Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-25-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • This is a very powerful prayer against Witchcraft…with fasting even more powerful..
  • Current Events Headlines & Introducing Our Wonderful New “President” and boy has he already been busy destroying what is left of America!!!!
  • MANY MSM AGENTS (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) CALLING FOR THE ARREST, DEPRROGRAMMING AND “RE-EDUCATION OF TRUMP SUPPORTERS!  Left-wing media calls for spy agencies to hunt down “white terror” in America, turning nation into Stasi-style police state Biden orders assessment of ‘domestic violent extremism’ threat–Confirms White House moving with ‘laser-light speed’ to tackle ‘unholy alliance’ that includes “religious extremists” But Antifa and BLM can rape steal kill and pillage all with the governments approval!!!!
  • The Round Ups are Already Beginning: FBI post-digital billboards to help find those involved in Capitol riots While Antifa and BLM can burn down, loot and murder with impunity and suffer zero repercussions!!!!!
  • Liberal Media Completely Silent As ANTIFA And Black Lives Matter Celebrate ‘Day One’ Of Biden-Harris Administration With Domestic Terror– Antifa in Seattle and Portland Smash Property, Oppose Biden! & Tell Police: ‘We Are Ungovernable’
  • Biden to ‘Immediately’ Sends Congress a Bill That Would Offer Citizenship to 11 Million Illegals
  • Biden Releases Illegal Alien Prisoners on America!!!
  • LET THERE BE BLOODSHED: Baby Butchers Biden And Fauci Team Up To Revoke Policy Protecting The Unborn To Create Massive International US Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Scheme
  • Biden was sworn in as Vice President under Obama on Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009 with his hand placed on his Catholic Jesuit bible with two upside down crosses clearly seen!!!
  • Insane Lady GaGa Inauguration Hunger Games Comparison—They Are Telling You What They Are Planning!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-25-21

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