Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-31-22-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Their Awaited Messiah (Who is actually the Antichrist) — Rabbis are afraid to leave the country lest they miss their Messiah’s coming
  • IT BEGINS: The Forerunner to ‘Mark of the Beast’ Goes Mainstream as Microchipping of Bankcards into the Hands Starts
  • Satanic Temple Appearing at Gay Pride Events to “Un-Baptize” People By Getting an Upside Cross on Their Foreheads and Reciting “Hail Satan” Plus a Bible Verses
  • Caution Mature Content: Democrats Moving for Open Child Molestation for Children In Public, In The Classroom, Or Wherever They Can Get Access To Minors Plus Bible Verses
  • Satanic Sellout Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After She Speaks Out Against Child Sex (& Sacrifice) Trafficking—Asks Where Are All the Missing Children
  • The FBI is arresting Christians–You must understand that the FBI is being weaponized against its political enemies–No longer are they magistrates that uphold good, eschew evil, but instead, the opposite is taking place–Christians are being arrested, while leftists are allowed to go free
  • The DOJ has created a pro-abortion (who love baby killing) task force to crack down on pro-lifers—Hey Wicked Government/DOJ–Just Remember: “White Hot Eternal Hellfire Awaits You All Who Perpetuate This Evil!!!”
  • Pro-life activists ordered to pay $2.4M to Planned Parenthood for undercover investigation

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-31-22

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