Deliver Such An One Over To Satan

In this teaching we will start off with a short Bible study regarding the end times by looking at Isaiah 1: 4-9 and Jeremiah 5:23-29. You will see the startling parallels these verses have to modern day America and the apostate churches within her. We will then discuss 1 Corinthians 5 and mandates this portion of Scripture set forth regarding our duty as Christians to judge sin in the church as: “A little leaven, leaven the whole lump”. We will also look at what the Scriptures mean regarding: “Deliver such an one over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh”. Because church discipline is almost non existent in the vast majority of congregations, it has allowed sin to run rampant in the church which in turn has allowed corruption to seep into the church like never before. We will then take a look at some recent end times current events in the most recent edition of the Last Trumpet Newsletter. We will then continue our coverage of the Middle East as a large build up of Islamic military are currently positioning themselves along three of Israel’s borders while VP Cheney is issues ever stronger warnings to Iran regarding an impending war. Then we will look at a recent American proposal to Israel where the US is urging the Jews to give up more of their ever dwindling land to the Islamic Palestinians, and what the implications are for the US every time we pressure Israel to give up more land. We will then look at a shocking piece of news regarding gas prices/shortage.

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