Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-18-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Q Psyop Exposed & Those Who Push the Narrative (Cutting Edge with John Hall & Dan Bidondi)
  • Listener Comment Regarding Q, Trump and Simon Parkes
  • Situation Update – “Operation Trust” Q psyop revealed—Will Biden be Taken Out Via Operation Martyr That is Blamed on Patriots?—Many Indicators Say Trump is Stepping Down
  • Prayer Alert–Caller Says: Biden To Be Assassinated AT INAUGURATION–Trump-Supporter to be Blamed–Gives Dems All they need to go after everyone opposed to evil!!!
  • From Attorney Sidney Powell – Trump is Stepping Down & Doing Nothing to Protect the US
  • OBEY: Cumulus Media orders all “conservative” talk show hosts to embrace Biden as “president
  • Right on Cue: Headlines Read: COVID Infested Illegal Alien Caravan Coming Form Central America–They Demand Biden…Violent Caravan Surges while Millions of Americans Unemployed…

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-18-21

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