Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-4-21-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Testimonial on Invive Silver
  • Listener Comment: Invive MSP success story
  • Colloidal Silver Likely to be Banned As it is a Huge Threat to the Satanic Medical Pharma Vaccine Cartels
  • Listener Comment: Focus on the Family–Yet Another Large “Christian” Ministry Imploring Their Followers to Take the Kill shot!!!! “Hell hath enlarged itself” for all these Satanic “Christian” Ministries!!!!
  • Brief Bible Study on the Word “Stumblingblock”
  • Listener Comment: Outside Starbucks coffee sign with a Church sign selling the Goddess Pro-Abortion Starbucks coffee!!
  • Starbucks Perverted Goddess/Siren Coffee–Learn What Their Original Logo Looked Like
  • Bonus Material: Recommend Protocol For The Corona Virus
  • Calcium & Vitamin D-3 Is Vital For Your Immune System
  • Recommendations and Vital ALL ENCOMPASING information regarding the nCOVID-19 Virus
  • Nebulizer Recommendation
  • Are Fevers Bad?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-4-21

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