Todd Bentley’s False Revival Shutdown

Todd Bentley’s False Revival Shutdown

In this teaching we will be discussing the following topics:
1) Our report from our recent 7/30/08 road trip up to Todd Bentley’s Blasphemous Lakeland Tent Revival

2) Will This Pope Make Mary Co-Redeemer?: Most false religions have a female goddess which is central in their worship. It is characteristic of Satan to whatever he can to replace Jesus with someone else.

3) Popular Televangelist Humbled by Catholic League After being embarrassed by Catholic claims of “bigotry” and “intolerance,” John Hagee apologizes to the Catholic League and says he now has “an improved understanding of the Catholic Church.

4) Canadian “Hate Speech” Laws a Warning to U.S. Should it be a crime to say that Islam is a threat to western values? Or should your pastor be forbidden to speak on certain Bible passages? Free speech is slipping away.

5) Homosexuals Hiding an “Inconvenient Truth” It’s not “politically correct” to reveal the truth that homosexual males’ average life span is only 39 years. Here are the “inconvenient facts.”

6) Is Britain Finished? Some communities are becoming “no-go” areas if you are not a Muslim. The head of Britain’s Anglican church says publicly that Islamic law (sharia) is going to be introduced into British society. Is America next?

7) Iran Plans to Knock Out U.S. With 1 Nuclear Bomb:

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