Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-19-20-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • United Nations Combining The World’s Largest Abortion Providers To Create A Unified Global Network To Slaughter Children As A ‘Human Right’
  • Listener Comment: Trump’s Regeneron Antibody Treatment Drug was Developed Using Aborted Fetal Tissue Cell Lines
  • Drug derived from aborted fetal tissue was ‘miracles…from God’ that saved Trump from COVID
  • Trump Dances To Gay Anthem; Expresses Desire To Kiss Men Now That He’s ‘Immune’
  • Trump Delusion Among Christians–I have stirred a hornets nest!
  • Plans For Trump—Gentiles Must Be Destroyed
  • Donald Trump is a Child Molester – The Facts
  • Donald Trump has paid about $30 million to settle child-sex complaints, including a 2012 incident at Albemarle Estate in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • VIDEO: Armenian Christian Prisoners of War MACHINE-GUNNED to Death by Muslim Azerbaijan
  • Synagogue of Satan Kabbala Jews Are Enabling The Genocide Against Armenian Christians In Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Through the Covid-19 draconian rules, we are being socially conditioned to take the Mark of the Beast!
  • Wake up Australia Covid-19 is a Total Hoax….
  • COVID Passport Trials On United Airlines In UK – And So It Begins…
  • U.S. Government Awards Contracts to Seven Organizations with Ties to Gates Foundation, DARPA, Big Tech
  • Round up the ‘anti-vaxxers’? Enlist religious leaders? Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to reduce ‘vaccine hesitancy’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 10-19-20

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