Avian Bird Flu, Pestilence, The Days Ahead, What to Expect, How to Prepare-Part 1

Avian Bird Flu, Pestilence, The Days Ahead, What to Expect, How to Prepare-Part 1

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In recent years, the specter of the Avian Bird Flu has been hanging over mankind like a sharp sword. ‘Experts’ have repeatedly warned that human deaths could reach into the hundreds of millions worldwide – a death carried by birds in their global migratory patterns. A TV show entitled “Fatal Contact” even aired, depicting so many fatalities that their bodies were carried away in dump trucks. When this show aired back in May of 2006, I was actually on a 14 city tour of America entitled: ‘Avian Flu: Killer of Millions?’. This teaching is an updated version of that presentation. This teaching covers so much more than Avian Flu and can be used as an ‘icebreaking’ education tool for both saved and unsaved who may not understand these issues. I endeavored to present the big picture with this presentation & point people to our only hope for any calamity: Jesus Christ. Recently I have gotten several confirmations that the ‘Avian Flu Pandemic’ card is soon to be played, and in reality it is long overdue. Topics will include: Proof the Illuminati telegraphs their punches prior to cataclysmic events, Why Avian Flu is the perfect vehicle for world depopulation, What the globalist elite are planning for Americans, Why the Avian Flu could be a repeat of the Spanish Flu of 1918 that killed millions, vaccinations and injectable microchips regarding the Avian Flu, potential kill rates, food shortages, Project Bioshield, and quarantines. I will also extensively cover proactive steps you can take to protect your families and yourself. Mild Silver Protein Website is: www.dr-johnson.com The previous DVD of this presentation is available at: Cuttingedge.org

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