Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-2-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: New pledge of allegiance for my children in their homeschool classes
  • Trump hosts gala for homosexual Republicans at Mar-a-Lago after Biden signs same-sex ‘marriage’ law!!
  • WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Wants to Slaughter Millions of Pets, Cats and Dogs to fight CLIMATE CHANGE!
  • Prepare for ‘climate lockdowns’: Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms
  • World Economic Forum calls for end to private car ownership
  • BIOWEAPON PAYLOAD RED ALERT–The Military is Being Decimated From the Kill Shots–Lipid Nanoparticle Hydrogel Payload Is Not Only In the Covid Jabs But Also The Flu Shots, Other Vaccines and Insulin Shots Now! FDA Has Abandoned All Oversight of all Vaccines Now! Attorney Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet
  • UK Funeral Director John O’Looney – Insider Information – Concerning if Correct
  • HOSPITALS MOBBED with every room and even HALLWAYS occupied with portable cots … has the spike protein apocalypse begun?
  • Hospital Lab Tech & Listener Comment: We are experiencing a massive uptick/totally unprecedented in people testing positive for Influenza A Varients
  • Listener Comment: On Family Deaths of Those That Took the Covid Jab
  • Covid Bioweapon Shot “Turbo Cancers” SURGING in Breast, Colon, Esophagus, Kidney, Liver, & Pancreas–Cancer Rates EXPLODE & People Die!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-2-23

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