Cloning, DNA Manipulation & Corrupting The Seed & the Book of Enoch-Part 1

The interpretation of Genesis 6:4 that the Nephilim are half human, half fallen angel makes this very simple to understand. God made a way for man to be saved from his sin through grace by faith in His Son but He did not make a way for the angels that rebelled to be saved. Therefore, a mixture of the two kinds would be a corruption and the result a ‘fallen race’. It is interesting that Genesis tells us that ‘all flesh’ was corrupt in the days of Noah. What does that mean? We know that God destroyed all the animals as well as all people except those brought on the ark with Noah and his family. We will explore this topic further in this study. Now, what is man doing in creating these hybrids whether they are human/animal or plant/animal? Man is mixing kinds together and creating a corrupt and defiled race. It does not matter what the percentage of human verses cow DNA there is, do cows go to heaven? Frankly, man is messing with things he has no right to manipulate – he is in effect trying to play ‘God’, which goes right back to the original sin in the garden.

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