Biblical Cause of Jewish / Israel Affliction, John Hagee, Christian Zionism Warning-Part 1

Biblical Cause of Jewish Affliction, John Hagee, Christian Zionism Warning-Part 1

In John Hagee’s new book “In Defense of Israel” he boldly denies that Jesus Christ came to earth to be the Messiah. To watch him personally say this (and much more) click the link below or go to:

With all the attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ by so called “Christians” like Hagee, I felt it necessary to do a full teaching on the subject of Israel and the reason for her afflictions from Babylon to the end of the tribulation. The major cause of Israel’s perpetual troubles and afflictions is not external but internal – i.e. the nations continued rejection of Jesus Christ the Messiah. During the first century, Jesus Christ offered Himself as Messiah to Israel. Had they accepted Him they would have had peace with God and with man. The direct consequence of rejecting Him was the forfeiting of God’s blessings, which included a peaceful existence in their God-given land and in their capital city, Jerusalem. Israel’s leaders were (and are) spiritually blinded and brought indescribable hardships upon themselves and their followers by rejecting the Prince of Peace. At the same time we as Christians are not to condemn the whole Jewish race for their indiscretions and blame them for every evil that exists today, like some ministries and people do. With this teaching will attempt to do is present this complex subject from a Biblically balanced perspective.

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PDF: John Hagee, Isreal’s Afflications. Abrahams Seed & the 144,000