Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-25-21-Part 3

Table of Contents: 

  • Trump’s True Traitorous Legacy – Zionists and Q Exposed Once Again
  • Deceiver Simon Parkes Update
  • Alex Jones Attacks Q but wants to act like he was not pushing essentially the same Trump Train Psyop that Q was pushing for 4 years, and is hoping you will forget the last 4 years of him pointing to Trump as our greatest hope, while he let Trump off the hook over and over when he did overt evil (especially in the last two years of his presidency)!!!! You can’t have it both ways Jones!!!
  • Mike Adams Takes a Different Tact Than Alex Jones, Choosing to Defend All Those Putting Out the Q Psyop Lies for the last 4 years!!!–So instead of apologizing for deceiving his followers about Trump for the last 4 years, Mike Adams essentially defends all the “Trust the Plan”, 5D Chess, Trump lies put out by the CIA controlled Q promoters/pushers which have been nothing more than a deceiving mouthpieces of Satan, which Adams claims: “They all operated with good faith”
  • FALSE Trump Prophecies! Oops!! Mark Taylor – Paula White – Kenneth Copeland – – Sid Roth – Q & so many more
  • Listener Comment: Pastor Dana Coverstone False Prophecies

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-25-21

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