Days of the Dead: Sponsored By Cornerstone Christian Youth Camp

In this study we will first look at a Joint Declaration of Unity between the Catholics, Lutherans and Methodists as just one more confirmation of the emerging one world church. We will then look at the testimony of a covert Christian witness at the incomprehensible, annual “Days of the Dead” Cornerstone Christian Youth Camp, which attracted 25,000 pseudo Christian youth. This report will shock as we see how the occult and witchcraft are being woven into almost every facet of apostate Christianity. This is no wonder as the one world religion of the antichrist will be witchcraft at its very essence: See Daniel 8:25. We will see how the Biblically forbidden practice of necromancy (talking to the dead) was one of the main attractions at this youth camp. I will also be giving a brief study on Tantric Yoga, Hinduism and Acupuncture. Lastly we will look at the blessings connected with the fear of the Lord and how humility is integrally related to this subject. This will be done by looking at many various Bible verses that can give us a clear understanding of this subject.

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