Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-18-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • What the Bible Says About “Mourning”
  • Protection From The Lord & Psalm 27 
  • Spiritual Warfare and Prayer Walking Studies by Scott Johnson
  • Spiritual Warfare Prayer/Prayer Walking Guidelines
  • Prayer For Unsaved or Backslidden Christian
  • Updates Regarding www.contendingfortruth.com & Invive Silver
  • It is time for Trump to pass the devils baton to Biden
  • Dave Hodges Finally Admits that Trump is a Traitor!!!–Trump’s Final Legacy Will Be the Betrayal of his Base and His Failure to Defend America From the Coming Purge From the Left
  • The DC Rally On the 6th of January…Was the Last Honey Trap of Trump’s Presidency

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-18-21

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