anticipation of widespread election unrest
  • Reality Sets in: Civil War is Upon Us – Businesses Boarding
  • Jeremy Ex 32° Freemason – Update: The Chaos Followed by the Order. It’s about to Hit! The Ascended Masters are Here!
  • New Bill to Allow Foreign Forces and Troops to be Used on Australian Soil–UN Agenda 21/30’s vision is coming to fruition–Setting up nations in the UN to allow armies from other nations to be used on their soil against their own people with impunity
  • Current Event Headlines
  • Scamdemic-Cooking the Books–Setting Americans up to be Prisoners of the New World
  • New Zealand to Medically Quarantine (In Quarantine Camps) All Those Just Testing Positive for Covid-19 and Also “Close Family Members Who Might be at Risk”!!!!
  • Humanity Continues to Capitulate So the Satanic Agenda Keeps Rolling Forward–Gov. Cuomo announces mandatory COVID-19 testing for all out-of-state incoming travelers
  • Listener Comment: 500 Million Doses of the Covid-19 mRNA Moderna Killshot Vaccine already ordered by the US Military
  • 6 of 8 COVID-19 vaccines are unethical because they were produced using aborted fetal cells &/or are being tested using aborted fetal cells
  • In order to travel, you’ll soon be forced to carry a digital certificate that provides proof of medical checkups, screenings, DNA swabs, vaccinations

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-2-20

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