Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-2-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment About How it is Good for Christians to Celebrate The Religious Jewish Holydays of Hanukkah Plus Scott Johnson’s Reply
  • Warning Regarding Ex-Warlock (Who Supposedly Had a Personal Friendship With Satan) John Ramirez—He Never Left SATANISM
  • Listener Comment: John Ramirez says women can be preachers & apostles while promoting that witch Kathryn Cuhlman, Benny Hinn & Catholic Mother Teresa—He Also Promotes the Insane “Passion Translation” of the Bible–Facebook Verbatim Quote From Him–Plus Bible Verses To Refute This Satanic Plant
  • Scott Johnson’s 3 Part Teaching: Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee S. McPerson, the Source of Benny Hinn’s ‘Anointing’
  • Mother Theresa Not A Christian—But Actually a Blasphemous Idolator
  • Previous Teachings: Rome Pushing “Mother of the World” Status For Mary Goddess & the Darkness of Mother Teresa
  • What is the Blasphemous Passion Translation of the Bible? The Passion Translation Promotes the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) theology

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-2-23

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