Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-16-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Possible Scenarios For the Coming Insurrection
  • Pfizer CEO Dumps 62% of His Stock On COVID Vaccine Announcement–Optics not good for Big Pharma exec
  • Listener Comment: TRIPLE HELIX NEPHILIM DNA Possibly in the Covid-19 Vaccines!!!
  • Great Reset Exposed & the Coming Alien & Panspermia / Ancient Astronaut Theory Deception
  • Listen to Scott Johnson’s Teachings: The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie: The Shocking Origin of the “Intelligent Design” Theory & The Intelligent Design LIE
  • Major Globalist Klaus Schwab: In his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, Globalist Klaus Schwab says: World Will “Never” Return to Normal After COVID–“Technocratic Dictatorial Rule By A Tiny Elite”
  • Listener Comment on ‘The Great Reset’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-16-20

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