Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-27-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 29, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • You Won’t Believe What Is Going on in the Netherlands…
  • Weaponized Illegal Alien Invasion Agenda Throughout the World
  • Order Out of Chaos & Divide and Conquer–InfoWars and Many in the Alternative Media Are Going for The Total Destruction of the Illuminati Puppet Ron Desantis–While They Totally Ignore All the Evil that Trump has Done & Continue To Glorify That Devil
  • Listener Comment On Finally Seeing the Light Regarding Trump
  • Still not a believer? Ron DeSantis Wins the Coveted George Soros Endorsement – Describing DeSantis as “Shrewd, Ruthless and Ambitious”…
  • Beyond Blasphemous! VICE News Reports: Who Had It Worse, Trump or Jesus Christ? In MAGA-world and Christian Nationalism circles, many Trump supporters see his imminent arrest as eerily similar to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ–There’s even a new book entitled: “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man—The Christ”!! Oh and Lets Not Forget Trump’s Recent Post: Donald Trump Shares Post Proclaiming Him Second Only to Jesus <<<Well he finally mentioned the name of Jesus, but not in a confession of faith, but in a confession of PRIDE and ARROGANCE!
  • Reposting–Trump hosts gala for homosexual Republicans at Mar-a-Lago after Biden signs same-sex ‘marriage’ law!!
  • Mark Steele Weapons Expert Goes Through LED Street Light to Prove it’s a Weapon!
  • Listener Comment: Incandescent and Halogen Light Bulbs Being Discontinued By Government mandate as of July, 31st 2023–I saw this at ace hardware yesterday
  • Incandescent light bulbs to get switched off in 2023 under new Satanic Biden rule—They Are Trying to Force you to use the horrible LED lights!
  • LED blue light wavelengths linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and impaired vision

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-27-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-27-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 29, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • 5G Exposure To ENSLAVE The Vaxxed: Vaccinated Connected To Global 5G Death Grid — LED Street, Home and Vehicle Lights are Weapons Platforms! LED lights Are Tied Into the 5G Grid
  • EXCLUSIVE Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed–Doctors will be ‘incentivized’ by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status
  • Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI
  • CLOT SHOT COERCION: In Brazil, all Universal Basic Income (UBI) recipients must show proof of vaccination
  • S MILITARY NOW BEING TESTED FOR AIDS DUE TO THE COVID VAXX GIVING THEM AIDS! They put 3 HIV proteins in these shots and gave the world vaccine induced AIDS–The DOD database reports a 500% increase in HIV in 2021
  • Pfizer and Moderna were studied under mass spectrometry which revealed luciferase was a key component of both products making it impossible for soldiers to fake their vaccine status
  • THOUSANDS Of Canadian Children Are DYING SUDDENLY! Fully Vaxxed & BOOSTED Kids Unexpectedly DROP DEAD
  • Calls to suspend covid 19 vaccines in South Africa because of safety concerns hits mainstream news
  • Over 60 scientists call for an end to covid-19 “vaccines” after documenting foreign toxins that damage the blood and impede circulation
  • Nano Tech Findings Reveals Terrifying Findings In Global Extermination Agenda
  • CONFIRMED: Graphene Oxide Found In SHOTS Pfizer SUED For $3 TRILLION Over “Safe & Effective” LIES!
  • The Vaccinated Are No Longer Fully Human?? How do you apply ‘intellectual property rights’ to a human? You create mRNA technology, to alter their DNA, that’s how

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-27-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-27-23-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 29, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • The Covid Vaxxed Are Shedding Spike Proteins & Turning White Sheets YELLOW
  • How To “Unfold” The Spike Protein of COVID-19 (and the VAX) Making it Go Away!
  • Bromelain — N-Acetylcysteine NAC — Nattokinase — Destroy the Covid Bioweapon Spike Protein With Many Other Benefits
  • DEATH JAB Recipients Are WALKING DEAD: Vax ATTACKS Heart/Immune System Leaving Body COMPROMISED! The Unvaccinated Are Being Infected By the Covid Vaxxed & Their Blood (When Looked at Under a Microscope) Proves This & They Are Aging Rapidly– EDTA Chelation Is Essential To Combat This –EDTA is an Antidote For Hydrogel – Heavy Metals – Graphene Oxide
  • IV, Topical Cream & Oral EDTA Chelation Guidelines–To Remove Artery Plaquing & Toxic Metals – Hydrogel – Heavy Metals – Graphene Oxide
  • How Vitamin D Affects Every Organ and Tissue Vitamin D-3 upregulates the immune system–Only 5.9% of those who had optimal vitamin D levels (of 55 ng/mL or higher) tested positive for SARS-CoV-2
  • Vitamin K2 Importance — Vitamin D3 Needs K2 to Work Properly—K2 Importance Goes Beyond Bone Health
  • Recommend Protocols For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-27-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-20-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 21, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Top Trump Arrest Headlines
  • WARNING! TRUMP ARREST ON TUESDAY COULD LEAD TO POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG EVENT! Right/Left Paradigm On Full Display & What Is Trump’s New Freedom Cites All About? Hear it Straight From Trump’s Mouth & Will America Be Literally Divided Up Into Right/Republican & Left/Democrat Enclaves?
  • Trump Warns He Will Be Arrested On Tuesday, Calls for Supporters to Protest and Take Nation Back! Don’t Take The Bait!
  • Kentucky Aims to Become Next Second Amendment Sanctuary State After Biden Signs New EO—They Love Trump There!
  • Federal Reserve Bank Launches Phase One of CBDC This July
  • Insurance Actuary Expert: The Economic Collapse Is Next
  • 186 More Banks “Are At Risk Of Failure” And That Could Push Us Into The Next Great Depression
  • Alex Jones & Flyover Conservatives Podcast Are Promoting The Trump Loving Liars: Heretic General Michael Flynn — Bo Polny – Catholic Fatima Vision Promoting James Grundvig & False Prophet / Dominionist / Preterist: Johnny Enlow—Who All Lie About The End Times & ‘The Book of Revelation’ To Get You to Doubt the Bible and Create Confusion In Christians! Plus Scott Johnson’s Teaching Teachings on These Subjects

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 3-20-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-20-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 21, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • False Prophet Johnny Enlow Admits That His Prophecies Are Total Lies
  • Dominionism — The Players, Agenda, And Power Ties of the Global Dominionist Movement
  • What The Word of God Says About the Importance of Studying the Bible in Order to not be Deceived
  • What Are the Biblical Tests and Qualifications for a True Prophet
  • Bible Study: False Prophets Denounced–Jer. 23: 9-36
  • Fake Alien Invasion Scenario
  • Plans For Alien Disclosure
  • The Non-Human Element & the Plans for a Fake Alien Invasion
  • Alleged Sighting of the Mythical ‘Manananggal’ in the Philippines Causes Public Anxiety
  • Update on Scott Johnson & His Daughter Taylor–Her Car Accident https://www.gofundme.com/f/f2sdva-car-for-taylor

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 3-20-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-13-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 13, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Verses About Finances, Giving & God’s Protection
  • Top Headlines Read: Yellen: No federal bailout for collapsed Silicon Valley Bank
  • From wine country to London, bank’s failure shakes worldwide
  • Silicon Valley Bank imploded in a single day–It could be just the tip of the iceberg
  • ‘The government has 48 hours’: Billionaire investor Bill Ackman calls on Biden to bail out SVB by Monday MORNING or face catastrophic market meltdown and loss of tens of thousands of jobs
  • Banks Collapse! Signature Bank Folds, 3rd US Bank Failure In A Week, Bank Runs, People Wait In Lines
  • “WOKE” MARGIN CALL: MORE bank collapses after “WOKE” SVB bites the dust–prioritizing LGBTQ TRANS awareness over RISK awareness
  • Silicon Valley Bank Collapse A Precursor For Worse Things To Come As Contagion Continues To Spread – Your Money In The Bank Isn’t Really Yours, Once Deposited The Bank Owns It—Top Headlines
  • This is the largest bank failure since 2008
  • Bank of America “Preparing for U.S. Debt Default”
  • Listener Comment: So Biden wants to mess with the 401 K system–It is NOT going to hurt the rich it is designed to attack people like me & the low middle class
  • The Pension Crisis Will Wipe Out All Of Your Retirement Savings This Year: The stock market meltdown is set to make conditions even more precarious, and about $4.1 trillion dollars in retirement funds are on the line.
  • Is this the Start of the Banking Collapse?–Next Phase in NWO Plan
  • Still not a believer? Ron DeSantis Wins the Coveted George Soros Endorsement – Describing DeSantis as “Shrewd, Ruthless and Ambitious”…

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-13-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-13-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 13, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Bank BAIL-INS are coming… what will you use to buy food when your bank accounts are frozen?
  • Wall Street Journal CONFIRMS OUR WARNING: The power grid infrastructure is being deliberately dismantled to collapse America
  • Listener Comment: Australian Tyranny and Smart Cites
  • Fort Myers, FL aims to be a 15-Minute city as population increases
  • Revolution Against 15 Minute City Has Begun! Anti-Slavery Resistance SMASH Tyrants’ Cameras & Walls!
  • New World Order? UN Plan Sparks New Concerns of Global Power Structure
  • Grocery rationing begins in UK as a means of ‘normalizing’ coming shortages ahead of collapse
  • Poison and Private Police & Testing—The Fox Guarding the Henhouse! Norfolk Southern Destroys East Palestine–Blackrock and Vanguard having ownership in Norfolk Southern Railroad!
  • Polluted FOOD, polluted WORLD – What’s the solution?
  • Environmental PROTECTION POLLUTION Agency: EPA LIES To East Palestine Residents, REJECTS Water Filters & Testing
  • Scott Johnson’s Comment: Regarding BPA / BPF ( Bispenol A & F ) the #7 Recyclable Plastic Water Containers That Water Delivery Companies Use
  • BPA Compounds Water Test – SimpleLab Tap Score
  • 7 Warning Signs You May Have BPA Toxicity – Dr. John Day, Cardiologist
  • What Is BPA and Is It Cause for Concern?
  • Plastics Identification and Recycling Chart Here are the seven standard classifications for plastics, and the recycling and reuse information for each type
  • 5 Ways to Detoxify from the Synthetic Sex Hormone, Bisphenol A (BPA)

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-13-23

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Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-4-23

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 4, 2023

Revelation 4:11: Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Amos 5:8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name…

Amos 5:14 Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the LORD, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken.

Amos 5:15 Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious…

Toxic Clouds Spew Down Acid Rain Following Ohio Train Derailment, Reports Claim  

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment

TOXIC GAS CLOUD unleashed over Ohio as “authorities” stage criminal cover-up

Ohio metal factory explosion sends smoke and toxins wafting toward dioxin-ridden train derailment site

Extent of chemical disaster in Ohio being ‘covered up’ The truth is, this area is ripe for ‘cancer clusters’ in the next few years. experts say 

++STOP BIDEN’S ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN! Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your two Senators urging them to VOTE NO on Biden’s tyrannical “assault weapons” ban.

The War on Cash is Here

92% of Americans Can’t Afford Groceries: POLL

Rental Market Apocalypse: America Is Facing The Worst Housing Crisis Ever

Millions On Welfare & Food Stamps

Gas Bill $900! Eggs Cost More Than Beef, When You Can Find Them, And New Food Shortage Warnings – The White House Says Biden’s ‘Economic Plan Is Working’SQ; IT IS WORKING DESTROYING THE USA ECONOMY,MIDDLE CLASS,FARMERS AND FREEDOM & LIBERTY 

Mike Gill Corruption Revelations Cause “Veritas” O’Keefe’s Downfall (CTB 9 Feb 2023)

A Wicked King, a Nice Guy, a Faithful Churchman, and a Pack of Prostitutes–A sermon about government addressing statesmen and churchmen

++The doctrine of the lesser magistrates is being talked about on news platforms and podcasts across America and more and more in foreign nations! This 8-minute summary is by the UK Column via their American correspondent Mark Anderson.

Anime Exposed! Anime Exposed Documentary (1 of 4) Dragon Ball DBZ & Sailor Moon

1:00 Satanic Sailor Moon Secrets EXPOSED #Shorts Conspiracy Film Theory

57:56 Messed Up Origins of: Dragon Ball Secrets Exposed | Satanic Gnostic Message Revealed – LED Live

1:01 Dark Origins of Pokemon EXPOSED Anime Monster Demonic Witchcraft

31:08 ANIME EXPOSED 3 | Yu-Gi-Oh, InuYasha & shin megami tensei Dark Secrets Origins Full Review


Biden Recently Signed “The Declaration of North America.” One North American Country?

Clay Clark Identifies the Evil of CBDC’s

How To Resist CBDCs — 5 Ways You Can Opt Out Of This Dystopian Future

So Much For Billionaires: Joe Biden’s IRS Is Now Coming For Waiters’ And Waitresses’ Tips

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your two Senators urging them to REPEAL last year’s gun control law that enables Biden to fund Red Flag gun grabs.


As The EU Hides ‘Bug Additives’ In Pizza, Pasta And Cereal, We Are Reminded Yet Again Why We Need To Create Our Own Survival Foods – Part 2: Freeze Drying And Dehydrating Long Term Storage 

Is Your Electric Car Zapping You With EMF Radiation? Electric cars are becoming more popular, but do they come with new risks?

DECEIT: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Caves to Woke Disney, Pushes Bill to Quietly Restore Special Tax Breaks

Super Hoax: ‘Leaked Script’ of Super Bowl Score Goes Viral


Amazon Bans Anti-Aging Supplement The internet retailer has removed supplements containing NMN, a promising longevity nutrient, from its store. Will other stores follow suit? Action Alert!

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your two Senators asking them to condemn Judge Egan’s unhinged rant and OPPOSE this treaty that would surrender our Second Amendment rights and our sovereignty to the U.N.

CLAIM: Tractor Supply chicken feed allegedly laced with ingredients causing chickens to stop laying eggs; company board members tied to WEF, Jeffrey Epstein

FDA Rejects CBD as a Supplement Today the FDA officially denied requests to permit CBD in food or supplements. Action Alert!

Action Alert: PFAS is Poison: DuPont Knew All Along

Toxic Seeds Wreak Environmental Chaos Years after an environmental catastrophe linked to seeds coated in dangerous pesticides, a local community continues to pay the price. Action Alert!

Warning: Dentist Intramuscular Analgesics are Administering the Nanotech and Graphene Oxide 

Full video:  https://www.brighteon.com/4c22c995-a83a-47f6-98e9-6d49bbcdc0a0

Four States Delay Planned Closing of Coal Plants, Pause Green Energy Goals

Interview – Mexico Halts Geoengineering, #FluorideTrial & The Impending Digital ID

Judge Halts Free Speech Ban for Doctors

Some State Governments Are Passing Laws to Prevent Forced Microchip Implants

BOOM! Costa Rica Judge ORDERS Pfizer & AstraZenica To Defend Vax Contracts!!! Multiple Groups Demanding Nullification of Vaccine Contracts In Costa Rica.

Groundbreaking Testimony Changes Everything: Florida County RETURNS CDC Funds After Confirming Vaxx is a Bioweapon


Saunas, Cold Plunges and the Healthy Benefits of Going to Extremes

7 Home DIY Tests for Adrenal Fatigue and STRESS

Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part and Seeds

++ It’s crazy to think how many filters can’t remove fluoride. But even worse, after testing all these filters, I couldn’t believe how many brands say they can filter fluoride but actually have zero effect. Which makes it very important for you to double check the results of the current filter you have or the filter you plan on buying. So here are the test results [40+ Water Filters Tested For Fluoride PDF – Click To View] Now out of all the filters, the biggest lies came from brands that sell water filter pitchers.

++69 reasons why fluoride is no good. So here’s the article link: https://truthaboutfluoride.com/reasons-to-oppose-fluoridation/

++I just finished writing an article on the top 10 reasons to use fluoride-free toothpaste. It will easily convince anyone.

 Here it is: https://truthaboutfluoride.com/fluoride-free-toothpaste/

++I thought tea was one of the healthiest things to drink. But that’s far from the truth. As I’ve uncovered some teas contain 7X the amount of fluoride found in tap water. While others contain no fluoride. Now if you want to find out how much fluoride is in a certain brand of tea, I have good news for you. I’ve tested 329+ different types of tea and you can easily search any brand and type at fluoride in tea (link to article).

++Sweetener warning: Acesulfame Potassium contains methylene chloride, a known carcinogen


Sweetener warning: Acesulfame Potassium contains methylene chloride, a known carcinogen

Not so sweet: Study links artificial sweeteners to liver damage


The study found that acesulfame potassium and sucralose inhibit the activity of P-glycoprotein, a defense protein that protects organisms against environmental toxins. …

Artificial sweeteners AGAIN linked to obesity and diabetes

Artificial sweeteners INCREASE risk of cardiovascular disease, confirms new study

++Splenda and sucralose proven to contribute to development of diabetes

Not so sweet? Sucralose is polluting North Carolina waterways

Splenda pushing new ‘essentials’ line of toxic sucralose as a health product

Sucralose found in drinking water supply of more than 28 million Americans

Detrimental to gut health, metabolism, blood sugar: Research reveals the toxic effects of sucralose

Study finds that FRAGRANCES used in personal care products are loaded with cancer-causing, diabetes-promoting chemical that targets WHITE women with degenerative disease

Great Weight Loss Tips: Get on the Weight Loss Cycle

Is it Red Light Therapy’s Time to Shine? A decades-old treatment is slowly gaining credibility as a difference-maker for people with certain medical conditions, particularly in the areas of skin care, wound recovery and joint pain.

The Incredible Importance of  Liver Detox Explained and the Top 10 Foods/supplements To Detox Your Liver

++For scars: I carry this product: E-Mulsion 200® (90 C) You should be applying vitamin E oil (which I don’t carry) over the scars but these always takes time and (ideally) add in the essential oils of lavender (I carry) and Helichrysum (I don’t carry) to the vitamin e oil.–Dr. Johnson

A Major Hidden Reason for Hair Loss, Especially Alopecia – Biotin Deficiency – Dr.Berg

Use Burdock Oil to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

++Supplements for females Dr. Johnson Carries: Equi-Fem™ (126 T) or (252ct bottle)<<(General female multi, as well as for those having menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes)   &  Bio-Multi Plus<<(For men & women) 

Menopause: BioPause-AM(120C) If trouble getting to sleep add: BioPause-PM(120C)

Any Issues With Menstrual Cycles: Pure Encapsulations Chaste Tree (Vitex) 120 capsules

For the ovaries: Cytozyme-O (Ovary)(60ct)

++From: M G Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 10:25 AM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: GREAT REPORT GOD IS GOOD Scott!!!!My daughter text me this morning I had to pull over to send this to you!!!!  She took my granddaughter Makayla for a x-ray this morning of her arm and he said he already sees HEALING 

She takes the supplements you recommended and LOTS OF PRAYING I’m so full of joy! Just another testament to the fact that the protocols you recommend WORK Thank you your protocols are always spot on!!!I will keep you updated 

++Scott Johnson’s Comment: Congestive heart failure is about as bad as it gets, but it can be helped. From my experience you have to support both the heart, lungs and kidneys and a little bit of cardio everyday will also help to get the blood pumping. See the attachment but at bare minimum you would need:

Bio-CardiozymeForte(120ct) http://www.bioticsresearch.com/node/1594 should be taken as the foundational product for the heart. 9 a day or 3 with meals for now.

Renal Plus (180ct) http://www.bioticsresearch.com/node/1649  for your main kidney support.  9 a day or 3 with meals for now. This is the bare minimum I would recommend for a congestive heart failure case.

Genestra Kidney Complex 120 caps  4 a day

Pneuma-Zyme™ (Lung Conc.) (100 T) 4 a day

++ Note: The links above are there for purely informational purposes only, for pricing or for how to order contact Dr. Johnson at: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com )

See the testimony below of a recent congestive heart failure listener we helped, praise God!–Dr. Johnson

From: Janice Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 6:03 AM To: ‘Scott Johnson’ Subject: Thanks!  I expect Scott will be ordering some.  He’s been telling everyone how the whole food supplements and diet changes have transformed his health from congestive heart failure to the best he’s felt in decades. I don’t know how you find the time to do both the product business as well as all the research, but we’re glad that you do.  Lord bless!

++Invive Mild Silver Protein:  The Ultimate Immune System Product For Colds, Flu’s and Infections.  Website: For More Information Click Here The March 1978 issue of Science Digest, in an article, ‘Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,’ reported: . . . “An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop.” “Colloidal Silver . . . killed every virus that was tested in the lab,” UCLA Medical Center
++Note: If you are running the free internet program “Ghostery” you will have to temporarily click the “Pause Ghostery” button to access the order page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

++Dr. Johnson’s Presentation: Colloidal Silver-Mild Silver Protein it’s uses and history
Colloidal Silver-Mild Silver Protein it’s uses and history. The Truth About Electrically Produced Liquid Silver & Silver Generators–Learn the Difference Between Ionic Silver and True, Colloidal


TAINTED BLOOD: 80% of the blood supply contaminated with spike proteins from mRNA jabs, blood banks accidentally admit

Woody Harrelson Doubles Down, Slams COVID Mandates: US Is ‘Not A Free Country’Following a 30 second bit on SNL where he branded big pharma as a ‘cartel’ forcing it’s drugs on people with government consent, actor Woody Harrelson has further spoken out aga 

JAB Tyrants Want Our Children! Big Pharma Pays $900 Per Baby To Inject With MRNA

Pancreatic cancer rates skyrocket as Covid jabs and boosters send toxic spike protein prions into vital organs, including the pancreas, fueling turbo cancer

Florida Surgeon General Warns About COVID Pfizer Vaccine

Annual COVID Shot Moves Forward Government health officials are plowing ahead with plans for all Americans to get yearly COVID boosters—but what does the science say? Action Alert!

New Medical Codes for COVID Vaccination Status Raise Concerns Among Experts ‘They’re treating non-vaccination as if this is a hazardous exposure that therefore merits being recorded as a medical exposure,’CENTRAL DEATH COMMAND RISING’ 

Pfizer Sponsors Satanic DEATH Ritual honoring Vax Deaths at Grammys!

SHOCKING Poll: 7 Out Of 10 Embalmers Find HUGE Fibrous Clots In The Dead

The more vaccines a baby gets, the higher the likelihood of sudden death: STUDY

PUREBLOOD WITCH HUNT: British politicians want police to add “unvaccinated people” to terrorism watchlist


++More Satanic Fruit From The Folks Giving Humanity the Covid Kill Shot: Look at how this MONSTER casually describes what Pfizer is doing…Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner & Sodomite, Pathological Liar, Demon Possessed, Employee Goes Into A Fit Of Rage And Anger After Being Exposed And Confronted By Project VeritasPfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines … ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘That is Not What We Say to the Public’ … ‘People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’Pfizer Director ASSAULTS James O’Keefe During Follow-up Over “Mutating” Covid Virus Comments

Comment: See the links above and below for the full write up and to witness this devil going berserk.

Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner: “One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses.”

Walker: “Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone. The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them.”

Related: Phreakazoid Pfizer executive goes BERSERK when confronted by Project Veritas over HIS OWN claims of virus mutation research and vaccine profiteering

BREAKING: Project Veritas LOCKED out of Twitter after confronting YouTube exec over ban on Pfizer expose




++Emd…@yahoo.com wrote: Hi Scott, I just finished this study. I am SO grateful for the time you spent on Asbury and that movie. It confirmed everything I thought, but you brought up many things that I did not know about and others that never came to mind regarding these two.  I really appreciate your candor, transparency, and even your humor. The things that you have shared regarding your spiritual journey have strengthened my walk and faith in the fact that God was with me through it all. And that my experiences are …

++Teenage Girls Suffering the Most from Despair–Depression and thoughts of suicide among teenage girls shows an alarming increase in the last 10 years. Read Article

++From Darkness To LIGHT! Overcoming Addiction

J.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, The Inklings, Narnia & the Golden Dawn-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 6, 2008 |

J.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, The Inklings, Narnia & the Golden Dawn-Part 2

C.S. Lewis: In His Own Words-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 30, 2008 |

C.S. Lewis: In His Own Words-Part 2

++Now latest pro-life news:
– Texas AG Sues Biden Admin to Keep the Deadly Abortion Pill Out of TX
– Pro-Life Iowa Rising
– Peaceful British Pro-Life Prayer Warriors Cleared in Court
– Victory: Pro-Lifer Mark Houck Defeats Biden Admin’s Vendetta Against Pro-Life Movement
– Pro-Life Spiderman Strikes Again
– An Inside Look at Planned Parenthood’s Deathscort Manual
– “Moderate” GOP Senators Lead the Charge to Legalize Child Killing Nationwide
– Planned Parenthood Received 80 Billion in COVID “Relief” Taxpayer Funds
Biden Admin Change Rules to Drastically Expand Chemical Abortion in America

The Minnesota Senate passed the PRO Act: abortion without regulations of any kind up to birth! 

Stop Walgreens and CVS from selling the Abortion Pill


++From: sammscript Subject: Murder in US Hospitals Date: Sunday, February 05, 2023 10:28 PM–1000 people a day – still – are given death protocols in US hospitals. the Truth for Health Foundation is working with families of the victims.  At 35 :00 minutes in, (a rumble video below)  you will see the pictures of what is happening.  This cannot be ignored.  If this happened to your family,  you can contact the Truth for Health organization This is pure evil.   We must fight spiritually against this demonic darkness. Legal Symposium II – Criminal Suits

++ From: Monika Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 12:04 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Pedo ring–Hey Scott, check out this disturbing news.This garbage really angers me, quite sad and one of the kids is special needs, coming from a ‘ Christian’ adoption agency. You once posted a video of an undercover investigator at gay bar, most gay men confessing to being abused themselves as boys, it’s hard to have compassion for these vile men.

Heartbreaking–Monika TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here’s What We Found

++ From: Marcia Sent: Friday, December 30, 2022 7:07 AM Subject: Pagan or not? Hi everyone, Found an interesting Biblical article on the subject of the celebration of “New Year’s Eve” . . . What about New Year’s Eve?

https://www.cgg.org/index.cfm/library/article/id/1874/is-new-years-eve-pagan-holiday.htm Blessings, Marcia 🕊

Scott Johnson’s Reply: Marcia: Ok overall I think this is excellent information. A lot of Biblical common sense applied here. “Learn not the way of the heathen” (Jeremiah 10:2, KJV) Ty!–Scott

++ From: Craig Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2023 9:17 PM…Also, there are going to be Jesus commercials during the Super Bowl this year that should be warned against. https://video.wixstatic.com/video/78e7ae_c27f5e5dc19742898d69955a260c9350/360p/mp4/file.mp4  the website is Jesusgetsus.com   – They have been playing them during the NFL football games.  So warning about them because they are promoting another Jesus.  A different Jesus than from the Bible. 

++On Mon, Jan 30, 2023, at 6:44 PM, Dr James wrote: You may have already heard this: Hour 3 begins with the Greg Reese report promoting Transcendental Meditation, then the show begins with LeeAnn McAdoo and Owen Shroyer discussing mind frequencies, using Hertz signals, etc…This is the most Satanic nonsense Infowars has ever pushed and it’s starting to become obvious that Infowars is becoming a Trojoan Horse to misdirect Bible Believing Christians away from the truth of Scripture Alone https://www.brighteon.com/474fb514-3adf-4d52-ac19-2b976e84a842

James A, PhD dorightchristians.wordpress.com

Scott Johnson’s Reply: Yes, i just saw that. Sickening. They are really upping their service to Satan. I just posted a teaching where I covered what you had previously sent me about Jones and Infowars. Ty!

PS: I truly believe they brought Macadoo back to indoctrinate their listeners as she is a witch. See the attachment starting at page 9 about her.

++From: Janice Subject: info for you to file if ever needed If you ever do an updated expose’ of Rick Joyner’s Morningstar ministries, besides contacting Jody Maier for her testimony, file away this link for info from Mishel McComber regarding her experiences/research with his cult: http://deceptionbytes.com/

Also, details about Rick’s Moravian Falls community are increasingly alarming, since they claim it is the “second most angelic portal in the world, ” behind supposedly only the Mt. of Olives. ( Rather alarming, considering CERN’s reactivation of portal openings next month)  . That quote is found on the last paragraph of this webpage:


If you compare Mishel’s research on Count Zenzindorf, original founder of Moravian Falls, with ministry statement showing how Rick Joyner idolizes him, it is VERY eye-opening regarding the type of demonic manifestations they are encountering and believing to be angels. http://deceptionbytes.com/examining-count-nikolaus-ludwig-von-zinzendorf-1700-1760/

Update: Regarding Moravian Falls, you might really enjoy getting in touch from another Morningstar survivor, Mischel McCumber, who has an alternative newscast called Deception Bytes: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/deceptionbytes/

Her book ,The View Beneath, exposes some of the deception she encountered working for Morningstar there, but I believe there is alot she held back on but would privately share. She had to move back to Canada to care for her dying Mom, but responds to letters. I think she has more honest insight into Moravian Falls and Morningstar than even my friends who were employed there, since they still seem deceived by that ministry. I’ve often wished you 2 could compare notes.

++ From: Contact Us Form Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2023 8:31 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Timothy SUBJECT Thank-you! I appreciate your teachings. YOUR MESSAGE Hey Scott! I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for your teachings on Pharmakia. It was because of your study on the use of the word Sorcery in the bible I was able to learn about the dangers of pharmacies and drugs pushed by mainstream medicine. Furthermore, when my former employer implemented a covid vax mandate I was able to articulate from the new testament Greek the dangers of drugs/poison/sorcery and I was granted a religious exemption. I taught my wife what I had learned and she has held to the warnings diligently. Thank-you Jesus Christ for Dr. Johnson and his passion for your Word. Looking forward to the next study and news update.

++From: HS Sent: Thursday, March 2, 2023 5:49 AM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Dear brother Johnson My name is…. When i was growing up i was deep in sin of watching porn and doing masturbation. Until i met some brother, i ask him and he told me that doing masturbation/watching porn is wrong. He share with me the scripture when the Lord Jesus Christ talk about adultery and many more… i started doing homework’s about it and i was shocked. Really shocked in the fact that i didn’t notice what i was introducing myself unto. I was sinking deep… so can you please tell me more about that sin “watching porn & doing masturbation” I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this chance to wrote unto you these message. Amen

Scott Johnson’s Reply: They these are both horrible. See the videos at:



Also, after viewing these, you need to do self-deliverance:

How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance–1st do this: This teaches how YOU can be free from curses that can affect your life. It turns out God has a lot to say about blessings and curses. “How to Pass from Curse to Blessing” — 4 Principles: Recognize Repent Renounce Resist 7 Steps: 1) Establish a clear scriptural basis. 2) Confess faith in Christ. 3) Commit to obedience. 4) Confess any known sins of self or ancestors. 5) Forgive all other persons. 6) Renounce all contact with the occult and get rid of occult objects. 7) Release yourself in the name of Jesus. PRAYER: “Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you are the Son of God and the only way to God, that you died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. I renounce all my sins, and I turn to you, Lord Jesus, for mercy and for forgiveness, and I believe you do forgive me. And from now on I want to live for you. I want to hear your voice and do what you tell me. In order to receive your blessing, Lord, and to be released from any curse over my life, first of all I confess any known sins committed by me or by any of my ancestors or others related to me. Lord, I thank you that I believe you have forgiven everything that I confess. And, Lord, now I want to say that I also forgive all other persons who ever harmed me or wronged me. I forgive them all now as I would have God forgive me. In particular I forgive….(name the persons)…. Furthermore, Lord, I renounce any contact by myself or any related to me with Satan or occult power in any form or any kind of secret society. Also, Lord, I commit myself to remove from my house any kind of occult object that honors Satan and dishonors Jesus Christ. With your help, Lord, I will remove them all. And now, Lord Jesus, I thank you further that on the cross you were made a curse, that I might be redeemed from the curse and might receive the blessing. Galatians 3:13 (KJV) Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

 And because of what you did for me on the cross, I now release myself from every curse and every evil influence and every dark shadow over me or my family from any source whatever. I release myself now in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

Second: Regarding deliverance what you would need is to go through this session (it is two parts) as many times as necessary till you are not manifesting any signs of expelling demons. He gets into all you need to know this in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsVLs89YkVA&feature=youtu.be

Third: Then for other areas you need help with, do a Youtube keyword search, for example for anger: deliverance prayer for anger rage  and try to only use the ones from pastors (men). At this point this whole thing is out of my hands so you are going to have to pray and gleen from what is available online.

Fourth: After that if you feel like you still need more help you will be in a much better position to proceed with further deliverance one on one. If you need further help here is a map of one-on-one deliverance ministers from the most trusted network I know of (but again this can be a dice shoot so be careful). Just click on your state to see there deliverance minsters: http://www.spiritualwarfareteam.com/home.html

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-27-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 28, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • PROVING to Joe Rogan Jesus is the Son of God
  • Ancient Chinese Writings Prove Jesus!
  • Jesus Christ & The Law of Probability–Secular proof Jesus Christ lived
  • Jesus fulfilled over 450 Old Testament Prophecies! We examine the odds of that happening by chance
  • Warning: The Asbury Revival, Roman Catholicism, Jesus Revolution, Lonnie Frisbee, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, Collegiate Day of Prayer Exposed!
  • Listener Comment: The Movie: The Jesus Revolution
  • Right On Cue This Movie Is Also Debuting The Same Time the Asbury “Revival” Is Happening — Promoting Greg Laurie – Lonnie Frisbee & Pastor Chuck Smith Jesus Revolution (2023 Movie) Official Trailer – Kelsey Grammer, Joel Courtney
  • Lonnie Frisbee Exposed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-27-23

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-27-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 28, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • 1960’s Interview–David Wilkerson Debates the Original “Jesus People”
  • The Asbury Revival Is NOT Of God
  • Listener Feedback & Warnings Regarding The Asbury Revival
  • What the Bible Says About Mourning and Chastening
  • Asbury Revival Planned Weeks in Advance & The Unbiblical Behavior Going On There
  • Biblical Personal and Church Behavior/Purity
  • The Asbury “Revival” Worship Is Being Led by the LGBTQ!!! Openly Gay Students Helping at the Asbury Revival!
  • What the Bible Says About Homosexuality and its Consequences

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-27-23

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-27-23-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 28, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • DIOXIN: The DEADLY Chemical No One Is Talking About! People Will DIE: East Palestine MUST BE EVACUATED NOW!
  • ‘Stay Away, Don’t Believe EPA,’ 9/11 Cancer Victim Lawyer Warns East Palestine Residents
  • East Palestine Farmer’s WARNING: ‘MyID’ Biometric Surveillance Devices Given Out BEFORE Derailment
  • Norfolk Southern trying to BUY OFF East Palestine residents for just $1,000 to silence them forever, and block all future cancer lawsuits resulting from vinyl chloride train catastrophe
  • RED ALERT: Toxic hazardous waste water from Ohio being INJECTED into wells in Texas
  • East Palestine Fallout, Health Problems Exploding, 43k Animals Dead, Toxic Water Secretly Shipped To Texas & Michigan!!
  • Doc Pete Chambers returns from Ohio front lines for a post-catastrophe situation report
  • List of 103 U.S. Food Manufacturing Facilities Destroyed Under Biden Admin: While 135 million people faced acute food insecurity before the COVID-19 pandemic, that number has more than doubled to 276 million over the last two years.
  • The Bicarbonate of Soda ( Baking Soda ) Rescue of Ohio

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-27-23

Click Here To Play The Part 3 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-20-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 20, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • Another Strong Delusion Lie: Is it the End of the World As We Know It | “3 Days of Darkness” Coming
  • Catholic Prophecy Three Days and Nights of Darkness Exposed
  • Listener Comment: Catholic Delusion Prophecy–Three Days and Nights of Darkness
  • Catholicism Exposed!
  • Catholic Priest Child Molestors
  • The Satanic Catholic Death Cult has slaughter an estimated 68 million from 1200-1808—Many of them true Christians! 
  • A County Taken by Christians
  • Davos Agenda To Destroy Sovereign Nations: Globalists Weaponize Immigration to Destroy Opposition
  • Listener Comment: Digital ID–Thought this might be insightful–Internet access will soon only be possible with the digital ID
  • Major Internet Influencers Says: Few Are Talking About Electric Car Deaths, So I Have to
  • New Study on Electric Car Deaths Shocks the Entire Car Industry

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-20-23

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-20-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 20, 2023

Table of Contents: 

  • East Palestine train wreck may have created largest dioxin plume in world history
  • DIOXINS released after Ohio train derailment PERSIST in the environment and collect in lipids, meaning they will contaminate milk, cheese, eggs and meat from farms and ranches
  • ‘Ohio Chernobyl’: East Palestine Residents Report Health Problems, Told Not to Drink Local Water
  • Toxic Chemicals Contaminating The Water–Residents break out in rash after Ohio train derailment
  • Listener Comment Regarding Berkey Water Filters Warning
  • Listener Comment: What to do? I’m loaded with heavy metals.
  • The Ohio Railroad DISASTER Explained
  • Ohio Environmental Disaster Update: Officials insisted at a community meeting that Norfolk Southern had to explode train cars carrying vinyl chloride. But a hazardous materials expert says it was just their cheapest option. In blowing up the chemicals, a lawsuit claims, it released a dangerous chemical agent banned under the Geneva Conventions. 
  • Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck
  • Toxic Train Crash PLANNED! Netflix Movie Foreshadowed Environmental CATASTROPHE!
  • Air Cleaner Recommendations: The Globalists SICK, TWISTED Plot To Murder You With Chemical Pollution
  • New All-In-One Detox Product Dr. Johnson’s Now Carries–Biotics Research Bio-Detox Packs—These are a Liver, Kidney, Candida/Yeast, Lymphatic, Blood, Lung, Colon, Parasite & Chemical Cleanse–Formulated to Support Digestive and Gastrointestinal Health, Digestive Enzymes–Broad-Spectrum Nutritional Support Pathways
  • URGENT INFO: How to DETOX from DIOXIN exposure – share this everywhere
  • Indole-3-Carbinol SPROUTS can detox DIOXINS from your body!
  • In Your Body Indole-3-Carbinol Converts to DIM–DIM Supplements: Benefits and Dosage

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-20-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-13-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 13, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Is Disclosure About to Finally Happen? What is Going On With All the “UFO / Mystery Objects in the Sky”? Top Headlines Read: Baffled pilots who shot down object say it ‘interfered with sensors’… Mystery remains over Montana…. China Spots UFO Flying Near City… USA drills in South Sea amid tensions…WHAT ARE THEY?ANOTHER SHOOTDOWN!–THIRD IN THREE DAYS
  • Slides on Eco & Weather Warfare from Scott Johnson’s 2006 Power Point Presentation from 17 Years Ago
  • Wisdom From the Book of Amos Regarding Giants
  • THE BOOK OF GIANTS – Like The Book of Enoch – Teaches That The Fallen Angels Manipulated DNA and Created Giants AND Monsters
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Cloning, DNA Manipulation & Corrupting The Seed & the Book of Enoch-Parts 1 & 2
  • CIA Super Soldiers, Giants, and Missing People in National Parks
  • The REAL Reason we Invaded Iraq (Babylon)?? Nephilim DNA
  • The Suppressed History of Giants and their reemergence into the public arena

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-13-23

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-13-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 13, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Giants Emerging Everywhere – They Can’t Hide This
  • Strong Delusion–According To Top High Level New Agers: 7 Sleeping Anunnaki Giants Scientists are Awakening To Enlighten Humanity To Bring Us To A “New Golden Age”!
  • Listener Comment: Nephilim Architecture….yes, they are probably looking for ancient Nephilim technology–but I also believe they are trying to raise these Nephilim–They will be the first ones sorry when they do
  • Ancient Floating City Built By Giants – Nan Madol
  • Biblical Giants ALIVE on the Solomon Islands | Nephilim
  • Listener Comment: The ring of fire is over there in Oceania (Guadalcanal) as well–MANY of those aboriginal persons do have something odd going on with their genetics
  • “Unholy” Song Glorifying Evil & Satan Wins Grammy Award! | Sam Smith & Kim Petras | First Transgender HeShe Abomination Winner!!!
  • CBS Openly Admits Goal with Message to Artist Before Satanic Performance – It Was Hidden in Plain Sight

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-13-23

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-30-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 31, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Something Biblical May Come in 2023…God’s People Must Prepare
  • The Lord’s Protection & the Biblical Remedy for Fear
  • Listener Comment: Alex Jones: God Wants A Sexual Relationship With Us & Also Promotes Hypnosis—Infowars opening pushing Transcendental Meditation – Hypnosis – Remote Viewing – Astral Projection (Which is going out of body & what many Witches do!) Plus Scott Johnson’s Teachings on These Subjects
  • Recent Reports Scott Johnson Has Done On Alex Jones and InfoWars Exposing Their Blasphemous Evil
  • Listener Comment: Alex Jones says that God came down as an Avatar in Jesus Christ & Infowars is Now Promoting the Blasphemous, New Ager, Zeitgeist Promoting Jordan Maxwell Who Says Jesus is Lucifer!!!! You will see this is yet one more reason to read the King James Bible
  • Alex Jones Says: Kanye West Is A Hero For Exposing The Mark Of The Beast
  • Listener Comment: Here’s a short video of Alex Jones explaining his family roots in Freemasonry and explaining away the occultic “New Atlantis” concept.
  • InfoWars Govt Network Connections (3 hour documentary)
  • Alex Jones Blasphemy Alert–Proclaims Having your “Third Eye” opens is wonderful and the “Third Eye” is the Holy Spirit of God!!!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-30-23

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-30-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 31, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • THE DARK SIDE OF FETAL ULTRASOUND–What have been the permanent, damaging effects of ultrasound technology in our society? Are there natural alternatives for monitoring a baby’s health while they are in the womb?
  • THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN–great movie on homebirths & midwives– compares various childbirth methods: including midwives – natural births – epidurals and Cesarean Sections / C-Sections
  • Scott Johnson’s Prenatal Supplement Recomendations
  • New: Regarding prayer requests please go to: ContendingForTruth.com Prayer Requests God bless!
  • Woman’s Experience Using Amazon Palm-Scanning Payment Machine Goes Viral
  • OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire
  • Davos Watch: Globalists Declare Free Speech and Climate Change Greatest Threats To the World
  • Globalist Davos Panelist Says the US Will ‘Soon’ Have ‘Illegal Hate Speech’ Laws
  • WEF attendees hire unvaccinated pilots to fly them to Davos: “safety of our members is number-one priority”
  • Cryptocurrencies ‘to control the masses’ are being discussed at the World Economics Forum (WEF) right now and a guide released to encourage the development of the future crypto-based economy 
  • They’re tracking us: In obedience to WHO, international medical classification system adds new diagnosis coding for the unvaccinated
  • Why do some people’s personalities suddenly change after receiving mRNA injections?
  • Getting vaccinated for covid four or more times results in near-complete collapse of the immune system–bombshell study finds!
  • More Satanic Fruit From The Folks Giving Humanity the Covid Kill Shot: Look at how this MONSTER casually describes what Pfizer is doing…Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner & Sodomite, Pathological Liar, Demon Possessed, Employee Goes Into A Fit Of Rage And Anger After Being Exposed And Confronted By Project Veritas–Pfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines … ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘That is Not What We Say to the Public’ … ‘People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’–Pfizer Director ASSAULTS James O’Keefe During Follow-up Over “Mutating” Covid Virus Comments
  • Bombshell!! Pentagon Controlled Entire COVID Program! 1918 Spanish Flu Caused Directly By Vaccines!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-30-23

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-30-23-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 31, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Trump Dismisses COVID-19 Vax Safety Claims, Says He Saved 100 Million Lives–He will not admit that the Covid kill shot is killing and harming people!!! And this is 2023!!!
  • Donald Trump in Bed with Satan, Blackrock and Vanguard etc.
  • Trump and GOP Have Become Vaxx Sales Team, RINO Recruiters
  • Ivermectin Exposed–Scott Johnson Comment: Since the whole Covid-19 Scamdemic began I have repeatedly warned my listeners about Ivermectin (& Hydroxychloroquine)–The bottom line is all drugs have side effects and this was one of them that the white hat good/guy doctors were (and still are) heavily pushing for Covid treatment
  • Ivermectin Is Cytotoxic & Genotoxic (Damages Cells & DNA) & Likely Carcinogenic, Studies Show!
  • Alarming Ivermectin VS Male Fertility Studies: Big Drops In Sperm Count & Motility! GENOCIDE?!
  • Ivermectin Is So Toxic It Kills Most Mosquitoes That Feed On Its Users For 4 Days After?!
  • Ivermectin is known to be an acutely toxic drug!!! See for yourself–straight from the US government
  • Ivermectin’s Horrible Side Effects
  • Hydroxychloroquine Warning! Straight from the US government own website: “Harmful if swallowed [Warning Acute toxicity, oral]”–Plus All The Side Effects
  • Hydroxychloroquine Side effects requiring immediate medical attention
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed
  • Listener Comment: Brother Scott, Me and my husband were sick, cough, chest pain, the whole nine yards–Took your Covid protocol–Three days later we are just fine–All praises to our Heavenly Father and Christ and to you Brother
  • Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries to build up the Immune System
  • Stroke Recovery Protocol
  • Listener Comments: Invive Colloidal Silver Covid Remedy & Information on the Nasal Application of Colloidal silver and Iodine
  • How to go after a internal infections from multiple angles
  • Listener Comment: My husband and I have been taking the INVIVE silver for years now and we just don’t get ill.  I’ve been off doctor meds for seven years now and taking good supplements mostly from you.  I was in their big pharma system and on so many prescriptions for over thirty years!  I’m in my sixties now taking natural supplements only and feeling pretty awesome!  
  • Listener Comment Regarding the Invive Silver at: http://www.dr-johnson.com/ — Wow! My son and I are a lot better! Some nasal congestion is hanging on but we both have our old strength back, he’s back to school and I’m doing good too!
  • Listener Comment: Another Invive Covid Testimony
  • Listener Comment About Being Affected by the Covid Vaxxed and Her Experience with the Supplement and Invive
  • Listener Comment: My experience with your Covid protocol
  • Have you taken your vitamin C today? While Vitamin C is unequivocally recognized as a quintessential player in maintaining function of the immune system, a recent review paper points to 70-80% of patients with severe covid-19 suffering HYPOvitaminosis C (i.e. low vitamin C status) in hospitals – Please Note Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid
  • Listener Comment Dr Johnson’s Covid Protocols – Save This
  • Listener Question: Are Fevers Bad? Is There a God Given Reason They Occur?
  • Vitamin D-3 Is Vital For Your Immune System
  • How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines
  • On the Connection Between Graphene Oxide Found in “Covid Vaccines”, Electromagnetic Fields, Blood Clots & Severe “Covid” Symptoms  | How to Remove Graphene Oxide From the Body – Truth Comes to Light
  • Can Fulvic Acid Help With Demagnetizing the Unvaccinated & Its Importance
  • Listener Comment: I am no longer magnetized!!!!! Fulvic Acid WORKS!
  • Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts
  • Black Seed Oil ‘Strongly Binds’ to Vaxxed Spike Protein–Prevents Vascular Damage

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-30-23

Click Here To Play The Part 3 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-24-23

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 24, 2023

Isa 55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Isa 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

Isa 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

SWIFT system moves against CRYPTO giants Also see: https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-01-23-emergency-interview-john-perez-swift-binance-currency-wars.html

OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire

Congressman Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Defund WHO

Action ALERT: Ask your congressman to co-sponsor legislation to defund the WHO!

$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill contains “sinister” depopulation provisions: $575M to be spent on abortions in areas with high population growth

++Petition: “Stop Walgreens and CVS from selling the Abortion Pill” You can read more and sign the petition here

PETITION – Veterans Affairs: Do Not Turn VA Hospitals Into Abortion Clinics

Call on the new Congress to repeal the FACE Act!

New Year Brings New State Legislation and Litigation on Abortion

++From: www.DefyTyrants.com Sent: Monday, January 23, 2023 11:57 AM Abolition Strategies–Interposition for the preborn Last year, my long-time friend and covenant brother Rusty Thomas published Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion. This is a how-to guide on biblically and effectively abolishing abortion… and why we should do so from God’s perspective and not men! Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of the Abolition Strategies digital course! Try it for free or become a partner here: https://www.abolitionstrategies.com


No One is Talking About Electric Car Deaths, So I Have to – YouTube

Watch: Man Discovers It Takes FIVE DAYS to Fully Charge EV Hummer with the biggest electric vehicle battery on the market

++From: Elaine Subject: BREAKING: Viewers Report Tractor Supply Chicken Feed Is Bad | Food Shortage–Another thing hindering the growth of chickens and producing eggs, is the feed is bad. Wow! Short video- check out the comment section also: https://youtu.be/JDI4Cy2HQNg

‘SMART’ watches, armbands, devices, phones RADIATION ~ DANGEROUSLY EXPOSE and HARM YOU

SMART CITIES’ Worldwide Being Converted Into ‘Open Concentration Camps,’ Says Ex-Silicon Valley Engineer Turned Whistleblower

Scotland’s Plan to Implement 20-Minute Neighborhoods Nationwide

90% of online content could be ‘generated by AI by 2025,’ expert says

Amazon’s Whole Foods Moves Closer to the Satanic Merchant Model of Marking and Tracking Every Customer

Canada’s euthanasia program sets its sights on children

New York becomes 6th US state to green light human composting law

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Slammed For Creepy Wall Art Appearing to Show Naked Dead Child in Tote


++From: tracy Sent: Monday, January 16, 2023 3:42 PM Subject: This why….parents should not…let their children be apart of these YMCA clubs

What??? “more than one billion young people are at risk of hearing loss partly due to the rise of headphone and earbud usage”

Teens! URGENT: Illicit drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, molly as well as Adderall & Xanax taken recreationally are showing up laced with Fentanyl! Animal tranquillizer Xylazine is now on streets, DEADLY!

FDA: We Know Better Than Doctors! In a sneaky move, the FDA has extended its power over how doctors can practice medicine. Action Alert!


Cattle Rancher Responds To Report That Livestock We Eat Are Being Injected With Covid Vaccine

Beware of the rain–It Was Done Purposely & Now Everyone Prepare For This Next

++Comment: I tried to warn my listeners about this. The bottom line is all drugs have side effects and this was one of them that the white hat good/guy doctors were pushing heavily during the Covid Scamdemic:

Alarming Ivermectin VS Male Fertility Studies: Big Drops In Sperm Count & Motility! GENOCIDE?!

Ivermectin Toxicity: P-glycoprotein Deficiency (Genetic Or Drug Induced) & Much Worse Ivm Poisoning

Ivermectin Is So Toxic It Kills Most Mosquitoes That Feed On Its Users For 4 Days After?!


Getting vaccinated for covid four or more times results in near-complete collapse of the immune system, bombshell study finds

Ivanka Trump admits her father’s administration partnered with Moderna to produce mRNA vaccines BEFORE Operation Warp Speed

ALERT! International Medical Billing Codes Used by the U.S. Government and Private Insurance Now Track Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Lethal injections: 2-year-old child DIES a day after being injected with COVID and flu vaccines

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal. We should be concerned. Very concerned.

Tsunami of Vax Deaths in Next Two Years – Dr Betsy Eads

The Covid ‘vaccine’ Is an Intentional Effort at World Genocide .Big Pharma and FDA continue jabbing babies with the killer vaccine, and there are still parents so utterly beholden to the medical pharma cartel that they participate in the murder of their own children 

LUCIFERASE to go Into the FOREHEAD or RIGHT HAND! Injected People Emit EMF

Covid-jab induced AIDS: Sickness and death will increase as mRNA-damaged immune systems succumb to every new disease


Celine Dion was disabled from a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the COVID vaccine (99.6% certainty)

Stiff Person Syndrome is a known adverse effect of covid “vaccination,” and Celine Dion developed it after getting jabbed

Double-Vaxxed, Double-Boosted Woman Tests Positive for COVID 12 Times, Misses 3rd Xmas with Family

mRNA covid injections causing some recipients to experience drastic personality changes: WHY?

CALL FOR WITNESSES NOW OPEN! – National Citizen’s Inquiry OTTAWA: The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) – a citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s response to COVID-19 – is extending a call to Canadians across the country in search for witnesses. Both expert and non-expert, these individuals are invited to join in nine hearings across the country. 

Following release of Pfizer’s latest “booster” covid shots, excess deaths in Japan are up 400%

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Admits They Partnered With Pfizer To Create Genetic Database From Medical Records


How Vitamin D Affects Every Organ and Tissue

Why Does Vitamin D Lower Blood Pressure

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Vitamin D3 & Reversing Crohn’s Ebook – by Dr. Joel Gould FYI: The doctor writing this is a Darwin loving evolutionist, but the core info is good–He had Crohn’s and was totally healed.

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Dr. Johnson’s Comment: These are the D3/K2 products Scott Johnson carries: Davinci Labs A.D.K 60 capsules & Bio-DK Caps™ & Innate Response Vitamin D-3 5000IU 60 count caps  ++ Note: The links to these products are there for purely informational purposes only, to order contact Dr. Johnson at: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com

I have talked about Vitamin D-3 in my teachings I posted below:

Transhumanism, DNA, Vaccinations, the Flu Epidemic and Proactive Health Measures:1-13-13–Part 3

2012 End Time Current Events & Health Alerts: 1-8-12–Part 4

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The DARK World of Women Pastors

“Christian” Psychic Readings and Taro Cards Continue to Grow in Popularity


Dripping In Irony, Pretend President Biden Invites Pretend Female Drag Queens To White House To Celebrate Signing Of ‘Respect For Marriage Act’

The Giants of the Solomon Islands and their Hidden UFO Bases

Ancient Floating City Built By Giants – Nan Madol

++County Sheriffs in Illinois are defying the unconstitutional actions of the state. 80 of the 102 counties have now declared their defiance of the so-called “assault weapons ban” in Illinois. The defiance of the sheriffs is an act of interposition and a demonstration of the lesser magistrate doctrine. Governor Pritzker responded to the declarations of the sheriffs in predictable tyrant fashion. The truth is the sheriffs took an oath to uphold the Constitution – they did not take an oath of blithe compliance to Pritzker and the lawless actions of the legislature. Sadly, some of the declarations by sheriffs against the unconstitutional ban are nuanced and weak-kneed. Much stronger language needs to be employed, not to mention stronger resolve. The people better prod their sheriffs to stand in continued interposition against this lawlessness by Governor Pritzker and the state, and assure them of their support in all ways – both publicly and privately – when they do stand. Here is a good declaration of interposition which was sent out by letter from dozens of county sheriff offices in Illinois which used the same wording, just on their letterhead. Many sheriffs are banding to together to stand in defiance of this unconstitutional act by Pritzker and the legislature. It is the revolt of the lesser magistrates – and it is sorely needed in America. Here at Defy Tyrants we desire to send a copy of the book by Pastor Matt to each of the sheriffs who have declared their interposition. You can give to this effort by clicking here. Please note that it is for the sheriff’s campaign.

++Scam City: Jerusalem – The Dark Truth about the Sacred Sites of the Holy City<<Get your red Kabbalah string cursed bracelet for a donation to the temple mount scammers!!!

Jhn 2:13 And the Jews’ passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem,

Jhn 2:14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:

Jhn 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;

Jhn 2:16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.

Rom 3:18 There is no fear of God before their eyes.

++From: Aimee  Date: On Friday, December 16th, 2022 at 12:16 PM Subject: Re: Emergency Freedom Alerts Newsletter: 12-15-22–So glad to see this article: Dark side of Ultrasound–I’ve been so concerned about this for years and can’t believe how this is not questioned enough! I had to keep silent when my nephew’s wife 2 years ago got her 2nd ultrasound and the doc said her baby had cancer.  What!!?So my nephew/and wife decided to abort.  I’m convinced that cancer is so rare in fetus development and my side of family has zero cancer incidents (die of heart disease mostly) that I’m aware of. I felt the supposed diagnosed cancer was due to the ultrasound first being done.

So many factors could be:

  1. too strong machine
  2. at stage critical in cell development
  3. held too long  over the baby

the glorification of ultrasound on tv shows/movies erks me to no end–false romanticism I am glad that some may help mothers not have abortion but other than that what a stupid thing. That and early childhood waxcines—can’t believe it’s 34 years since I went through all the education with having my son and still with internet………!!! now, people won’t research. I had to practically fight to have homebirth and no vax.  All went well and then stinkin PKU test which midwife at home said she had to do or she would loose her license  (didn’t see that one coming–but was well aware 1990 it was for baby DNA data base)  Rambling on & I know you know all this– but this whole “business” with the innocent just so difficult to keep watching.  

++From: Rob Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2022 9:07 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Brother Scott: a few quick questions and other thoughts Hello brother Scott! I just wanted share a few words of encouragement with you. I have listened to your broadcasts week after week for a very long time and I have to tell you what an excellent ministry you truly have.  I praise and thank God for you brother!  I can’t even tell you how much God has taught and revealed to me through you!  In fact, your broadcasts are like you say a one stop shop.  That is how thoroughly, responsibly, and diligently you cover bible topics and world events.  Please know that you are making a difference!

++From: Danny Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2022 1:39 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Shapeshifters–I came across a convincing video that actually shows people shapeshifting into reptilians and other nonhuman entities, and how they use it to disguise their true appearance and sinister agendas. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL7P69RdY7Q

++Levi Price Warning–Here is a guy that spent time with Levi Price and comes off as 100% more credible and humble than Levi. Levi made at least two videos attacking him when all this guy wanted to do is walk away, but Levi (who sounds totally unteachable) had to make sure he was totally discredited. Levi Price False Teacher – The Jeremy Carter Interview


Levi Price EXPOSED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z4Js8uDQg4

Unlearned Levi Price https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwYg8U3zE_0

Levi Price the reprobate EXPOSED, again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpchhSj5W-8

The Unscrupulous False Teacher Levi Price https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U0YnsS_LWA

++From: Michael Sent: Sunday, January 1, 2023 7:25 AM Subject: Wackiest Trump prophet yet.. Hi Scott, I don’t think you have covered this guru who claims to be a Christian prophet, though I may be wrong. Jim Bakker has had him on his show and he seems to have a huge following. A former Rhema friend who I couldn’t lead away from charismania RECOMMENDS the video which Sean critiques! So he must take this guy seriously. I think all Pentecostal “prophets” are shamans and gurus, so I think this guy is a false convert and his Hindu familiar spirits are simply masquerading now as Christ and the Holy Spirit. Like many NAR leaders, this guru claims endless visions of Jesus and trips to Heaven etc. But this one involving Trump having a trip to Heaven at the same time and being seen at some Heavenly meeting with Abraham exceeds even the crazy visions of Kat Kerr. The fact that my old friend Rocky (who seems to see himself as an online pastor for the disgruntled who have given up on church) promotes this obvious fraud and liar reveals to me how far gone he is. He sees himself as a prophet, too. He had a dream I was with him speaking in tongues after I gave him all the reasons why Pentecostalism is a false restoration movement. It’s sad that he is so engulfed by deception and leading others into error. He seems to promote crypto currency and link it with Christ. No, I don’t recall any verses with Christ talking about crypto either. I am sure the Antichrist is all for it though! I trust all is well with you and Taylor, Mike  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ooCQZEfKIao&t=34s   &    https://rockyveach.org/

++On Tue, Jan 3, 2023, at 5:10 PM  Joanna…@hotmail.co.uk  wrote: Totally agree, please stop apologizing for these silly women laden with sins and obvious sons of the devil.  Thank you. It is tiresome and difficult so hearing you whom I can agree with is great thing. Praise God.  Thank you Joanna 

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-16-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 16, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • US to host largest-ever Satanic gathering–The Satanic Temple group has announced on social media that SatanCon 2023 will take place at the end of April in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Where are the men?
  • Bible Verses on Effeminate Men — & Women And Children Ruling Over Men & Society
  • The New Normal: Men Dressing Up As Women-Giving Humanity a Satanic Morality Lesson–Internet Slams the ‘Dystopian Nightmare’ of Trans-Owned Miss Universe
  • Listener Comment: What is Happening in my Church—Everyone Speaking In Tongues, Laying Hands Suddenly on Others & Men and Women Acting Unbiblical Plus Scott Johnson’s Response and Teachings
  • Newly Minted “Republican” U.S. House Majority Leader & Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is publicly listed as a member of the World Economic Forum & Had ‘Dinner’ With Klaus Schwab & Spoke At WEF With Mitch McConnell’s Wife
  • BOMBSHELL: New FOIA Documents Reveal the COVID Pandemic Was a DoD Operation Dating Back to Obama–A bombshell new report shows the DoD, yes the Pentagon, controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning and everything we were told was political theater basically to cover it up right down to the FDA vaccine approval process
  • Australian POLICE announce counter-terrorism teams will be monitoring anti-vax conspiracy theorists! They are also encouraging Australians to report anyone who engages in what they deem as “conspiracy theories” to contact police directly, or contact crime stoppers–They advise they will be looking at all social media material for ‘conspiracy theories’ being posted & who is looking at those sites & where those people are located, with a plan to “go and speak to them”.
  • Former Chief Science Officer At Pfizer–Dr. ‘Michael Yeadon’ says: “The Criminal Actions Of Big Pharma & Global Governments Are Massive”
  • NFL’s Monday Night Disaster Millions Watch Player SUDDENLY Collapse Mid GAME! Collapsed Football Player BRAINDEAD? NFL Player Damar Hamlin Was Covid Vaxxed–The Whole Buffalo Bills Team Boasted of Being 100% Covid Kill Shot Jabbed!
  • Cardiologist Dr. McCullough On Damar Hamlin: ‘Leading Concern Here Is Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-16-23

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-16-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 16, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • The Covid-19 Bioweapon Shot–Athlete & Heart Issues–So Many “Coincidences”!?!
  • Satanic Insanity & Hypocrisy—Moderna’s (Covid Kill Shot) CEO Announces New mRNA Jab (Which is Injected Directly Into the Heart!!!) to “Treat” Heart Failure Patients!!!
  • Hospital Survival Tips
  • So many warnings about what is on the horizon for humanity: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as Covid Kill Shot jabs are taking a heavy toll… USA imploding under “decivilization” assault—Comment: Hey, no big deal, right? Regarding this issue, I mean we all need to lighten up and ‘let go and let God’ like 99% of the 501c3 corporate churches, right? It’s so “Christ-like” to not warn the flock about this 90,000lb gorilla in the room. Haven’t heard one thing about this on “Christian” radio or elsewhere–Nothing to see here though!
  • Covid Kill Shot Bioweapon Predictive Programming–This was an episode of the X Files from years ago
  • WHATS HAPPENING TO BABIES OF THE COVID JABBED? Dr. Viviane Brunet says the babies conceived by jabbed parents are “Transhuman”!
  • These sick twisted devils need to hang for their part in this covid kill shot genocide!
  • Attorney Thomas Renz: We Have Incentivized The MURDER Of Patients- NOT The Treatment
  • Listener & Hospital Employee Comment: Healthcare Hellscape!!! Stay away from hospitals!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-16-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-9-23

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 10, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed
  • ‘America’s Front Line Doctors’/AFLDS Oversight Committee SPEAKS OUT! Dr. Simone Gold Under Fire For Her Lavish Lifestyle—She Has Been Stealing a Huge Percentage (Millions of Dollars) of Donations Coming in to Battle the Covid-19 Agenda!
  • AFLDS Whistleblower SPEAKS OUT: Give me the GOLD! Top Front Line Doctor Simone Gold Bought $3.6 Million Mansion, 3 Luxury Cars, Rents Private Jets and Supports Her 20 Year Younger Underwear Model “Boyfriend” (Who Spends 10K a Month As Well) With America’s Front Line Doctors Donations Money!! Plus Bible Verses
  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich Warning-Totality of Evidence<<Judge For Yourself
  • THE COVID SHOT EMF 5G KILL GRID & Sean Penn Says those That Refuse the Covid Kill Shot Are Criminals!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-9-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-2-23-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 2, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment About How it is Good for Christians to Celebrate The Religious Jewish Holydays of Hanukkah Plus Scott Johnson’s Reply
  • Warning Regarding Ex-Warlock (Who Supposedly Had a Personal Friendship With Satan) John Ramirez—He Never Left SATANISM
  • Listener Comment: John Ramirez says women can be preachers & apostles while promoting that witch Kathryn Cuhlman, Benny Hinn & Catholic Mother Teresa—He Also Promotes the Insane “Passion Translation” of the Bible–Facebook Verbatim Quote From Him–Plus Bible Verses To Refute This Satanic Plant
  • Scott Johnson’s 3 Part Teaching: Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee S. McPerson, the Source of Benny Hinn’s ‘Anointing’
  • Mother Theresa Not A Christian—But Actually a Blasphemous Idolator
  • Previous Teachings: Rome Pushing “Mother of the World” Status For Mary Goddess & the Darkness of Mother Teresa
  • What is the Blasphemous Passion Translation of the Bible? The Passion Translation Promotes the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) theology

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-2-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-2-23-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 2, 2023

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: New pledge of allegiance for my children in their homeschool classes
  • Trump hosts gala for homosexual Republicans at Mar-a-Lago after Biden signs same-sex ‘marriage’ law!!
  • WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Wants to Slaughter Millions of Pets, Cats and Dogs to fight CLIMATE CHANGE!
  • Prepare for ‘climate lockdowns’: Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms
  • World Economic Forum calls for end to private car ownership
  • BIOWEAPON PAYLOAD RED ALERT–The Military is Being Decimated From the Kill Shots–Lipid Nanoparticle Hydrogel Payload Is Not Only In the Covid Jabs But Also The Flu Shots, Other Vaccines and Insulin Shots Now! FDA Has Abandoned All Oversight of all Vaccines Now! Attorney Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet
  • UK Funeral Director John O’Looney – Insider Information – Concerning if Correct
  • HOSPITALS MOBBED with every room and even HALLWAYS occupied with portable cots … has the spike protein apocalypse begun?
  • Hospital Lab Tech & Listener Comment: We are experiencing a massive uptick/totally unprecedented in people testing positive for Influenza A Varients
  • Listener Comment: On Family Deaths of Those That Took the Covid Jab
  • Covid Bioweapon Shot “Turbo Cancers” SURGING in Breast, Colon, Esophagus, Kidney, Liver, & Pancreas–Cancer Rates EXPLODE & People Die!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-2-23

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-26-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 27, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Is the Antichrist Being Revealed? Is Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda the Jewish Messiah (Meaning The Antichrist)–He is Performing MIRACLES—And did You Know the Euphrates River is Drying Up Just like the Bible Predicted & Why Elon Musk is Not “Thee Antichrist” but is “A antichrist”
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-15-21-Part 2 By Dr. Scott Johnson | Table of Contents:…Question: “What is the meaning of Hashem?”: It is the title most commonly used by Jews to refer to what they believe is God’s personal name, which is: Yahweh<<But this is a lie!
  • Warning Mature Content–Beyond Evil!: New York Government Warns Jewish Rabbis That Sucking The Genitals Of Infant Boys After Circumcision Can Transmit Herpes and This is Just One of Many Perverse/Vile Things the Babylonian Jewish Talmud Commands/Condones
  • The Blasphemous Talmud and the Hebrew Roots Movement/Messianic Jews/Christian Zionists By Dr. Scott Johnson
  • Is God done with the Jews? What the Bible Clearly Says
  • Woman asks Alexa to open Alexa’s “third eye”–Then asks Alexa what her purpose is—The Answer Is Shocking
  • Twitter erupts over clip of UK woman arrested for silently praying across from abortion clinic: ‘Terrifying’ 

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 12-26-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-26-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 27, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Wicked Greedy Devil Donald Trump sells NFT scam to his loyal followers as he shuns patriots! Plus Related Bible Verses Regarding Devils Like Trump
  • Fight CBDC’s – Send This Letter to Your Bank –Plus Other Proactive Things You can do
  • Never forget them, the republicans, the democrats who raped us here with this Omnibus Bill, republicans sold us out as well! ‘$1.7 Trillion, 4,155-Page Omnibus Bill Passes Senate with Help of 18 Republicans’
  • Omnibus Package Gives $2.4B to Ukrainian Refugees as More Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck.
  • Chip Roy Completely Explodes At Democrats & Some Republicans On House Floor Over The Wicked Omnibus Spending Bill
  • State of Emergency Declared In Denver and El Paso, Texas Places Military On Standby to Regarding Illegal Migrants
  • Border Crisis: Here’s what the mainstream media won’t show you
  • Congress to Spend BILLIONS on Gun Control via the Omnibus Satanic Spending Bill

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 12-26-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-15-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 15, 2022

Col 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Col 3:24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

The US Pledges “Climate Reparations” to Other Countries While Americans Freeze and Become Homeless

Are Climate Lockdowns Beginning? An English County Will Require Permits to Drive Through Other Neighborhoods

Founder and Creator of BitChute Has Bank Account Frozen in Blatant Act of Theft and Censorship

The Rutherford Institute has voiced its opposition to a proposal that would give police the power to kill using armed robots.

It Is Beginning: 41 Percent Of All Small Business Owners Could Not Pay Rent In November

Average rent in Manhattan jumps to $5,200 as America descends into hyperinflation hell

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter to urge your Representative and two Senators to pressure the ATF to pull its pistol brace rule.

++As usual, anti-gun lawmakers are trying to sneak-in gun control into a must-pass bill and once again, they’re hijacking the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, to do it. This is a big deal because it directs how we fund our military. 

Last year, they tried to put in a national “red flag” gun confiscation provision. This time they’ve added an amendment to set-up a program for so called “safe-storage.” If this passes, you can count on them using this to justify extreme gun control. Contact your senators and representatives and demand they vote to take this amendment out!

++Dr. Eric Berg is a high level scientologist–Dr. Eric Berg is the most popular health channel on YouTube with 3 million subscribers–Interview of Eric Berg’s son which has left Scientology, and is now exposing his dad

++Dr. Carrie Madaj Exposed Again: Video Series: The Phoenix, DNA & the Jab – Christian Observer

++The Dark Side of Ultrasound–What have been the permanent, damaging effects of ultrasound technology in our society? Are there natural alternatives for monitoring a baby’s health while they are in the womb? This week, on “Tea Time,” guest Jeanice Barcelo breaks down fact and fiction of prenatal medical care and interventions.

++FDA Declares Homeopathy Illegal Homeopathy may be declared illegal by the FDA, meaning the agency can wipe them off the market whenever they wish.  Action Alert!

International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

Self-checkout scanning and paying machines are CRAWLING with fecal matter, health experts warn

Parsley Uses and Health Benefits – Properties, Benefits Parsley

New Zealand government KIDNAPS baby with bad heart after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery

Tsunami of Vax Deaths Coming in Next Two Years – Dr. Betsy Eads:The lies the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma and the LLM told were all designed to get the unsuspecting public to take an experimental vax injection that they all knew was deadly and dangerous. 

++With prayer, this is one that may be able to reach brainwashed loved ones and friends–God bless!: World Premiere: DIED SUDDENLY–from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer–The medical evidence it beyond overwhelming!

‘Died Suddenly’ Critics Strike Out! Arrogant Dr. Tries & Fails To Explain Away Deadly Fibrous Clots

As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster

[INTERVIEW] mRNA Vaccines in Our Foods & Health Canada, the Big Pharma Shill -Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccinologist


Bombshell interview: 2400+ Americans dying EACH DAY from covid vaccines

VAXXED ETHNIC CLEANSING: As food inflation skyrockets, Biden’s White House targets poor Blacks by offering $20 in food credits for those willing to take the depopulation jab (op-ed)

Quarantine Camp In Guangzhou with 90,000 Isolation Pods — This Is The World Economic Forum’s ‘Role Model’ For The Global Community

Creepy Joe Biden Hair Sniffing & Groping Compilation

Creepy’ video of Joe Biden with young girl sparks heated debate

‘Creepy’ Joe Biden is back – YouTube

Creepy Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits – YouTube Uncle Joe has a bad case of the “touchies” and your wife/daughter/mother could be next.

Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy – YouTube

American Girl Publishes Book That Teaches Kids How To Change Gender Via Puberty Blockers Without Parental Consent

Vermont goes all-in for baby murder with constitutional amendment enshrining abortion as a “human right”

Elementary School Wants Kids To Be More Like SATAN



Voice of the Martyrs Warning-by Dr. Scott Johnson


Warned about Intervarsity – College Christian Group that is into Social Justice Movement  

Judge orders Kroger to pay workers unjustly fired for refusing to wear LGBT pride symbols

The Top 10 Famous PREACHERS Who Claim to be GODS – Hinn, Copeland, Paula, Joyce | MacArthur, Peters

++Where is the missing wife of Scientology’s ruthless leader? | 60 Minutes Australia – This is a great expose on how evil and insane the Scientology death cult really is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7QWifeY2_A

++From: Craig Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2022 6:18 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: defending the King James Bible – Warning about the new versions – youtube video playlist hi Scott!  Hope that you are doing good.   I’m just emailing you to share with you a Youtube series that I’m doing defending the King James Bible against the new Bible versions.  The plan is to make sure videos covering some of the bigger changes of the corrupt modern versions.  Here’ a link to the playlist.  Please share it if the Lord’s leads you to do so. God Bless https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-euzbXQbcv6_oZSeSWYNbPJONn4gDrDn

++On Tue, Dec 13, 2022, at 8:36 AM, Pamela Ray Files wrote: Hi Brother Scott, Just a quick update on Illinois.  God answered our prayer that these satanists could not brag about putting a baby baphomet in the State Capital “4 years in a row.”  I anointed the area on Aug 1, 2022 with oil made with ideas from you and Brother Pete from Tazmania. I also made a spiritual warfare list and the guy in this article is on the top.  You are in our prayers.   Thank you for all you do for the Body of Christ. Pam Ray with James Files

++From: L. Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 6:33 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Hello, I hope this encourages you. My friend lives outside of Birmingham, AL.  I have been sharing your information with her for years.  She began listening to your reports over a year ago and prints out your prayers. Yesterday I learned that she played your most recent episode beginning prayer for a small group “Ecclesia” she was recently asked to join through the church she attends.  The group is very sincere about praying against the evils of our world and country but are not well informed. They were amazed at all the points you cover and grateful for the information you share so they can pray more specifically. Thank you for your ministry.

++From: Jimmy Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 3:15 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: No Other Gods (Regarding Cursed Objects) –Hi Scott, You mentioned the book “No Other Gods” in your latest teaching. I searched and found the book available for free online. Here it is. NoOtherGodsBook.pdf (freebibledownload.net) Feel free to distribute it to your email list.Thanks, and God bless your ministry–Jimmy “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present [you] faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, [be] glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.” Jude 24-25

++From: Ken Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 9:17 AM To: Dr. Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Cursed objects–Good morning Sir; Again, a fascinating teaching and one I can relate to personally. My wife and I truly believe that cursed objects are real and will wreak havoc on those who possess them. My wife and I were stationed in Hawaii in the 80s. While there we toured the Island of Kona and witnessed the Volcano Kilauea erupt. The park ranger went into great details describing the supernatural power of the volcano and the fear the locals have of it. Surrounding the volcano there are black and green sand beaches. The black sand is created when the lava flows into the ocean, explodes, and then deposits black sand along the shore. It’s a beautiful looking sand and many tourists collected samples to bring home. The park ranger warned against taking any of the sand as it is evil and would wreak havoc on the lives of those who do. In fact, at the military cottage we stayed at had a display case of people’s testimonials whose lives were devastated by taking the sand. My wife and I took this seriously and did not take any sand. We went the extra mile and ensured we had no residual sand on our clothes and shoes when we left the Island. So glad we did…Semper Fi and God Bless

++From: BettySent: Friday, December 2, 2022 8:59 AM Subject: wow .. what a find .. Pastor Wagner is a blessing .. praise God The Excelsior Springs Church is a Historic, Independent, Unincorporated, Non-501c3, KJV-only, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church which meets in Excelsior Springs, Missouri near Kansas City. We believe in the divine inspiration and preservation of the Bible in the King James Version (Authorized Version of 1611), which is the only basis of our faith and practice. Concerning eternal salvation, we believe that God saves sinners by His grace alone, and that a man’s faith in Jesus Christ is the evidence, not the cause, of eternal life. Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Christmas (Sermon) – Pagan Origin of Christmas Pastor Wagner  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2T9P0t8qBA   https://www.youtube.com/@PastorWagner   https://pastorwagner.com/

++From: Michael Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2022 6:01 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Vaccine Hallucinations appeared in TV show “Stargate Atlantis” in 2004 (mentions “NANO VIRUS”)Scott, Vaccine hallucination  predictive programming has appeared in the TV show “Stargate Atlantis – Season 1 – Hot Zone” in approximately 2004. The culprit mentioned for the hallucination is “Nano Virus” & “Nano Technology” The similarities are uncanny, Go to the following link below to see the exposé: (It starts about 15 minutes into the video): https://www.bitchute.com/video/OTjVb047yGnD/

++Greg Locke Warning–From: THEUNDERGROUND CHURCHNETWORK [mailto: theundergroundchurchnetwork@gmail.com  ] Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 4:14 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Greg Locke–wanted to inform you if you weren’t already aware that Greg Locke is in adultery.  He is in direct violation of 1 Timothy 3 as well for the qualifications of a bishop. he is not the husband of one wife and he is clearly a brawler and doesn’t have his own house in order, he also defends tattoos and other wickedness, this guy is a heretic.

From: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com> Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 5:45 PM To: ‘THEUNDERGROUND CHURCHNETWORK’ Subject: RE: Greg Locke…Yes your right, it sounds like a mess: https://www.christianpost.com/news/tearful-pastor-greg-locke-admits-he-is-now-divorced-but-insists-i-am-not-an-adulterer.html  & I scrolled down to see if there was any comments about the link above and I could not believe the one comment that was there!!: Tracy Mack about 4 months ago–I found out that my husband is seeing another woman. He started coming home late from work, he hardly care about me or the kids anymore, Sometimes he goes out and doesn’t even come back home for about 2-3 days. I did all I could to rectify this problem but all to no avail. I became very worried and needed help. As I was browsing through the Internet one day, I came across a website that suggested that Robinson buckler can help solve marital problems, restore broken relationships and so on. So, I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and he did a spell for me. Two days later, my husband came to me and apologized for the wrongs he did and promise never to do it again. Ever since then, everything has returned back to normal. I and my family are living together happily again.. All thanks to Robinson buckler, I suggest you contact him. He will not disappoint you.–COMMENT: The devil can be very good at what he does.

++For high triglycerides, high LDL, VLDL and Low HDL (which are much more important considerations than total cholesterol), limit your carbohydrate consumption and take my protocol is listed below. For all these of these problems liver/gallbladder support and fish oils are indicated. I would start there. A one-month liver gallbladder detox is essential:

The protocol to dissolve gallstones, and cleanse and defat the liver is listed below

Note: The links below are there for purely informational purposes only, to order contact Dr. Johnson at: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com )

If you have a lot of  problems digesting fatty foods and/or lot of gallstones are known to be present (which is extremely common for most people): Start this product first and after a week slowly add in the other products: Douglas Labs Choline Bitartrate 500 mg 100 capsules –3 capsules twice a day with food for one bottle—this will start to dissolve the gallstones naturally; then, or otherwise start here:

Directions:  (Start slow on all of these and work your way up to the full dosage listed till all the products have been taken.)

Livotrit Plus (180 T) –3 capsules twice a day for one bottle which is a full one month liver and gallbladder detox

Davinci Labs HEPATICLEAR 60 capsules –2 capsules a day for one bottle which is a full one month liver and gallbladder detox

MBi Nutraceuticals Stone Root Complex Herbal Combination 90 Capsules 3 per day or one with meals for one month which is one bottle

MBi Nutraceuticals Livachol (Inositol/Choline) 60 Capsules —Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day for two bottles which is a full one month liver and gallbladder detox.

Also see: How will I feel on a liver-focused cleanse?  &

The Incredible Importance of  Liver Detox Explained and the Top 10 Foods/supplements To Detox Your Liver

Also, these two products are indicated:

Davinci Labs OMEGA 3 HP-D 120 soft gels One with meals

Davinci Labs GLUCOSYNERGY 60 capsules One with meals

++From: J LSent: Saturday, November 26, 2022 10:41 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: I have been listening to your content this week, and there is an overwhelming amount!! And the journey continues…. I have downloaded the a few of the pdfs. Is there an easier way to search the audio files?..

Scott Johnson’s Response: Yes if there is a topic you want to hear about, just enter what you are searching for in the search box at: http://contendingfortruth.com/ as my search engine is really detailed. Starting from 2006 till now, I have over 2000 audios with supporting PDF’s for almost every teaching, so my website is one of the best resources I know of to find truth and it is becoming almost impossible to find truth online as all the search engines are compromised, even the supposed ‘good ones’.

++From: christopher. Sent: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 5:11 AM To: drjohnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com> Subject: Doctor Directory Hi Dr Johnson, Just moved to east TN and out of the DC area, praise God! Found a vaccine friendly pediatrician and now looking for a family doc. Yes www.drgreenmon.com has a directory but it is focused on pediatricians.  https://drgreenmom.com/find-a-doctor/ You have to provide your email and they send you their updated list. 

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 6:50 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com-NAME V—SUBJECT thank and god bless you. YOUR MESSAGE Dear Dr. Scott, I’m a long time listener and i just wanted to thank you for all that you do. We need the Lord Jesus Christ more than ever. the world is in a state of darkness and it’s only getting worse. People have to know that Satan is a defeated enemy and he can only do what God allows him to. I genuinely believe that the New world order has not been able to be implemented, Cause God has been blocking it from coming to pass.The Lord Jesus Christ is fully in control of everything and no matter what happens, God wins at the end and Satan and all the wicked are cast into the lake of fire. I pray for your protection and hope your ministry doesn’t go away any time soon. I also pray that Cern gets closed down and these generational luciferians at the top, are brought to justice. I pray that the Rothschild’s end up in prison along with the rest of these Globalists. i pray that all Pedophile networks are shut down and they all face God’s wrath. We need God’s righteous Judgement on the wicked. I pray for warrior angels to protect all Christian’s by the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless you Scott Johnson in Jesus Name we pray. Amen

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-12-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 12, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • HUMAN EVOLUTION DEBUNKED–From ‘Rock Soup’ to ‘Superhumans’
  • Bible Verses About Atheists & Evolution
  • Black Hebrew Israelites Are Demon Possessed & Totally Insane–They Are proclaiming: “The reason brothers Kyrie, Kanye (Ye) are shaking things up because a great awakening is happening”
  • Listener Comment–Leo Zagami (Who Is Another Frequent Guest on Alex Jones) Exposed
  • Trump Calls For TERMINATION of the United States Constitution After Elon Musk’s Hunter Biden Drop
  • Ivanka Trump, a ‘Young Global Leader’ at the World Economic Forum: If you are not familiar with the World Economic Forum, they are the elites who boast that, by 2035, they intend to rule the world and make sure that you will own nothing.
  • China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for new world reserve currency designed to END the DOLLAR
  • IRS Warns Of New $600 Reporting Threshold January 1st that Will Usher in CBDC
  • Where Do Your Hard Earned IRS Tax Dollars Really Go?
  • Bible Verses On The Lord’s Protection and Deliverance

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-12-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-12-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 12, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Kill Grid Countdown
  • CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS HAVE BEGUN! – 15 Minute City Project FORCES WORLD Into Prison!
  • How China’s lockdown policy is inspiring the Great Reset
  • Reports That Overseas Airports May Be Scanning For Luciferase To Authenticate Your Covid “Vaccine” Passports!
  • Wicked Beta Testing: Canadian Psychiatric Association Targets Anti-Vaxxers With Mental Illness & Forced Psychotropic Meds If They Refuse the Covid Kill Shot
  • Listener & Scott Johnson’s Comment: Testimony–We have been doing numerous breathing treatments with the Invive Silver and make a big bottle of the nose spray with silver and it has been GREAT!!!  I can take nice deep breaths…I feel so much better, been sick since Labor Day!!!!  Also Supplements to help with Allergies and Lung Function
  • Listener Comment: This is a warning for all current personal trainers – DO NOT work with the Covid Jabbed
  • Air Cleaner Recommendation & The Globalists SICK, TWISTED Plot To Murder You With Chemtrail Pollution
  • “You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests “Amnesty” For Pandemic Authoritarians
  • INSANE: Covid Cult Wants AMNESTY For Evil Acts During COVID; Refuses To Apologize For Crimes Against Humanity
  • Listener Comment: If You’ve Been in a Hospital Since the Covid Kill Shot Was Implemented–You may of been JABBED!!!
  • How do you know if you have an implant?
  • Listener Comment: Some Hospital Surgical Patients Being Microchipped
  • RFID chips implanted in multitudes of people without their knowledge via flu shots, vaccines & surgeries!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-12-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-5-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 5, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • WATCH: Kids carry Disney’s X-mas Helliday message: ‘We love you Satan’ ‘They don’t hide their agenda anymore’ ‘THE BLACK MAGIC KINGDOM’ CAN NO LONGER STAY HIDDEN 
  • Gullible Christians Watching The Series ‘The Chosen’ Are Being Led To Idolatry, ‘Mother Rome’, Praying The Rosary & To The False Idol Mary–By Catholic Actor Jonathan Roumie – Plus Bible Verses
  • Qatari official puts World Cup soccer deaths ‘between 400 and 500’!!—Hey Only 400-500 people had to die so they could play soccer!! What’s the big deal, right??!!! The bottom line is: The “Soccer Gods” must be appeased and well fed!!!<<& this is prior to the tournament even starting!!!
  • The Biggest Sporting Event Ever! At Least 3.5 Billion People Watching This–The Inside Story-Cause of Death: Migrant Workers & the 2022 Qatar World Cup
  • Human rights in the Gulf states: Thousands of migrant worker deaths unexplained–Every year, some 10,000 low-paid migrant laborer’s return home to southeast Asia from the Gulf in body bags!
  • Warning Mature Content–PIZZAGATE 2.0!!! Balenciaga Blown Wide Open as Public Awakens to Elites’ Child Molesting Agenda — KIM KARDASHIAN is Balenciaga’s Most Famous Model
  • CEO of Balenciaga Parent Company Owns Auction Site That Sells Child Sex Mannequins With Genitalia For Faces
  • Top Balenciaga Fashion Stylist’s Social Media Loaded With Images of Sadistic Child Abuse, Witchcraft & Satanism
  • Balenciaga is Satanic
  • So After The Balenciaga Psyop–Kanye West (Who Condemned Balenciaga for Their Actions) Was Wearing a Balenciaga Mask on the Alex Jones Show!!!! Kayne Then Says He Likes Hitler & the Nazis!! This Was Done to Portray the Right Alternative Media (Which Is Mostly Part of the Right/Left Paradigm & Controlled by The Same Puppet Masters) and Those on that Team as Total Hypocrites and Totally Insane!!
  • The Truth About “Ye” AKA Kayne West–The simple masses obsession with their precious shiny things—This is Idolatry
  • To Kanye West, Alex Jones and the Double Minded—What Does the Bible Say
  • Alex Jones Says: Kanye West Is A Hero For Exposing The Mark Of The Beast
  • Listener Comment: Here’s a short video of Alex Jones explaining his family roots in Freemasonry and explaining away the occultic “New Atlantis” concept.
  • Watch For Free: Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Volume 1: The New Atlantis | Full Movie
  • Facts and Pictures Showing How Blasphemous, Insane, Evil, Wicked & Greedy Kanye West Is!!
  • Blasphemy on a Whole Other Level—Let Us Pray! New Version Of The Bible Replaces the Word “God” With “Kanye”
  • Perverted Satanist Marilyn Manson Leads a Public Prayer Circle On Sunday Halloween With Kayne West and Justin Bieber!
  • Listener Comments on Kayne West Being a Closet Black Hebrew Israelite

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-5-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-5-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | December 5, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Assisted Suicide TV Ads in Canada–They’re really doing this in Canada and they’re not hiding it–3.3% of People in Canada Are Already Dying this Way!! Canada’s MAID program is actively pushing people to end their lives early even if it has nothing to do with terminal disease
  • UNVAXXED BLOOD DRIVE? – A Life Saving Solution For Those Who Reject The Death Shot!
  • 5G’s Horrific Health Effects & What is Causing Animals To Walk In Circles?
  • Doctors from all over the world call for an immediate stop of 5G
  • Blue Light Can Make You Fat, Sick, & Tired
  • Why I Wear My Sunglasses At Night The Destruction Of Vision
  • To protect your eyes from the blue light, led and focused projector beam head lights (for the money) I recommend UVEX Amber safety glasses
  • Roger Hodkinson – 20 Million Deaths and 2 Billion Serious Injuries from the Covid 19 vaccines!
  • SECRET CDC REPORT: Since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly”
  • G20 Signs Declaration for International Vaccine Passport

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-5-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-21-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 21, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Cursed Objects & Demons in Your House
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance
  • Survey reveals mass mental illness in Gen Z, with 57% of young people now taking medication just to cope
  • Millions of Americans on Antidepressants and Other Facts About America’s Endless Pharmaceutical Nightmare–19.86% of adults are experiencing a mental illness–Equivalent to nearly 50 million Americans
  • Scott Johnson’s Teachings: Pharmakeia: Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug-Parts 1-4 & Pharmakeia: The Shocking Truth About Vaccinations/Inoculations-Parts 5 & 6
  • Depression and Anxiety Natural Remedies, Protocols & Listener Testimonials
  • How to Use Light Therapy For Depression
  • Klaus Schwab made a surprise appearance at the G20 Summit of Nations in Indonesia to make sure plans for the Great Reset were staying on track

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-21-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 21, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • People Now Connected to the Demonic Realm Through COVID-19 Injections Via Quantum Mechanics Nanotech—Creating a Luciferian Race of Defiled Cyborg Humanoids Via the Covid Kill Shot and 5G!! The Scum Behind This Whole Covid Kill Shot Worship the Demiurge
  • What is the Demiurge: The evil ‘god of Chaos’ who seeks to destroy all of humanity and infest humans with AI parasites primarily via the Covid kill shot!
  • It’s In the Patents! PCR Test Linked To Human Cloning & Defiling Our DNA–Spread the word… still, millions of people getting PCR ‘tests’ daily… and they are not even tests… and they are not detecting viruses either!!
  • The Truth About DEADLY Bivalent Covid Boosters: What Is Really In These Jabs?
  • Thorpe (Obstetrician) On the Horror he is Seeing Regarding the Covid Jabbed Mothers Offspring
  • All by Design: Satanist Senator Chuck Schumer calls for REPLACEMENT of the Americans who can’t reproduce anymore–Which is obviously from the mRNA Covid-19 depopulation jabs
  • BBC Television Says A Segment of the HIV/AIDS Virus Was Used to Create the COVID-19 Kill Shots!
  • Finding (And How to Find) the Bluetooth Covid Signals of the Departed Covid Shot Recipients at Gravesites
  • Vaccine Expert Warns Of Catastrophe Within Months Driven By ‘The Vaccinated’: ‘Hospitals Will Crash And The Rest Of Society Will Follow’ ‘Literally there is no immunity, left for the Covid vaccinated,’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-14-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • 322 – Secret Societies, The Skull & Bones, The Georgia Guidestones, The Obama Health/Death Care Bill of 2010 & Depopulation
  • Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” Once Again Promoting New Age Freak David Wilcock who announces “The Michael Prophecies” project that is bent on destroying your faith & discrediting the Bible!! Wilcock is now loosely referring to him self as a Christian now!!!! Beware: The deception that is coming is going to colossal, just as the Bible predicts!
  • ‘Satanic’ Elon Musk Partners with WEF to Usher In a ‘Digital Great Reset’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-14-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-14-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Video: Once Again Computer Vote Crime Spikes Show How The Midterms Were Stolen
  • Voter Fraud and the Illusion of Freedom
  • GOP Vote Fraud Smoking Gun Banned From CNN, FOX, NBC! Bev Harris is the founder of Black Box Voting (http://www.blackboxvoting.org/) was blackballed by ALL Networks—This was her last CNN report after Ms. Harris participated in HBO’s documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’
  • Uncounted – A Documentary About A Voting System Under Threat watch!
  • Rigged USA Elections Exposed–How the US votes have being stolen for decades: The testimony in this video is under oath before judges in a courtroom and is in reference to the 2000 election (22 years ago)!–A very credible computer programmer explains under oath how he was hired by the Republican speaker of the House in Florida (Tom Fenney) to create a few lines of computer code designed to easily and stealthily tamper with the voting results of electronic voting machines and central tabulators and that can self-destruct if anyone tries to de-compile the whole program to try to discover if it contains any such illicit codes – making the scam virtually undetectable. He also states that any significant discrepancy between exits polls and the official vote tallies is a sure sign there has been widespread vote fraud.
  • What Does the Bible Say About Corrupt Governments
  • Romans 13 & Unlimited Subservience to the Government: Where should a Bible Believing Christian Draw the Line?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-14-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-13-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 13, 2022

Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

2 Ch 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Video: Computer Vote Crime Spikes Show How The Midterms Were Stolen

On The Verge Of The Worst Homelessness Crisis In The Entire History Of The United States

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023

Fuel company issues diesel shortage alert in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina

Slow Motion Economic Train Wreck; Nearly 40% of small businesses in the US failed to pay rent in October

‘I’m selling my blood’: millions in US can’t make ends meet with two jobs More Americans have been working two or more jobs over the past few decades, census data shows! NOTE TO EVERYONE VOTE YOUR GROCERY AND GAS BILLS AGAINST THOSE RESPONSIBLE 

Buy Lots Of Food And Stock Up Now Because This Is Going To Be A Really Dark Winter

Barges “dead in the water” in drought-stricken Mississippi River; supply chains collapsing

Economic collapse now imminent: Mortgage demand has bottomed out as rents also begin to slow

Why the world’s PENSION FUNDS are WRECKED

Americans Are Skipping Meals and Medications Because They Can’t Afford Them

The Middle Class Is Dying! 50 Percent Of All American Workers Made Less Than $3,133 A Month Last Year

Owner Reports Final Price Tag to Replace Electric Vehicle Battery: $23,000

Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, top Florida official warns

7 Simple Ways to Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Tesco Grocery Stores Seek To Implement Biometric Payments By Next Year And Exclude Cash Payments – winepressnews.com

Nokia CEO Says 6G Will Render Smartphones Obsolete By 2030 And Will Be Integrated Into Your Body Instead – winepressnews.com

5G Whistleblower Exposes the Matrix He Helped Create | ACTAS #30

UK Going Cashless As Over A Third Of Brits Abandon Physical Tender For Contactless Payments – winepressnews.com


Elon Wears Halloween Costume with Baphomet on His Chest And upside-down cross in the center of the Goat Head. The armor is called “Devil’s Servant”. 


Come out of her my people

FBI Conducts “No-Knock Warrant” At Home Of Owner Of Website Devoted To Area 51


++From: Deborah  Subject: Brazil’s Bolsonaro Concedes — ‘The election is over, I will respect the result’…Re: Brazil Truckers Shut Down Highways….Re: Brazil Communist Coup in Progress (Warning, Graphical Images)–Caves in exactly like Trump did, after BLATANT election Fraud.  So looks like Bolsonaro is another WEF “controlled opposition” puppet just like Trump.  I feel sorry for the deceived Brazilians.  All of our Elections are FAKE elections:

Bolsonaro Concedes — ‘The election is over, I will respect the result’…

Brazilian protesters swarm military base… Raw

Brazil’s Electoral Fraud Was So Blatant They Rigged It To Give Bolsonaro Zero Votes In Many Districts [543×1024 – 88KB]

Biden campaign bragged about rigging Brazilian election against Bolsonaro


Pro-life Activists Ordered To Pay $2.4M To Planned Parenthood For Undercover Investigation

++The FBI is arresting Christians–You must understand that the FBI is being weaponized against its political enemies. No longer are they magistrates that uphold good, eschew evil, but instead, the opposite is taking place. Christians are being arrested, while leftists are allowed to go free. 6 of these Christians are personal friends of mine. This is our latest 2-minute video. We cannot be silent on this issue. The tyrants will only continue to wax worse and worse. You MUST take time to watch this video from Tucker Carlson about the eleven as it gives the details, is a full of truth, and contextualizes the situation.
https://www.foxnews.com/video/6313576790112  &  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-doj-created-a-pro-abortion-task-force-to-crack-down-on-pro-lifers/ar-AA12VWnr  &  https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/nine-defendants-indicted-federal-civil-rights-conspiracy-and-freedom-access-clinic-entrances  &  https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/eleven-defendants-indicted-obstructing-reproductive-health-services-facility-tennessee–Pastor Matt Trewhella

Preacher locked up for NO reason! We urgently need your help! Torben Søndergaard is still being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after three months.


ATF may CRIMINALIZE millions of Americans in 2023: Mr. William Kirk from Washington Gun Law

++Please add your name to urge your Representative to co-sponsor Rep. Boebert’s bill as well as to pressure your two Senators to introduce a companion bill in the Senate to REPEAL the massive gun control bill that is NOW going into effect.

WEF Young Global Leader Tulsi Gabbard Showcases Her Marksmanship Skills Even Though She Supports Strict Gun Regulations. UPDATE: Gabbard Officially Denounces Democratic Party Based on her current actions and statements, it seems her handlers are trying to groom her and prime the conservative masses to accept her in a possible new role they have for her. What that is I don’t know yet, but she is definitely getting primed for some new acting role.

The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard

NY Starts Mass Confiscation Via Executive Order


Former NFL Player Dwight Smith Admits The NFL is RIGGED – ’The Games Are Not Decided On The Field’

The Top 10 Rigged NFL Plays of Week 4 Remember, It’s All ‘ENTERTAINMENT’


++Your Food Grown From Poison-Coated Seeds How the use of pesticide-coated seeds led to an environmental catastrophe that turned a small American town into a virtual Superfund site. Action Alert!

++FDA Attacks Heart Health Modality The FDA appears to be moving against compounded EDTA, a crucial medicine used to remove heavy metals from the body. Action Alert!

++The Supplement Threat You Didn’t Hear About At the 11th hour, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) tried to slip his anti-supplement regulation into yet another must-pass bill. He failed, but he will try to do so again this year. Action Alert!

++FDA’s ‘Healthy’ Failure The FDA has proposed a revamped definition of what a “healthy” food is, and while there are some improvements, it shows that the federal government continues to get it wrong on nutrition. Action Alert!

++PFAS Found in Tampons More disturbing evidence of the presence of toxic “forever” chemicals in common consumer products. Action Alert!

GMI: “250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds” (views: 2241)  <<<increasing your risk of neurological disorders

NuManna update: Distributor cuts all ties with NuManna, asks public to understand distributors had ZERO KNOWLEDGE of NuManna’s label fraud and false claims

6 Stretches You Should Do Everyday To Improve Flexibility And Function


Dr. Meryl Nass: More Vaccine Deaths Reported to VAERS in the Last 20 Months Than All Vaccines in the Last 30 Years Combined

CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due to the COVID Kill Shot & over 2 billion injured!

Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is killing Hundreds of Thousands every week & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm your Government knew it would happen

Dr. Tenpenny: A Tsunami of dead is about to arrive–If you have some relatives and friends who have had at least one of the injections–I think you should view them as if they had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness

++COVID Vax Handed Permanent Immunity & Fauci Says to Expect Annual Shots As we’ve long suspected would happen, last week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously to recommend adding COVID-19 vaccines to the federal Vaccines for Children Program and to the 2023 childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules. Action Alert


Dr. David Nixon joins us to reveal footage NEVER before seen anywhere in the world – real-time footage of the nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 injections assembling robotic arms that guide the nanotechnology development.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – Gene Altering mRNA Vax
Tech To Be New Platform For ALL Vaccines

Cardiologist says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY

80 Canadian Doctors Suddenly And Suspiciously Passed After 2021 – Explained By Dr. William Makis

BREAKING NEWS: CJ Law defeats NYC Vaccine Mandate. Judge strikes mandate down as unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious. Historic victory for NY’s Strongest and the rest of NYC’s public

Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates

Florida Surgeon General Issues Vaccine Warning…84% increase in cardiac deaths…

Can’t Make This Up – Moderna CEO Announces Development of New mRNA “Injection” to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack, & wait for it, which too is caused by their mRNA COVID shot!



Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, “soft actuators” and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles

Russia imposes COVID jab mandate on citizens conscripted to fight war in Ukraine Are They Trying To Kill Off Their Own Troops? 

National Guard Gives Service Members COVID-19 Vaccine Instead Of Influenza Shot Efforts To Crush US Military Continue

BEYOND ALL HOPE: Even after millions of global covid vaccine deaths, 49% of Americans still plan to get a flu shot this winter

Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose A Day in the Death of Life

Top government vax pushing doctors knew the fix was in and they knew it the whole time, even as they pushed it [2 min video]

Covid jabs are killing people “plain and simple,” says investigator

Pfizer Director Admits Before European Parliament The “Vaccines” Were Never Tested For Stopping Transmission Of Covid-19

Pfizer admitted the vaccine was never tested to block transmission, ergo the premise of the vaccine passport was built on a lie.

America’s Frontline Doctors on Twitter: “A team of nine scientists from top universities including Harvard and John Hopkins recently published research about the safety and efficacy of the COVID Jab–Their conclusions are shocking!

Marvel pushing vaccine indoctrination of children in new digital covid vaccine comic book that partners with Pfizer

MIT Scientist Warns Parents NOT TO GIVE CHILDREN Vaccine, Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease In Young People

Deaths Among Female Children Increase by 57% Immediately After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

Denmark Bans Covid Vaccine for Children

D.C. To  EXPEL CHILDREN From School If They Don’t Get The Covid Vaccine

FDA Approve COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies Despite Data Proving Vaccinated Children Are 30,200% More Likely To Die Than Unvaccinated Children

Leading Pathologist Speaks Out About Dangerous COVID Vaccine Effects

Shocking New Studies On The Dangers and Serious Side Effects Of Covid Vaccine

COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

75% Of Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriages In The First Trimester

CDC Caught Using False Data To Recommend Kids’ COVID Vaccine

Vaccines for 6-Month-Olds ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’: Dr. Jeffrey Barke

MIT: COVID Vaccines ‘Significantly Associated’ with Spike in Heart Attacks in Young People

Data Proves ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ Fiction–It Is Death by Covid Vaccination

FDA Authorizes Emergency Use COVID Vaccine Boosters for Children Ages 5 -11

3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine

Italy’s Meloni gov’t announces it will reinstate unvaxxed doctors, cancel fines for COVID jab mandates – LifeSite – lifesitenews.com

Finland REFUSES to Recommend Bivalent Boosters for Working-Age People

Food Writer Julie Powell Who Wished Death Upon The Unvaxxed Dies Of Cardiac Arrest – winepressnews.com

Canada is pro-death: The “world leader in euthanasia” is now considering medically-assisted suicide of children WITHOUT parental consent

The Insane World of False Christian Teachers

++NAME Timothy SUBJECT Young Elon Musk’s babysitter – Elon opens a portal https://youtu.be/yh8M0wggKlA  

The last few minutes are the most important. If the address isn’t right, it’s on youtube, under the name “Elon Musk Babysitter Testimony – “Elon opened a portal.” Two things about this specific event. 1 – the entities were tall and very beautiful. (Deceptive) 2 – when one grabbed her by the throat, she called on Jesus. The event stopped, and her and young Elon went tumbling out of the room. Elon asked “why don’t you like my friends?”

The babysitter was an MK ULTRA victim and her style of speech shows years of being fragmented. It also seems to verify that this isn’t a “rehearsed” story. You may well have ready seen this, and even covered it. I keep you in prayer. Blessings in Jesus name.

++From: Bryan Sent: Friday, October 28, 2022 11:37 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Re: – i was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and it is ridiculous and highly unusual that I got saved in my late 20s – your dedicated teachings on salvation are what made it happen – I was enveloped in the sensual “invite jesus into your heart garbage” works-based false gospel after leaving the JW cult (this after heavy metal and near overt satanism), no different than the original JW cult doctrine.  I remember I was horribly demonically attacked just before being saved – I could not comprehend the gospel (it was so bizarre, when the gospel is so simple!)  It was the pulling down of a terrible stronghold!!!God bless you and take care-Bryan

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2022 4:02 AM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com NAME Jeremy SUBJECT 1st time listener YOUR MESSAGE I stumbled upon your site on my mobile device and listened to the ‘Halloween part 1’ episode and some of part 2 and I was blown away by the power of the Most High because of your teachings. My last 5 years of ‘truth journey’ has led me to your site by the power of God. Thank You ….

++From: Janice Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2022 8:41 AM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>; \
Subject: Confirmation for KJV I want to briefly thank you and also confirm to you what y’all have written about the KJV’s accuracy (well prior to the “Mandela” changes). My late husband, Scott, and I got to know Br. Hoyer in the 1980s, an elderly European man who at that time was considered one of the top Greek/Hebrew Bible scholars in the world. Part of his endeavors included a lifelong project of numerically translating scripture in a way no one else had ever done. He did it with long hand math, not with calculators, so it was labor intensive and was taking him decades.  But it was proving mathematically the absolute infallibility and divine accuracy of the KJV.  Those mathematical formulas in every verse of the KJV were not in any other translation. Scott was working towards his PhD in computer science back then and wrote up a computer program for Bro Hoyer that allowed him to do in minutes the calculations which had always taken him months.

Bottom line of all this is that the KJV contains a consistent mathematical code in every word and every sentence structure ( not the same ones publicized in the popular books like Theomatics) which go way beyond man’s ability to accomplish.  It is the same mathematically in both the Hebrew and Greek too. I wish I had paid more attention to all this but had assumed Scott would explain the code process to me whenever I wanted.  Now, after his death I don’t even know where to find the computer program he wrote.  But it proved beyond a doubt that the KJV is divinely written.

++Contraception & the Bible By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 21, 2007–In this teaching many will be shocked at the way many birth control methods actually work. From “The Pill”, to “The Patch” to IUD’s all are potentially “Abortifactive” according to the companies that make them. Gen 1:28: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it…” Gen. 9:7: And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.” While Catholics reject (or, at least, they are supposed to reject) contraception because their Pope tells them to, Christians are only supposed to listen to the Word of God. From the apostles to 1930, however, no true Christian denomination or group ever permitted the practice, and it was Christian state legislatures across the country that made the trafficking of contraceptives illegal until the Supreme Court intruded in Griswold v. Connecticut, paving the way for Roe v. Wade. So in other words 75 years ago this message would of not been necessary because the topic was not a topic worthy of debate. Contraception was considered by Christians a grievous sin, and that fact was a forgone conclusion that was not debated by Christians. Did you know the word “contraception” is not even listed in the Websters 1828 dictionary. So the next questions to ask yourself would be: Are the Christians of today more right with God than those of the times past. The Bible warns us speaking about the Laodicean church and current church age in Rev. 3:14-19.

++ This is from a Catholic source, but it does explain how IUD’s can be abortifactive: Stanford and Mikolajczyk, “Mechanisms of action of intrauterine devices,” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2002;187:1699-708 — reviews many past studies to reach some remarkable conclusions about IUDs. First, there is ample evidence that IUDs not only prevent conception, they also destroy the conceived prenatal prior to implantation. Stanford found several mechanisms of action of IUDs that operate between conception and implantation: “slowing or speeding the transport of the early embryo through the fallopian tube, damage to or destruction of the early embryo before it reaches the uterus, and prevention of implantation.” These same mechanisms also apply to many types of chemical contraceptives, other than IUDs. https://ronconte.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/is-the-iud-an-abortifacient/

++ Birth Control Pills Shown to Alter Structure of Women’s Brains!

++ This is also from a Catholic source but overall good information: YouTuber with over 8 million followers exposes ‘dark side of birth control pill’–Dr. Eric Berg said the long-term effects of removing natural hormones from a woman’s body are quite dangerous, negatively affecting menopause, bone function, and even longevity

++ How does the pill work? The birth control pill can work in one of three ways:

  1. It can prevent ovulation (releasing an egg from the ovary)
  2. It can cause the mucus in the cervix to change so that if sperm reach the cervix, they are not allowed to enter, and
  3. It can irritate the lining of the uterus so that if the first two actions fail, and the woman does become pregnant, the tiny baby boy or girl will die before he or she can actually attach to the lining of the uterus.

In other words, if the third action occurs, the woman’s body rejects the tiny baby and he or she will die. This is called a chemical abortion.


++From: Paul Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 10:05 AM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Hey Scott…Also, like you and many others, I have been dealing with tooth pain and gum sensitivity issues. For other reasons I decided to try Black Seed Oil. In a couple of days using it I noticed that my gum issues were improving. And I was just swallowing it. I then decided to apply it to my gums twice daily with a cue-tip. Now my tooth pain and gum issues have completely resolved. I don’t know if this is just covering up an underlying cause, but I am going to continue. And the oil has also gotten me off Amlodipine for high blood pressure. The brand of oil I’m using is Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil.


—–Original Message—–From: joanna Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 2:11 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Thoughts on looking in to something! Hi Scott This subject has been on my mind quite a lot lately and it is the subject of the menopause. For a few months now certain workplaces have been pushing this as a really big thing. Training now goes on about the subject and ‘wellbeing’ events/workshops are popping up also inclusive of the subject. I always ask why things are pushed/are happening and the outcomes are usually the ones I have suspicions of them being!!

Well the menopause! What a wonderfully ‘natural’ event occurrence to be used to cover all the things that are happening to ‘shot’ women of that age and younger! Women under forty are now all convinced they are going through the peri menopause (I am sure that didn’t exist until fairly recently, although I could be wrong!), I just never look in to or get caught up with any of the medical or healthcare garbage.  Periods starting again, heavy bleeding, no bleeding, intense pain etc etc! No worries girls, it’s all part of the dastardly menopause! Isn’t it so hard for us all!!  And boom they are all convinced that is what it is!!  You may well have covered this but I wanted to put it to you to see if you could possibly make a mention of it to try and wake someone up! The funny thing is, my lady work colleagues never wonder or ask how I am just fine and am the only one who isn’t suffering! Thank you and Praise the Lord Jesus!–Joanna

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-7-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Psalm 123–Prayer for the LORD’S Help
  • Come out of her my people Plus Bible Verses
  • Elon Musk Wears Costume With Baphomet And Inverted Cross for Helloween!!
  • Tucker Carlson Wears a Kabbalah Bracelet
  • Tucker Carlson is/was a regular at comet ping pong. He is also … – redditOn
  • November 13th, Get Ready For The ‘Climate Repentance Ceremony’ On Mount Sinai In Egypt–As The United Nations Holds COP27–A movement of Satanic repentance coupled with a quest to bring together leaders from the world’s major religions, to put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action on ‘Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commandments.’
  • Who’s causing this #DieselShortage? This is in North Carolina and shouldn’t be happening
  • Economic Current Events Headlines For America & the UK
  • Boots on the Ground…Nov. 6th…People are cutting back on spending because they do not have it

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-7-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | November 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of the human race: It’s WAY beyond infertility and depopulation… humans are HOSTING a nano-scale computational PLATFORM–Radioactive Cesium-137 is the Shot—Some Satanic Reasons For the Purple Streets Lights Showing Up on the Roadways—The Movie “The Matrix” is the Template For What the Forces of Evil is Trying to Implement!!
  • BREAKING: CESIUM-137 IN THE COVID VAX & OTHER INJECTABLE VACCINES & MEDS LIKE INSULIN!! – Reason Being is 5G Can’t Work Without Cesium-137!! Attorney Todd Callender & Medical Dr. Lee Vliet
  • Scott Johnson Comment: 3 previous teachings where I have covered radiation remedies—plus PDF documentation
  • Radiation Detox and Remedies
  • Activated Charcoal Binds and Neutralizes Cesium 137 and Other Radioactive Substances
  • Apple Pectin is one of the most effective means of protecting against radiation
  • DMSO: The Antidote for Radiation Poisoning
  • Baking Soda and Sea Salt All Natural Remedy for Combating Radiation Exposure and Cancer (Video)
  • Bentonite Clay – A Safe and Effective Detox From Radiation …
  • Using Iodine Following a Nuclear Incident
  • Proven Effective Radiation Detox Protocols
  • Beyond Evil!!! WORLD FIRST: ROBOTIC ARMS Assembling Via Nanotech Inside COVID-19 “Vaccines”
  • PROOF: The TRUTH About Quantum Dot Technology: NanoTech EXPOSED In mRNA Jabs—The Covid Kill Shots are for the Destruction of Humanity and Creating An Evil Humanity 2.0!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 11-7-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-31-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 31, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Their Awaited Messiah (Who is actually the Antichrist) — Rabbis are afraid to leave the country lest they miss their Messiah’s coming
  • IT BEGINS: The Forerunner to ‘Mark of the Beast’ Goes Mainstream as Microchipping of Bankcards into the Hands Starts
  • Satanic Temple Appearing at Gay Pride Events to “Un-Baptize” People By Getting an Upside Cross on Their Foreheads and Reciting “Hail Satan” Plus a Bible Verses
  • Caution Mature Content: Democrats Moving for Open Child Molestation for Children In Public, In The Classroom, Or Wherever They Can Get Access To Minors Plus Bible Verses
  • Satanic Sellout Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After She Speaks Out Against Child Sex (& Sacrifice) Trafficking—Asks Where Are All the Missing Children
  • The FBI is arresting Christians–You must understand that the FBI is being weaponized against its political enemies–No longer are they magistrates that uphold good, eschew evil, but instead, the opposite is taking place–Christians are being arrested, while leftists are allowed to go free
  • The DOJ has created a pro-abortion (who love baby killing) task force to crack down on pro-lifers—Hey Wicked Government/DOJ–Just Remember: “White Hot Eternal Hellfire Awaits You All Who Perpetuate This Evil!!!”
  • Pro-life activists ordered to pay $2.4M to Planned Parenthood for undercover investigation

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-31-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-31-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 31, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Social Media’s Three False Apostles – Trump – Elon Musk – Kayne West
  • Turbo Charge Your Discernment – Right Left Paradigm Exposed – Candice Owens – Kayne West – Tucker Carlson – Trump – Steve Bannon Are Traps On So Many Levels
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: End Time Current Events: 6-9-13–Part 2 Table of Contents:  Kanye West’s “Yeezus”: New Album Mocks Jesus Christ – Pays Tribute To The Antichrist?  Jay-Z & Aleister Crowley Exposed
  • Digital Monetary Herding Shills Exposed – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Candice Owens – Kayne West – Parler – GloriFi
  • Previously Covered:The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network
  • Is This The Final Nail In The Coffin For Europe & Elsewhere: BASF partially shutters operations in Europe, cratering supply chain of fertilizer, THOUSANDS of chemicals
  • Listener Comment & Report: IT’S WORSE THAN THEY ARE TELLING YOU–Hundreds of Millions will starve

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-31-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-24-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 24, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Child Sacrifice And Cannibalism Made Hip & Funny!!! There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Disney’s “Hocus Pocus 2”
  • Bible Study on the Word “Salem”
  • Scott Johnson’s Teachings on Adrenochrome Harvesting from Children by the Elites
  • Halloween, Human Sacrifice, Stonehenge and the Wicker Man-Parts 1 & 2–By Scott Johnson | October 21, 2007 |
  • Just touching Fentanyl can kill you–Police Issue Warning Ahead Of Halloween After Fentanyl Pills Found In Candy Bags At LAX
  • Police Find ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’ Among 300,000 Pills Hidden in Truck Tire
  • Police officers are collapsing after touching fentanyl…
  • National School Lunch Testing for Glyphosate, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Hormones, Veterinary Drugs, and Nutrients Revealed–Thirty million genetically modified school meals are served daily in America to our children.
  • Multivitamins Scott Johnson Carries
  • Johnson’s Recommendations for avoiding or removing fluoride from the body
  • Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is killing Hundreds of Thousands every week & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm your Government knew it would happen
  • The Australian Government Is Offering To Pay For Funerals Of Those Who DIE From COVID Vaccines–Describes its new policy as “fantastic”
  • Tenpenny: A Tsunami of dead is about to arrive–If you have some relatives and friends who have had at least one of the injections–I think you should view them as if they had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022)–A Covid Kill Shot Documentary
  • The New Normal: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = SADS–Just like: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome = SIDS–Both happen after people have been vaxx jabbed……to death! It’s been happening to babies for decades………after they got jabbed…….with mandatory shots–Most bought The BIG LIE–But now that it is happening to the Covid Vaxxed Adults, Teens and Children!
  • VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Crisis Imminent: in this case COVID vaccine related; Nursing Report from the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami; very serious situation we face–Our young children are & will be in serious danger with these COVID gene injections, it is and will cause havoc to their immune systems. It already is, rare & benign diseases emerging, all on the rise
  • Alarming Reports Of Babies Mysteriously Dying Following Being Breast Fed By Vaxxed Mothers Continue To Flood VAERS As The Bad News About The COVID Vax Never Stops–COOPERATING WITH OUR OWN DEMISE, GENOCIDE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES
  • CRIMINAL FDA grants “emergency use” authorization for updated mRNA DEATHVAX™ “booster” injections in children as young as 5!
  • Satan’s Righthand Man: CDC Votes 15-0 to Add COVID-19 Kill Shot to the childhood immunization schedule & the “Vaccines for Children (VFC)” Program!! Including 6-Month-Old Babies!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-24-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-24-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 24, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” … nationwide child sacrifice ritual disguised as “immunization”
  • Europe Suffers 700% to up to 1600% Increase in Excess Deaths Among Children Since COVID Vaccine for Kids
  • Current Covid Kill Shot Headlines
  • Listener Comment: Brain Damage From the Bivalent Covid Booster Kill Shot Cognitive/Mental Effects!
  • EU’s massive over-purchase of covid vaccines called out as “biggest corruption scandal in history”…TEN doses for every person!
  • Covid Kill Shot Genocide Agenda Unmasked–The media is completely complicit in this – there’s no confusing that now! Praise the Lord There’s a High-Level European Politician Exposing this Evil
  • Shocking trove of HHS records reveals most aggressive vaccine propaganda campaign EVER: Screenwriters, comedians, church leaders, black doctors and influencers all PAID OFF to pimp the vax
  • Pat & Gordon Robertson, the 700 Club, Christian Broadcast Network Exposed as Agents of Satan and Pushers of the Covid Kill Shot and Agenda!
  • Gordon Robertson of the 700 Club Encouraging People to take the COVID-19 Vaccine Kill Shot & Resist Conspiracy Theories–They love Satan & they are serving him well!! Hear the 700 Club acting as a lying mouthpiece of Satan!!!
  • Swiss Cardiologist says he was forced into a mental hospital for speaking out about CV19
  • If you are Covid jabbed the rich don’t want you being the pilots of their aircraft
  • PROOF A Large Component Of COVID Bioweapon Is Part Nanotech & Part Biological Parasite — Biotech Analyst Has PROOF COVID & The Vaxx Are Biosynthetic Parasites
  • Transhumanism, Vaccinations, DNA and Corrupting the Seed of Mankind-Parts 1 & 2 By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 27, 2009
  • Dr. Johnson’s Protocol For Parasite Eradication

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-24-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-10-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 10, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Donald Trump Shares Post Proclaiming Him Second Only to Jesus<<<Well he finally mentioned the name of Jesus, but not in a confession of faith, but in a confession of PRIDE and ARROGANCE—Plus a Bible Study On Pride vs Humility
  • There is Something Awesome About The Name of Jesus You are Going To Need To Know–Plus a Bible Study
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-10-22

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Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-10-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 10, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • BANKS Now Flagging Customers Withdrawing Larger Amounts of CASH! What To Do To Prepare
  • SouthernPrepper1 Posts: My bank tried hard to hinder my withdrawal of money from my account this morning
  • UK Going Cashless As Over A Third Of Brits Abandon Physical Tender For Contactless Payments
  • Tesco Grocery Stores Seek To Implement Biometric Payments By Next Year And Exclude Cash Payments
  • Nokia CEO Says 6G Will Render Smartphones Obsolete By 2030 And Will Be Integrated Into Your Body Instead
  • “The Line” — Smart Cites Are Satanic Prisons
  • MORE EVIL THAN HITLER: American Medical Association endorses horrific medical MUTILATIONS of children, demands police state DOJ arrest anyone who disagrees
  • USDA air dropping animal vaccines from helicopters across 13 states, using vaccine as “bait” but deemed HAZARDOUS if ingested or even touched!
  • How Did Bioengineered Lyme Disease Escape From Plum Island
  • Scientist Emeritus (National Institutes of Health) Dr. William Burgdorfer, Ph.D, M.D., the discoverer of Lyme Disease (of whom the Lyme Bacteria was named after as Borrelia Burgdorferi) has repeatedly recommended the Invive Mild Silver Protein to hundreds of M.D.s in the Medical Community at Worldwide Conferences
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-13-22-Part 3 By Dr. Scott Johnson–Lyme Disease & Mild Silver Protein Protocol–Read the Research & Medical Testimonials http://www.dr-johnson.com/
  • Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Vaccinating Humans Now!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-10-22

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Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-6-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 6, 2022

1Samuel 12:24: Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.

Jas 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Pro 24:21 My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:

Pro 24:22 For their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?


DHS Chief Says Biggest Terror Threat Is Americans Radicalized By “Online Narratives”

With Guns Drawn, FBI SWAT Raids Home of Christian Activist as His Screaming Children Watch – Another illegal FBI raid on Christian pro-life dad!

++PETITION: Call on Congress to impeach FBI Director Wray In the last week, twenty armed FBI thugs abused their power and raided the home of a pro-life father-of-seven, Mark Houck, in order to bring him in on what are surely trumped-up charges of violating the FACE Act. Then, just two days ago in Minnesota, the FBI showed up to a Planned Parenthood facility in Minnesota yesterday to “interview” a pro-lifer who was assaulted by a man with a box cutter (who tore the pro-lifer’s sign), with a view to charging the pro-lifer because he defended himself by pushing his assailant away from him!
Meanwhile, in Michigan, an 84-year-old pro-life woman was shot in the back, the shooter admitted to doing so on TV, and no charges have been filed by the local, state, or federal law enforcement authorities. And, these incidents have only happened in the past week…to pro-lifers.

The United Nations Will Be the ‘Tip of the Spear Against ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ on the Internet: They are actively marginalizing any group and anyone that dissents from them. 

World Economic Forum Says There Are ‘Solid, Rational’ Reasons For Children To Be Microchipped In Their Brains

Surveillance city: NYPD can use more than 15,000 cameras to track people using facial recognition in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn,by using invasive and discriminatory facial recognition software, a new Amnesty International investigation reveals. 

NIH-Funded DARPA Program Uses Injectable Nanotechnology to Connect the Brain to the Digital World

Virginia, Washington, And Massachusetts Will Also Be Adopting California’s New Ban On Gas-Powered Vehicles

NEW – Just Stop Oil eco-mob blockade central London petrol stations, smashing up petrol pumps

European Natural Gas Prices Are 6 Times Higher Than Last Year, And This Is Sparking Widespread Civil Unrest All Over Europe

The Other Shoe Drops: Blackstone Landlord Halts Home Purchases In 38 Cities As Market Crashes

Tesla Battery Fire at Utility Substation Closes Highway

Disturbing Proof They’re Quietly Deleting the Internet…


++The SHORT Act goes after the heart of Biden’s pistol ban by deregulating the National Firearms Act that ultimately gives the ATF the power to enforce Biden’s ban. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR two Senators to co-sponsor Senator Marshall’s SHORT Act to STOP Biden’s pistol ban.

++Anti-gunners in Pelosi’s House have a new plan to ram through gun control provisions before they officially retire or lose their seats in January. Please add your name to tell the House and Senate NOT to let the CR expire until after the next Congress begins – and to STOP anti-gunners from ramming through a gun control spending bill in the lame duck session.

++The ATF has created a complete federal gun registry of every commercial firearm transaction in the last 20 years, the ATF is in its strongest position in history to begin confiscating your firearms. The tyranny MUST END NOW. We are ordering the House of Representatives to DEFUND the ATF so that it doesn’t have a single penny at its disposal to infringe upon gun owners’ rights. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR Representative not to fund the ATF’s pistol brace crackdown – AND to introduce a bill in Congress to DEFUND the entire ATF.

++The Rutherford Institute has issued a public comment opposing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ proposed rule on “Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities,” which seeks to force healthcare workers to provide abortion and gender transition services, among other things. The proposed rule purports to affirm and implement the Biden Administration’s perspectives on nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as reproductive healthcare including abortions. However, Rutherford Institute attorneys warn that any attempt by the government to compel healthcare workers to provide services against their professional judgement, religious convictions, and conscience is unconstitutional.

++Gun Owners of America has uncovered that the FBI has apparently been secretly pressuring Americans to sign a form which forces them to surrender their Second Amendment rights. Now I need YOUR help to call on the House and Senate to immediately launch an investigation into this latest abuse of power by the FBI. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to urge your Representative and Senators to hold the FBI accountable for this abuse of power.

++Rep. Lauren Boebert has introduced a bill in the House to REPEAL the massive gun control law that was enacted in June. Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging action from the House and Senate to repeal the sweeping gun control package enacted in June.

Here’s what we’re fighting to repeal:

  • Giving millions of dollars to bribe state legislators into enacting Red Flag gun confiscation laws
  • Changes in federal law that open a backdoor pathway to universal background registration checks
  • Delayed and expanded background checks for citizens under 21 years old
  • Disarming men and women for non-violent shouting offenses that occurred years ago

Now GOA needs grassroots activists like YOU to urge your representative to co-sponsor this bill in the House and to urge one of your Senators to step up and introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

++H.R. 6945 is a bill that was introduced in the House to immediately STOP the ATF’s illegal, backdoor gun registry. We need your help getting Representatives to co-sponsor it. While there is currently no similar bill in the Senate, your letter today will light a fire under Senators’ feet to get them working on a companion bill to H.R. 6945 immediately. Please add your name to our pre-written letters to both the House and Senate urging them to take action to DESTROY the ATF’s illegal gun registry.


Coast Guard spots Chinese, Russian naval ships off Alaska

Donald J. Trump is Controlled Opposition

America Rejects Hollywood’s First Mainstream Gay Romantic Comedy ‘Bros’, Frustrated Star Billy Eichner Blames Box Office Bomb On Homophobia

Halloween – Day Of The Dead Exposed – Come Out Of Her My People!


Spanish Minister Of Equality Says Children Have The Right To Have Sex With Adults

BEWARE Of Black Nylon Zip Ties On Your Vehicle – Back Windshield Wiper & Elsewhere They Are Human Traffickers Marking You – Video

Famous Child Groomers Exposed

Antifa Comes Locked And Loaded To Protect Drag Queen Show For Children In Texas

++ During the month of September 2022, NCFIRE was able to document 27 illegal aliens who were charged with 67 separate acts of child rape/child sexual assault in North Carolina. To see this months’ report, click here: September2022
To see the previous 9 years worth of monthly reports, click here: NCFIRE.info

++It’s ironic that these devils will all beg for the Mark of the Beast but they act like they have the moral high ground!!!

Wave of lawsuits coming against psychiatrists and doctors who rubber-stamped transgender mutilations and surgeries

Audio evidence proves that Children’s National Hospital is performing hysterectomies (surgical mutilations) on children

Meta To Hold First Ever Drag Queen Show In The Metaverse

Normalization of “minor attracted persons” by WHO education recommendations

German Bestiality Buffs Demand Legalization Of Sex With Animals

++ The True Agenda–Warning Mature Content: https://rumble.com/v1gs5pv-the-true-agenda.html An exposé of the agenda to normalize practices such as pedophilia and satanism, and its startling success. Covers recent events in fashion, gender reassignment, the “furry epidemic”, the justification of paedophilia, the activity at CERN, the embracing of Satanism in pop culture, and the recent adventures of the Satanic Temple. A much watch to show just how dark the world has gotten and how Hollywood, the music industry and big corporation use satanic symbolism in our everyday world.

Project False Light
Satanic Temple To Host Back-to-School Night in Pennsylvania as Part of Nationwide Effort To Increase ‘Religious Representation’

Hollywood Conspiracy Files ~ Banned from YouTube

The Obamas – Venus and Serena Williams – Tranny’s Exposed (Video)

Planned Parenthood Makes $133.7 Million Profit Killing 383,460 Babies …

Newsom signs 13 radical laws to expand abortion in California, recruit abortionists, legalize infanticide

MEDICAL MUTILATIONS: Hospitals increasing irreversible child transgender surgeries as American healthcare system descends into hellish nightmare for children

++On August 29th, Biden’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough issued an “interim final rule with request for comments” that will turn VA healthcare facilities into abortion clinics effective immediately. Not only is this wrong, but it is also illegal! CLICK HERE to comment DIRECTLY to Veteran Affairs on Biden’s new abortion rule

Anti-Christian Judge is Overruled by State Supreme Court in KY Abortion Case
Idaho Supreme Court Rejects Abortion Providers’ Attempts to Block State’s Abortion Bans
Georgia Heartbeat Abortion Ban Survives ACLU lawsuit
The GOOD (not a ‘good’ story at all, but justice appears to be served…)
Charges Pending for Killing of Virginia Unborn Baby by Pro-abortion Father
In-Depth Look at South Carolina Supreme Court’s Pro-Abortion Ruling
Dallas City Council Votes to Ignore Texas Pro-life Laws
FBI and DOJ Refuse to Prosecute Intimidation of SCOTUS Judges
Now, if you haven’t already, would you consider CLICKING HERE to sign and share another urgent petition, which asks the Texas State Attorney General and Governor, to take immediate action to ensure that state laws – which protect unborn babies and make abortion a crime – are enforced in Dallas. Please note: You do NOT need to be from Texas to sign this petition.

Texas Wins Lawsuit Defending Pro-life Laws Against Biden Admin
Anti-Christian Judge is Overruled by State Supreme Court in KY Abortion Case
Corporations That Really Care Pay For Maternity Leave, Not Abortion
As Cost of Raising a Child Soars to 310k Large Families Are the Solution
Florida Judge Who Denied Teen’s Abortion Loses Primary Election
940.04: Life and Death Battle in Wisconsin
Spielberg and Bloomberg Donated Big Money to Push Abortion in Kansas Vote
Yelp Actively Deceiving Women In Crisis
A Simple Test to Prove the Media is 99% Pro-Abortion


USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database

Study Finds Over 90% of Common Cooking Ingredient Contain Carcinogens, See If You’re Eating These

Doctors have a macabre new way to harvest organs

Nestlé’s Darkest Secret: The Disturbing Truth

Doctor Warns Your iWatch and FitBit are Tracking You and Giving Data to the World Economic Forum

Harvesting the Blood of America’s Poor: Big Pharma’s Blood Plasma Business

Lifting Weights Once a Week Linked to Reduced Risk of Premature Death – New Study

Update: Major Supplement Victory…but we’re not out of the woods yet. Let’s keep up the pressure to protect access to the supplements you need to stay healthy. Action Alert!

Will Curcumin Be Eliminated? European countries are taking aim at curcumin supplements, showing why we should not follow in their footsteps with Sen. Dick Durbin’s disastrous, anti-supplement policy. Action Alert!

Does Death of Congressman’s Wife Prove Supplements Are Unsafe? The tragic death of Lori McClintock, the wife of California Republican Congressman Tom McClintock, is being used as a justification for additional supplement requirements. Here’s why these arguments are misguided. Action Alert!

10 McDonald’s Secrets They Wish You Never Knew About


Dr. Deborah Birx says she ‘knew’ COVID vaccines would not ‘protect against infection’ | Fox News

Top Secret Covid Jab Pfizer Document Leaked Online!!

Matador Films “Uninformed Consent” Documentary – An In-Depth Look Into the Covid 19 Narrative

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Three California Hospitals for Using Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment Without Informed Consent 

Medical Genocide Alert! Lawyers Confirm Anti-Vaxxers Targeted for Death by Remdesivir Poison

New study finds organ recipients rejecting transplant after receiving COVID vaccine

Woman collapses and dies 15 minutes after Booster shot…On Wednesday, a woman dropped dead at this Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart after her booster. A friend of mine witnessed it. Two days later, they are refusing to be honest with people about the potential 

Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab… huge demographic and ELECTORAL changes coming for America as vax clots kill Democrats and liberal women the most

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care


Why Are Millions of Vaccine Injuries Being Ignored? Surveys suggest that millions of Americans who received COVID vaccines were diagnosed with health conditions soon after vaccination. Action Alert!

Hundreds Of Canadian Doctors Dead: Genocide Confirmed After 4th Booster Mandated For Medical Field

Air France Pilots Suspended Over Cockpit Brawl – One Mile at a Time <<<its the jab.  Jabbed people can no longer restrain their anger.  Brawls everywhere…..even in cockpits.

Covid vaccination linked to new and recurrent cancer – the jabs cause severe damage to the immune system

Covid vaccine trials led to birth defects and terminated pregnancies, FOIA requests show

Old video resurfaces of Fauci admitting that the best “vaccine” is to simply get infected and develop natural immunity

D.C Mayor Bans Unvaccinated Kids from Returning to School

Unvaxxed Coast Guard cadets given 24 hours to vacate campus ‘A devastating impact on morale and military readiness”The steps taken by the Coast Guard Academy are clear religious discrimination against Christians and reflect a total disdain for the faith

‘Unknown Cause’ Becomes the Leading Cause of Death in Canada – Doctors ‘Baffled’ But…They Know Exactly What’s Killing

Caution Profanity and Racism: Picking up Bluetooth signals from the dead Covid vaxxed buried….


++From: SWORD OF TRUTH BACKUP <theundergroundchurchnetwork@gmail.com> Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2022 11:45 PM
To: Dr. Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: 322 Witches Conference–Hey brother I want to make you a personal video for what is coming…So on the 322nd day of the year or November 18-20th Daniel Adams is hosting a large conference out here in Metro Atlanta (Duluth). As you can see every big name in “deliverance” is going to be there. These people are agents of the Antichrist 1000%. We want to get several brothers and sisters out here for this event to warn and preach and expose it. I will share more, but want to get this to you before you finish your audio. Lord bless you brother–Eric

++From: Aimee Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2022 11:17 AM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: new license plate frame/ www.contendingfortruth.com  Purchased a second car as the way things going -short supply on repair parts and seemed like a good idea for the times. Couldn’t stand the license frame that came with the car advertising the lot where I bought it so now waiting for my new frame to arrive.  I don’t have fancy phone, but will try to send a pic when it’s in place.It will say www.CONTENDINGFORTRUTH.COM  on the upper and lower part of the
frame.  See: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1006383447/custom-license-plate-frames-license

++From: Contact Us Form Submission  Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 7:43 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Contact Us at Contendingfortruth.com – Debra Entry Details SUBJECTSmoking- thank you! YOUR MESSAGE I just forwarded your teaching on smoking (5-29-11, part 3) to a friend of mine. It reminded me how convicting it was for me, right before I quit. Cuz it made me quit! I would have never been able to do it otherwise. I knew smoking was hurting me, but I never realized what an offense it was to God before. It is literally demon worship! I couldnt live with that. Every day I would cry and beg God to forgive me, cuz for awhile I failed every day. I’d buy z pack, smoke z cigarette or 2, then i’d run the pack under water and reoent again. It was horrible. But, by God’s grace, I made it. Today, i realized I never thanked you. That couldnt have been a popular message to put out, but you did it anyway. You also taught me to play an audio Bible in my house- what s difference that makes. The demons dont like it here, now. Thank you, guy. I just wanted you to know what s difference youre making… Thank you again. God be with you.

++Dr. Johnson’s Comment: Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries To help Asthma: 

Bio-DK Caps™ or MegaFood D3 Wellness 1000 IU Gummy 70 count

Pneuma-Zyme™ (Lung Conc.) (100 T)

Mg-Zyme Magnesium (100ct)  For ordering instructions or if you have any questions please feel free to email Dr. Johnson at:  drjohnson@ix.netcom.com

++From: M G Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2022 2:07 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: ALERT – the USDA is trying to entice you to REGISTER YOUR GARDEN! Their “people’s garden” program is NOT your grandma’s victory garden brochure. It is—in their own words—creating a registry and map of small-scale food production. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REGISTER YOUR GARDEN. No matter what benefits or enticements are offered. “The USDA expanding its People’s Garden Initiative to include eligible gardens nationwide! “School gardens, community gardens, urban farms, and small-scale agriculture projects in rural, suburban and urban areas can be recognized as a “People’s Garden” if they register on the USDA website and meet criteria including benefiting the community, working collaboratively, incorporating conservation practices and educating the public. Affiliate People’s Garden locations will be indicated on a map on the USDA website, featured in USDA communications, and provided with a People’s Garden sign. Thank you #IceAgeFarmer for bringing awareness to this.  First they want you to register your garden!! Next they will start a farmer census for your harvests all in promise to track some #tomatoflu or some other BS outbreak by assuring you they’re the ones keeping you “safe” and then they will enforce a taxation for the volume food you grew for yourself. Check it out for yourself: https://www.usda.gov/peoples-garden/registration-form

++From: Phil & Sheri Sent: Monday, October 3, 2022 5:06 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Praise Reports–Hello Dr. Scott, So happy to see your e-mail today to know God protected you and Taylor from the affects of Ian. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your ministry. Below are a couple of praise reports.  Hebrews 6:10 “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” God bless, Sheri

Praise reports from this past week:

  • This past Friday & Saturday, I shared both parts of your podcast regarding “Fantasy Role Playing Video Games..” from October 15, 2010 with my 22 yr old son who is hooked on them. I’ve tried over and over again to talk some sense into him but didn’t have scripture to back it up and seemed to keep going in one ear and out the other. The info in your podcast was hard to dispute and even though he was irritated by what he heard while listening, I have already seen a change in him. He is less angry, more friendly, and already pursuing other interests more valuable with his free time. PRAISE GOD!!
  • Your recent deliverance postings have made a difference in my life. I had a pretty rough childhood and always felt like I was to blame. I’m 55 and have carried bitterness around with me for most of my life. After you referenced Win Worley, I purchased his warfare prayer book. I prayed/read through most of the prayers and one stood out to me that I truly believe restored my fragmented soul (posted below) because it gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace afterwards. PRAISE GOD!!

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-3-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 3, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Ian Worse Than Katrina? It Appears That We Just Witnessed The Most Costly Natural Disaster In U.S. History By A Wide Margin
  • Weaponized hurricanes and biosphere destruction–CONTROLLING HURRICANE IAN? Here’s how they methodically intensified and meticulously steered Hurricane Ian into southwest Florida–Florida’s phosphate fertilizer industry was in direct path of the hurricane–Global attacks against the biosphere target crops, fertilizer and food production
  • Slides on Eco & Weather Warfare from Scott Johnson’s 2006 Power Point Presentation from 16 Years Ago

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-3-22

Click Here To Play The Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-26-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 26, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Ascended Master Jesus & The Extraterrestrial Factor in the “Second Coming”<<This was just released by the main liars who portray themselves as white hat/good guys in the alien disclosure movement, but this may be very close to Satan’s gameplan for the future
  • Listener Comment: Sigils & Spell Casting Lessons At Local Community Garden Center
  • From a Witch: What are Sigils?
  • Satan’s Devices–Spells & Sigils: The Magic & Mastery of Thai Sacred Tattoos | by Occultist Joe Cummings | TEDx Talk
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Tattoo’s – Body Modification & Piercing Exposed! – Parts 1-4
  • Know Your Enemy–Demonic Insanity on Display–Casting Curses and Love Spells with the “Most Powerful Witches” in Romania

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-26-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-26-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 26, 2022

Table of Contents: 

  • CHRISLAM CONFIRMED: Led By Pope Francis, Leaders Of The World’s Religions Formally Adopt Human Fraternity Document At 7th Congress
  • Mothers of Darkness Castle – “A Thousand Points of Light” – Removed by YouTube
  • Man’s Wickedness, God’s Judgment & Micah 3
  • These Little Ones– Millions of children vanish each year–It makes you wonder…where do they all go?
  • Sex Trafficking Death Cult Culture–Collateral Damages
  • Bible Verses Regarding Defending & Protection of the Innocent & Children

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-26-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-19-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 19, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • As 5 ‘Perfect And Unblemished’ Red Heifers Arrive In Israel, Just How Close Is Israel To Building The Temple That Will Be The House Of Antichrist?
  • Jerusalem Speed Railway Train (The Train Station Named After Donald Trump) to Third Temple Link–Ben Gurion gearing up to bring all 70 nations straight from the airport to Third Temple
  • The Pope & The New World Order—Pope Said Jesus Failed
  • Pope Says Jesus Was A Failure On The Cross!—& Also Said Jesus Was Not Resurrected! Among Many More Blasphemous Statements–Plus A Bible Study on the Victory of the Cross

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-19-22

Click Here To Play The Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-13-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Queen Elizabeth: The Legacy: The Dark Truth of Child Molestation, Infidelity, and Endless Scandal
  • The Dark Ugly Past of the Climate Crisis “King” Charles and His Evil Wicked Mother Queen Elizabeth
  • British Queen “Is Not Human” According To The Official Royal Website
  • The Dark World of Megachurches

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-13-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-13-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • THIS IS IN THE KIDS BOOK SECTION AT WALMART! Hocus Pocus Curse/Hexes Spell Book by Disney!!! 200 Pages of Spells!!!! Along With many other evil books!
  • “Little Demon” Cartoon: Proof of Agenda to Normalize Witchcraft & Paganism
  • Marvel & DCs War on God: The Antichrist Agenda – Superman – Batman – Venom Spiderman – Iron Man – Avengers
  • Marvel & DCs War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley and the Multiverse of Satanism
  • Federal Appointees Just Keep Getting More Evil–Meet The Black Leather Loving Sodomite Demetre Daskalakis who was just appointed by Joe Biden to be the official White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator–Demetre proudly wears the official symbol of the Church of Satan (both in clothing and in tattoos): The Pentagram—So Joe Biden has officially appointed a Sodomite Satanist to the White House!!!
  • BIDEN APPOINTS Child Molester/Murderer John Podesta GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET TSAR!! Biden Just Hired Scandalous, Pedophile-Linked John Podesta To Implement America’s ‘Great Reset’
  • “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”~ Vladimir Lenin—Right Left Paradigm Control System Just Keeps Marching On!!
  • FORCE MAJEURE: Massive global shutdowns are now under way for METALS SMELTING operations covering iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL
  • Swiss Face Up to 3 Years in Prison For Violating Heating RulesNew mandate forbids setting house temperature above 19°C (66.2F)!!
  • Covid Vaxxed High School Football Player Has Six Feet Of Blood Clots Removed From Legs
  • Luciferian Anthony Fauci owns patent on the Covid Kill Shot & Virus SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells
  • Part 1: Study: Incurable prion disease linked to covid jabs–New research out of France has determined that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)’vaccines’ trigger an incurable and fatal prion condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) AKA KURU like Mad Cow Disease In Humans!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-13-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-13-22-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Part 2: Study: Incurable prion disease linked to covid jabs–New research out of France has determined that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)’vaccines’ trigger an incurable and fatal prion condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) AKA KURU like Mad Cow Disease In Humans!
  • Lyme Disease & Mild Silver Protein Protocol–Read the Research & Medical Testimonials

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-13-22

Click Here To Play The Part 3 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-5-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 5, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • DIANA – Ritual Sacrifice of the New World Order– 25 years after the mysterious death of princess Diana of Wales
  • Congress Says UFO “Threats” Are Increasing
  • Strong Delusion Alert!!!: New Ager David Wilcock & “The Health Ranger” Mike Adams Promotes The Counterfeit Michael the Arch Angel & The Ascended Master Deceivers: Saint Germain & Master Jesus (AKA Esu Sananda Immanuel) — Plus Exotic Materials & Alien Tech That Can “Save Humanity” and Supposedly Defeat of the Black Hat Globalist Elites!!
  • Get Ready for The Beast System! Cash to Be Removed, New CBDC Currency Can Be SHUT OFF By Government
  • World Economic Forum Rolls Out BEAST “Global Intelligence Collecting AI” To Erase Ideas On Internet
  • Listener Comment: Smart Lock Installation In My Apartment Complex!
  • Deadly Covid BioWeapon Injection Pusher Donald Trump Says Luciferian and Author of the 4th Industrial Revolution: ‘Klaus has done a fantastic job’ Watch
  • Current Covid Kill Shot Headlines
  • Listener & Long Time Hospital Lab Technician Comment: You have to rub their nose in it…To anyone else whose older child thinks they need to take this Covid shot…

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-5-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-5-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 5, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment on Covid Shot Shedding
  • Listener Comment Regarding Shedding Spike Protein & Dr. Johnson’s Response
  • Supplement Protocol To Protect and Detox From Being Around the Covid Jabbed
  • Can Fulvic Acid Help With Demagnetizing the Unvaccinated & Its Importance
  • Listener Comment: I am no longer magnetized!!!!! Fulvic Acid WORKS!
  • Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil ‘Strongly Binds’ to Vaxxed Spike Protein–Prevents Vascular Damage
  • Listener Comment: Brother Scott, Me and my husband were sick, cough, chest pain, the whole nine yards–Took your Covid protocol–Three days later we are just fine–All praises to our Heavenly Father and Christ and to you Brother
  • Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries to build up the Immune System:
  • Shedding Confirmed – The Covid Jabbed Are “Vaccinating” The Unjabbed
  • Listener Comment About Covid Jabbed Deaths
  • Listener Comment About Being in Pain Since Being Around The Covid Vaxxed & Dr. Johnson’s Supplement Protocol for Pain

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 9-5-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-22-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Jesus’s Warnings About The False Christ’s & Prophets That Are Coming & What to Expect In the Last Days
  • Lucis Trust –The New World Order Antichrist – The Great Invocation — Ascended Master/Deceiver Saint Germain and the Seven Rays –As Previously Reported General Michael Flynn Prays to Archangel Michael & Invokes Luciferian Madame Helena Blavatsky’s & Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “Seven Rays” & Flynn (former national security adviser in the Trump administration) recently said the United States should have a single religion! But Flynn was simply revealing the next step in The Great Reset / New World Order!! Plus Related Teachings Scott Johnson has Done of These Subjects
  • Goddess Diana Rituals and the Death of Anne Heche
  • Massive crop failures worldwide, losses of 50% – 80%–UN declares WAR on fertilizer to achieve mass global FAMINE
  • Sacred Cows and the Dangers of Eating Bugs
  • Multivitamin/Mineral Products Dr. Scott Johnson Carries Plus Announcement About Innate Response Formulas

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-22-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-22-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Pfizer Shot Killed 44% Of Pregnancies In Trial: Court-Ordered Report Exposes Mass Murder
  • Richard Urso MD Explains The Explosion of Cancer and Latent Disease After Covid Kill Shot
  • Covid Jab: Scientist Discovers Hatching Eggs & Parasites Birthed After The Covid Injection!
  • Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Covid Vaxx Vials
  • 10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST–Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots
  • Covid Kill Shot Headlines–Straight From Their Official Databases (But their databases admit to typically only reporting 1-3% of actual deaths and injuries): 75,322 Dead 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA From the COVID Shots – Babies and Toddlers Hallucinating and Having Seizures After Shots
  • Shocking: UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children 
  • BREAKING: Fibrous Body-Length Clots Embalmer: “Fibrous Clots Spread Through Entire Arteries”
  • NIH Admits Covid PCR Test & Shot Linked To Human Cloning & Changing Our DNA–Cross Species Genetics Being Installed In Covid Shot Recipients!!
  • COVID VAXX VIALS Breaking Development: Discs in the Kill Shot Carrying “Mystery Payload Delivery System”
  • Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self-Assemble
  • NATURE journal reveals how graphene (Used extensively in the Covid Shot) can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems
  • Shocking Discovery: Biocircuitry Found In Chemical Analysis Of Vaxxed Fibrous Clots
  • Covid Shot Detox Recommendations
  • Stroke Recovery Protocol

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-22-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-20-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 20, 2022

Philippians 4:7: And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…

Proverbs 17:15: “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.”

Repression, Terror, Fear: The Government Wants to Silence the Opposition

Very powerful documentary of Cathy O’Brien trapped in a CIA Mind Control program

Former Nickelodeon Actress Comes Forward To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles — ‘I Was Bribed To Keep Quiet’

The Global Elites Are Normalizing Pedophilia

MURDERED! Anne Heche Was Preparing To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring Before She Died — New Details Raise Serious Questions

USA has 3rd highest murder rate in the world, unless you subtract the five biggest Democrat-run metropolitan cities, and then we’re 189th out of 193

Shocking moment mob of looters RANSACK and destroy 7-Eleven store in Democrat-led LA, leaving store worker fearing for his life SQ;THIS IS THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IN PLAY-SEE NO CONDEMANTION FROM DEMON POLITICOS RUNNING KALIFORNIA

Meanwhile: California school principal calls police on 4 year-old child for not wearing mask…

Tent Cities Are Taking Over Vast Stretches Of Our Major Cities (And It Is Only Going To Get Worse)

Major red flags go up after Biden’s Census Bureau asks gun holster companies for detailed sales records

++Oil company execs brag about record profits from historically high prices–Embarrassment Of Riches: Oil Execs Brag About Record-Breaking $90 Billion Profits As Americans Struggle

‘FBI Refuses to Investigate Infanticide at DC Abortion Clinic’

Raleigh PD declines to charge driver who allegedly tried to run over pro-lifers ..unbelievable .. evil is good and good is evil

++Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition supporting the University of Michigan pro-life medical doctor who is being vilified by the pro-abortionist cancel culture. CLICK HERE TO SIGN! SAD…Woke Michigan Medical Students Walk-Out During Ceremony To Protest Over Pro-Life Speaker (Read More)

++We would like as many people as possible to tell Dick’s – by hitting them in the pocketbook – that we won’t give them our hard-earned dollars, just so they can turn around and use that money to fund employee abortions…upto $4,000 each!
Dick’s could just as easily spend the same money to HELP those experiencing a crisis pregnancy to keep their babies!
Could you please take the time to SHARE the following link with your pro-life family, friends, colleagues, and church-goers? https://www.votervoice.net/AmProLLC/Petitions/3268/Respond

What Is God Doing In India With Chick Tracts ?

Witches Uncovered in Tasmania

++Spiritual consequences of taking kill shot video preview: The elephant- preview – YouTube I finally got my preview out on my video series.  It’s maybe not something you would play for your listeners; there is really only about 1 minute of content. The important thing that I wanted to share is that I believe its very very important that we pray for The Lord Jesus Christ to protect our DNA.  I pray for this every single day now and I give this prayer my strongest possible endorsement.  In my experience its the type of prayer that The Lord really responds to–Mark

++Was 4,000 but now down to 2,000 puppies need a home: It’s Beaglemania—4,000 Puppies Rescued From Abusive Facility Now Available for Adoption

Israel Bans Large Cash Transactions, Requires Digital Payments

Most Americans have ‘little to no savings,’ nearly half are falling deeper into debt as they are unable to set money aside due to rising inflation: Economists put chance of recession at 47 percent over the next 12 months 

Private Equity Vultures Target Trailer Parks, Hiking Rents And Neglecting Repairs and EVICTING Low Income Elderly and

Blackstone Prepares A Record $50 Billion To Snap Up Real Estate During The Coming CrasH which is predictable: after all, with mortgage rates soaring at the fastest pace on record to decade highs, and sending US housing affordability to the lowest in histo 

Heads Up Mortgage Holders ! : Defaulting You By Details In Mandatory Insurance : Demotech Inc. To Deliver Ratings Changes . . .  <<<evicting home owners over minor technicalities.

Communist WEF Issues Edict to Global Leaders …Phase Out Car Ownership – People Can ‘Walk or Share’

Cadillac Reveals New $300,000 Electric Sedan. (www.youtube.com)  <<<making cars too expensive for the middle and lower classes to afford.

PUSHING FARMERS OFF THEIR LAND: Climate Change, Food Shortages – Coordinated
Destruction of Humanity by WEF and Its ‘Elite Cult’

Despite 0 Complaints, Amish Farmer Fined $250K, Facing Jail, & Shut Down for Humanely Raising Animals

You WILL Eat the Bugs: Major Brands Quietly Slipping Insects Into Your Food

About Cricket Flour | Cricket Flours

Death Cult Programming Exposed At Professional Sporting Events Gives Us Grave Warning Of The Future

Biden regime trying to STARVE school children to force them into LGBT grooming

++Amazon has purchased Roomba, and Amazon is stating they will use it to map the inside of your house

“Revolution Has Begun”: 75,000 Brits To Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm


Straight From Their Official Databases: 75,322 Dead 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA From the COVID Shots – Babies and Toddlers Hallucinating and Having Seizures After Shots

Shocking: UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children 

Govt Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Linked to COVID Vaccines

10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST

Courageous Nurses Across America Are Testifying About The Rapidly Growing ‘Vax Body Count’ While Comparing US Hospitals To Concentration Camps, Putting Their Lives In Danger 

Massive BACKLASH building as parents realize covid vaccines KILLED THEIR CHILDREN

Profanity Warning: Canadian Father Unloads on Kiwi Pharmacist After His Son Contracts Myocarditis Right After the Covid Shot

Canadian hospice group pushes to normalize euthanasia of children who are “suffering” – many due to vaccine injuries

Allegedly, a man tracked down a medical professional who gave one of his family members the covid vaccine. (The person died after taking it.) 

Nearly 1 in 6 “fully vaccinated” for covid American adults now suffers from serious health problems

JABBED UNTIL DEATH: Endless mRNA jabs are now planned for multiple vaccine types, including influenza, HIV, RSV, Pneumococcal, Zika and many more

Spain sprays lethal CHEMTRAILS on its population under UN program to fight COVID

“Covid” deaths hit new record in hyper-vaccinated Australia

Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

Germany’s vaccine passport system restricts freedoms based on color-coded tiers, vaccine booster status

Just as the CDC pretends to have backed off, the NHS reveals (to just a few) what’s really coming at us in the fall: ‘The biggest vaccination drive in history’ NHS to create thousands more beds and boost 999 staff numbers ahead of winter 

Toronto Emergency Physician Reveals The #1 Health Issue He Is Seeing Now In People!! Says Doctors Suddenly Dying!! Sirens Constant!! Yes, He Mentions Zombies!!

Here’s a another one…..Citilink Pilot Dies after Making Emergency Landing in Surabaya….

So many people are now ‘dying suddenly’ that ‘our free press’ can barely hide it any more: THREE FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYERS ‘DIED SUDDENLY’ WITHIN TWO DAYS: Well-known Toronto emergency physician dies suddenly while running

A new week here’s another …..Phil Petty, Former South Carolina Star Quarterback, Dead at 43

3 year-old girl dies from Vaccine – Nwo Report

33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago. All 33 Vaxxed. A “Vaccine Death & Disease Cluster.” (rootforamerica.com)

WHO Agrees To ‘Legally Binding’ International Response For Future Pandemics Congress, the DNC, and RNC, and Pentagon, are planning on force-vaxxing discharged soldiers anyway.

Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years. In the past 30 years, he’s never heard of a single death like this. Not one–Now there are 14.



413 German Physicians, Healthcare Workers, Call For Immediate Vaccine Suspension…””Serious Side Effects…Consequential Damage”

Costa Rica’s New President Frees Country from ‘Illegal’ Covid ‘Vaccine’ and Mask Mandates

Canadian Pastor Arrested For Holding Church Services During COVID Lockdown Wins Legal Victory

U.S. Marines Win Class Protection from Shot Mandate

Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box


#1 HIIT Exercise That Burns the MOST Body Fat – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eB3z1mhlBw

What They Won’t Tell You About Sunscreen

How Your DNA Tests Could Make You a Target for Bioweapons

Research: Exposure to Blue Light from Screens, LED Lights “is very harmful to people”; Health Risks “worsens with age”

If you are in need of B12 supplementation, be sure to get either methylcobalamin or hydroxycobalamin

The Most Important Stealth Factor to Improve Your Health- Interview with Morley Robbins

Cancerous Cosmetics Many cosmetic and personal care products contain talc, which has been linked to cancer. Here’s how you can protect yourself. Action Alert!

Toxic Toilet Tissue We can add toilet paper to the long list of products that are contaminated with PFAS; this pervasive contamination has led experts to recommend many Americans get tested for PFAS. It’s time to ban these dangerous chemicals. Action Alert!

New Bill to Remove FDA Control Over Supplements

A new bill would take food and supplements out of the FDA’s jurisdiction under a new food safety agency. We are cautiously optimistic, but there are concerns. Action Alert!

++From: I. Johnson Sent: Monday, August 1, 2022 12:52 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Watch “Lakeland: The Godless Revival” on YouTube https://youtu.be/yaSn_fEGxho 

Scott Johnson’s Response: Ida: This is what God had a listener and myself shut down in 2008. We went there and prayed for a long time. Todd was not even there, but it was totally shutdown within about 7 days after we went there. I mean He shut this thing down for good. Praise the Lord!:

Todd Bentley’s False Revival Shutdown

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 3, 2008 | In this teaching we will be discussing the following topics: 1) Our report from our recent 7/30/08 road trip up to Todd Bentley’s Blasphemous Lakeland Tent Revival

“God TV”, Lakeland, Todd Bentley & Satanism-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 6, 2008 |

God TV, Lakeland, Todd Bentley & Satanism-Part 2

Lakeland Revival, Conv. Child Molester-Todd Bentley, Lying Signs & Wonders-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 18, 2008 |

Lakeland Revival, Conv. Child Molester-Todd Bentley, Lying Signs & Wonders-Part 2

Lakeland Revival, Conv. Child Molester-Todd Bentley, Lying Signs & Wonders-Part 3

Bentley’s Kundalini Calling to Open the Stargates for Satan-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 29, 2008 |

Bentley’s Kundalini Calling to Open the Stargates for Satan-Part 2

Bentley’s Kundalini Calling to Open the Stargates for Satan-Part 3

Bentley’s Kundalini Calling to Open the Stargates for Satan-Part 4

Bentley’s Kundalini Calling to Open the Stargates for Satan-Part 5

++From: Patricia Sent: Saturday, August 6, 2022 12:52 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Sleep Paralysis….

Sleep Paralysis PART 1 – YouTube

Sleep Paralysis PART 2 – YouTube

Sleep Paralysis PART 3 – YouTube

Sleep Paralysis PART 4 – YouTube

Scott Johnson’s Comment: Also listen to my testimony where I describe the sleep paralysis episode that happened to me:

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2009 |

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 2

++From: Noline Sent: Monday, August 1, 2022 4:37 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Arch Diocese of Chicago approves gay marriage Hi Dr. Scott, Sending you a couple of videos from a Catholic website that truly calls Pope Francis the ‘anti-pope’.  I was a Catholic for many years and so blessed the Lord freed me from this so-called church!

The videos are so blasphemous, hard to watch but I thank & praise the Lord for revealing the truth of what is happening big time in our world. God bless you,

1) “Archdiocese Of Chicago” Approves Gay “Marriage” – EndTimes.Video

2) “Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC) – YouTube

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2022 1:56 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com

NAME Katrina SUBJECT Important Prayers…YOUR MESSAGE        Dr. Johnson, I’m be so very blessed by the self- deliverance prayers that you’ve forwarded to me. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ll be devoting time towards this in my walk daily. It’s refreshing to know that there are actually trustworthy brothers and sisters in God’s congregation in this life on earth. There’s nothing more important than the salvation of souls for our eternity with the Lord. I appreciate your time, concern and encouragement. Thank you again for everything!!

++Masses Exposed To Truth About Jab: Vax Injuries Abound, Brainwashed Masses Now Forced To Wake Up

Published August 18, 2022–America is waking up and standing against the fraud and lies posed by the Elites!

President of Kansas for Health Freedom, Connie Newcome joins the show to her and FireFly Front are reaching thousands with their truth bomb billboards, exposing the vaccines.Donate and volunteer at: https://www.fireflyfront.com/ to help wake up America! Righteously stand against vaccine tyranny by supporting Christopher Key:  https://www.vaccine-police.com/.


++From: Michael C Sent: Monday, August 15, 2022 9:17 AM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: RE: Protocol for cellulitis in my wrist–Scott I just want to thank you for taking the time to give me this protocol for the cellulitis bacterial infection in my wrist.  It was spreading very rapidly over the course of 3-4 days going into my hand and down my arm.  Taking 4 teaspoons of the 5000ppm silver a day plus applying it topically on the skin at best was able to slow the cellulitis infection from spreading.  When I doubled the dosage to 2 teaspoons of the 5000ppm silver 4 times a day while applying it topically on the skin the infection was knocked out within just 2-3 days!  I learned that a cellulitis infection can be deadly if untreated.  I Praise God and thank you Scott–Michael

Mild Silver Protein Website: www.dr-johnson.com


Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-15-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 15, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Satanic Temple Puts up Billboards Stating: “Abortions Save Lives”
  • Ex-Feminist Exposes The Real Agenda Behind Movement
  • Why in the World are They Spraying? Full Length Documentary–What in the World Are They Spraying? & Chemtrail Prayer
  • Sleep Paralysis Help
  • Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified Documents Reveal Fallen Angels
  • Portal to Hell: Houska Castle–Something Strange Is Happening Underground

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-15-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-15-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 15, 2022

Table of Contents: 

  • They Are PLAYING Their Followers Like A FIDDLE–Alex Jones & Steve Bannon Pushing Us Towards the Cashless New World Order Cashless System!!! They are devils!!!
  • Take This To the Lord In Prayer: Soon They’re Going To Try To Enact Something Akin To The Digital Mark And Force Us All Into Slavery – Tyranny Is Here When Government Can ‘Just Turn Off Your Money’ To Force You To Comply With Their Agendas
  • Israel Bans Large Cash Transactions, Requires Digital Payments
  • Big Brother & Economic Headlines
  • UN Declares Conspiracy Theorists “Public Enemy no.1” & Declares War on ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories: ‘The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite’! The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel must not be linked to any “alleged conspiracies.” UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress to launch the campaign dubbed #ThinkBeforeSharing: Stop the spread of conspiracy theories
  • Major red flags go up after Biden’s Census Bureau asks gun holster companies for detailed sales records
  • Remember the Illuminati’s motto:  Order out of Chaos–So for the New World Order/Great Reset to happen, there MUST BE MASSIVE CHAOS ahead of time–This is done so that the masses will be HAPPY to live under a communist dictatorship, after they have lost all their wealth…as long as Satan restores ORDER
  • Former FBI Deputy Asst. Director: We May Have Highest Level of Government Penetrated by Chinese Agents… The Revolution Is Here – Communist Revolution (VIDEO)
  • China Is Buying Up Land Next To US Military Bases
  • The Lord’s Protection & the Biblical Remedy for Fear
  • IRS Amassing Its Own Satanic Army Willing To Use Deadly Force While The Federal Reserve Intensifies It’s Inflation TaxS. Taxpayers Spend Billions For Their Own Enslavement & To Arm The Weaponized IRS
  • Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS … see IRS rifle team training photos and more  
  • Where Do Your Hard Earned IRS Tax Dollars Really Go?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 8-15-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-8-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 9, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • THE SUMMONING: 72 nations PUBLICLY worship satanic idols in televised Luciferian ritual
  • Molech Worship In Plain Sight At The Birmingham England 2022 Commonwealth Opening Ceremony
  • Who is Molech?
  • What you are witnessing right now on a global scale is the coordinated, government-funded, ritualistic invocation of supernatural fallen angels, devils and demons that are flooding into this world to wage war against humankind and God
  • Vatican Approves Moloch Statue in Rome!
  • Whistleblower Phil Schneider Found Dead After Revealing Alien Agenda & Confirming the Greada Treaty
  • Liquidation Of The UFO Investigators
  • Warning Regarding KENT HOVIND’s associations with SEX OFFENDERS

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-8-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-8-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 9, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • NEW YORK TIMES says “the time is now” to EAT PEOPLE, in addition to ants, crickets, grub worms, termites, and cockroaches
  • Food Destruction Reports
  • Climate Alarmist Explains Policy Targeting Farmers to end all Beef, Pork and Chicken from Human Diet
  • Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To The Drought, And That Has Enormous Implications For 2023
  • Listener Comments on Vegetarians & Vegans Plus Scott Johnson’s Teaching on this Subject
  • Important–Listener Question Regarding Getting Enough Protein/Meat, Dr. Rebecca Brown & Praising the Lord and Spiritual Warfare
  • Listener Comment on Dr Rebecca Brown & The Subject of Deliverance
  • Former US Army Employee: Everything is a psyop – Stop being afraid
  • United Nations announces Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres have signed an agreement to ‘accelerate’ Agenda 2030
  • EVERYONE should see this video!!!! Rep. Ray Higgins, Louisiana…Asking Police Chief if he Would Enforce Gun Confiscation
  • Crime Rates Plummet After Law Required Firearms for Residents in Kennesaw, GA 
  • ATF doing Door to Door Gun Checks!!!
  • Nightmare: Battery Dies After Family Buys Used Electric Car — Replacement Costs More than Car’s ValueBattery dies in vehicle purchased for $11,000 – Ford says they’ll replace battery for a mere $14,000–No one said going green would be cheap or fair
  • Comment: Trying to keep on top of the electric car and fires… it happens a lot
  • Most are not reported only if car owners put it out on social media does it get picked up
  • WHO declares monkeypox a “global health emergency” with just FIVE deaths in the world and 99% of cases afflicting homosexuals
  • HHS/Biden Admin. Officially Declare ‘Monkeypox’ State of Emergency<<<just in time for the Nov elections
  • They are administering a LIVE smallpox via “vaccine” To fight monkey pox!!!
  • San Francisco about to deploy 200 shots of ACAM2000, a LIVE smallpox vaccine into population to “fight” monkeypox–What could possibly go wrong? Well, it’s no longer used because it’s considered dangerous!
  • Scott Johnson’s Teachings on Smallpox & Recommended Protocol
  • FDA considering dividing smallpox vaccine doses into fifths to increase its demonic supply
  • Smallpox or Monkeypox Recommend Protocol
  • Canada Truckloads of Canadian Medical Doctors are using Fake Vax Passes for themselves and their families…A Doctor injured by The Vax has blown the Whistle…It’s exactly as we suspected
  • Sri Lanka Rationing Fuel – Using QR Codes (From COVID) To allocate Fuel!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 8-8-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-31-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Beyond Blasphemy: New Book–President Donald J Trump, The Son of MAN – THE CHRIST is now available on the internet! In detail explains how JESUS, the Son of God always spoke about the Son of MAN in the THIRD PERSON – every single time–And how TRUMP fulfills the scriptures as the SON OF MAN!
  • Judaism teaches life does NOT begin at conception, that abortion is ‘health care’ and that is it not possible to murder a “fetus” thanks to that blasphemous collection of wicked books known as the Talmud!!!
  • What Does The Bible Say About The Jews (or any other race) Being Better Than Another?
  • Is God done with the Jews/Israelites? The Clear, Unrefutable, Biblical Answer is: No
  • Macho Movie Star Brad Pitt Working The Red Carpet Whilst Wearing A Pink Shirt Over A Demure Brown Women’s Skirt
  • Listener Question: I was wondering if you can get a demon from a Ouija board? What About Tarot Cards? + Scott Johnson’s Response
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance
  • Tarot Cards Exposed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-31-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-31-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Amazing Testimony & Teaching From Deliverance Minister (Pete McMaster) From Tasmania — Holy Anointing Oil Discussed
  • Higher Entities The Lost Tapes – Stan Deyo — Greg Rinchich / Colonel SC — Scott Johnson’s Testimony About These Subjects

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 7-31-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-22-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 22, 2022

Psa 11:7: For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Hebrews 13:15: By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

This is how the door-to-door gun tyranny starts: ATF Conducting Door to Door Gun Checks Triggered By Gun Buys

Highland Park Attack Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Other Stringent Gun Controls

Illinois shooter Bobby Crimo tied to Democratic Socialists of America, Antifa and the Occult

What Do We Know About Suspected Highland Park Gunman Robert Crimo III

New York Mandates Social Media Checks Of ‘Character And Conduct’ In Gun Permit Applications

Please add your name to SPANK (or thank) your representative for voting for (or against) the biggest gun control bill in 30 years. NOTE: Our system will automatically detect how your representative voted upon entering your address.

++This month, Rep. Cicilline has introduced a bill to BAN “ASSAULT WEAPONS” that will be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee next week. After the Senate voted to pass gun control in June, I’m calling on people like you to turn up the heat on the House and Senate to stop this next assault on our God-given rights. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your House representative and two Senators to VOTE NO on banning so-called “assault weapons.”

Biden Considers Establishing Public Health Emergency To Allow Abortions

Abortion Supporters Openly Scream ‘We Love Killing Babies’ – Finally The Masks Are Removed And They Are Exposing Themselves For The Monsters They Truly Are 

9 felonies for exposing Planned Parenthood


‘New Mexico becoming top destination for ‘abortion tourism’’
‘Abortion Protest Leads to Fake Handcuffs & “Arrests” of Far-Left House Members’
‘Colorado Doctor Pushes for Public Funding of Abortion’

Abortion isn’t “reproductive health,” it’s the MURDER of an individual human being

++Please click the link below to read the story about how Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton just filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the Executive Order on abortion. https://americanprolifer.com/abortion-texas-ken-paxton-executive-order-biden/
‘Federal Appeals Ct. Upholds Georgia Heartbeat Bill & Personhood of Pre-born Children’

‘VICTORY for States Fighting Biden Transgender Guidelines’ And….in other news….the American ProLifer-Personhood Alliance petition which many of you signed, encouraging New York Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (pictured in white, above) to oppose drag queen story hour in schools, has been delivered!

Biden’s Corruption Explodes

Mainstream News Is Even Reporting This!: WATCH: Hunter Biden films himself weighing his ‘crack’

Leaked Messages Show Hunter Biden Reportedly Called Joe Biden ‘Pedo Peter’

If Joe is a Pedophile, Who Controls Our Society? Part 1

Pedophile raping White underage girls: Alec Baldwin Goes into Hiding after Link to Jeffrey Epstein Exposed in Court Documents The actor’s name appeared child sex trafficker Epstein’s “little black book” of contacts when it was unsealed in court last week.

Halyna Hutchins’ next project was documentary on Hollywood pedophile rings The director of photography killed by Alec Baldwin was attached to the controversial upcoming documentary about alleged pedophile rings in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood tried to bury documentary about pedophilia in the film industry – Celebrity Reputation Com

Child abuse documentary Hollywood ‘didn’t want you to see’ goes viral | Movies – the Guardian

Pray for Corey Feldman’s safety and courage as he prepares to name the powerful pedophiles that dominate Hollywood – Newstarget.com

SICKENING: The House passes the bill to codify same-sex marriage by a vote of 267-157

In direct confrontation with Supreme Court, House to vote on same-sex marriage

Total Insanity is Becoming the Norm: Dindu Nuffin . . . . again.  <<<Unbelievable.


WA School Board Director to Host Gender Classes for Kids Ages 9-12 in Adult Toy Shop

Predators In Leadership: “Inclusive” Pastors Subvert Christianity, Promote Pedophilia

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Accused Of Physical Assault of A 6-Year Old Before He Used CPS To Get The Girl Taken From Her Mother – National File

++awakened5347 MUST LISTEN message from my friend, watch: John Paul Rice Director of the Hunger Games produces A Childs Voice You may remember him from the film “Remember The Titans”. He then went on to make several wonderfully written, directed and produced independent films – He was well embedded in Hollywood and he knows their game.
Amazon has unpublished his film, A CHILD’S VOICE in the US, UK and 70+ countries worldwide.
NO explanation. No notice. This film deals with the subject of human trafficking and child satanic abuse.
As mentioned here, listen to Anneke Lucas tell her story about how she was raped and tortured by elite wealthy aristocrats and politicians in a pedophile ring in Belgium
Listen to the audio version of Alice Miller’s book John cites, “The Drama of the Gifted Child.”
You can still see the film on Vimeo
To learn more about his production company and their films visit
#SaveTheChildren #StopTheMadness Robin Elizabeth Basil

How a Trump Cabinet member gave Jeffery Epstein the deal of a lifetime!


Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world

Secret NY Quarantine Camps Obliterated: Hero Lawyer Exposes, Destroys U.S. Concentration Camp

Video: Arizona’s Wendy Rogers Vows to Stop ‘Invasion,’ Put America First in New Campaign Ad

Action Alert: Over 50 people are still in prison for Jan 6th Set Up!!! and then click here to go the 45-minute documentary on those being help in the most wicked fashion by our federal government. AND – learn what you can do to help them.

White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil “Shock” !! $10.00 + per gallon

Biden Energy Security Official Says Administration Cannot and Will Not Accept or Approve Long-Term Oil and Gas Development


Biden Opens US Oil Reserves, Sends Millions of Barrels to Communist China, Europe

Americans Facing Widespread Blackouts Due to Biden’s Green Energy Push, Expert Warns

“TruckPOCALYPSE” begins in California as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

Texas Authorities Urgently Beg Residents to Turn Off Air Conditioning Because There is No Wind to Power the Windmills

Economic collapse in Sri Lanka

Gates-funded Picnic facility burnt to the ground

BREAKING: A Bill Gates Foundation supermarket in the Netherlands that focuses on new-age foods like plant protein meat (and bugs) has spontaneously caught fire in the middle of the night


Victory! Another Court Protects the Right to Record Police

Dismantling the Constitution: Police No Longer Have to Honor the Right to Remain Silent

Europe is consumed by ‘tunnels of fire’ in ‘extreme heat’ of 117F: Firefighters battle blazes in France, Portugal and Spain as thousands are evacuated while Europe bakes in record temperatures 

Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China :Sadly, many people in the west have forgotten the importance of commodities, industry and energy in terms of geopolitical leverage.Economic warfare is about independent production 

UN claims world hunger is necessary, as governments intentionally cause poverty on a global scale

Breaking/Exclusive 2022.7 There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels of Radiation and it is being Covered Up – YRTW

European farmers protest spread to Poland and Italy in huge backlash against the globalists’ depopulation and starvation schemes

U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next?

China Deploys TANKS to Protect the BANKS – People’s Life Savings Stolen!


Common Drugs Contribute to Dementia, Heart Conditions ANH is taking action to add a warning to commonly used drugs that can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Action Alert!

Supplement Attack: Your Advocacy is Working! While there is still work to be done to stop Sen. Durbin’s supplement attack, there have been several positive developments over the last week. We need to keep up the pressure! Action Alert!

Magnesium Nightmare How new supplement restrictions could affect your sleep quality. Action Alert!

Sewage Contaminating Your Food Your food and drinking water could be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals”, at levels that are hundreds of times higher than what is considered safe, but the EPA is too busy looking out for industry to care. Action Alert!

CBD’s Uncertain Future The FDA continues refusing to provide a pathway for CBD supplements, all in an effort to protect drug industry profits. We need to force their hand. Action Alert!

FDA Working to Stifle Lab Testing Options Another dangerous policy has been slipped into legislation that must pass Congress by the end of September. Action Alert!


Amazing Interview: How to Conquer Fatigue and Low Energy- Interview with Ari Whitten

Jean-François Tremblay – The Best Peptides for Anti-Aging, Energy, and Healing

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by 38%

Lose Your Gut (Pot Belly) with these Strategies

Natural Options for Depression

Low Iron Levels? You Need to Watch This


Quadruple Vaxxed Pedo Joe Biden Catches COVID

Medical Journal “LANCET”: COVID Vax Compromises Immune System – Booster Shots Should be HALTED Immediately

Ivana Trump (Trump’s Former Wife) Double-Vaxxed Days Before Death <<<she had all kinds of adverse symptoms from her covid shots.

Rep. Sean Casten’s Daughter Passes Away After Getting the Covid Shot  In a tweet, Illinois Rep. Sean Casten expresses his full support for the COVID vaccines, saying that everyone in his family has gotten the jab. Then on June 14, 2022, Casten’s 17-year-old daughter Gwen passed away “peacefully” in her sleep. 

BOMBSHELL: US Govt Removes/ Reclassifies 52,000 Death Records Seemingly To Obfuscate Vax Carnage

Israeli Data Shows Vaxxed Are Getting Severe Covid At 3X The Unvaxxed Rate & It’s Worsening!

Whilst Trudeau had Covid-19 again, his Government revealed the Vaccinated account for 93% of COVID Deaths in Canada; 50% of which were Quadruple Jabbed 

North Korea Reports 99.98 Percent COVID Recovery Rate ***Without*** The Covid Vaccination

While you were distracted by Boris resigning & a “Doomsday” Heatwave, the UK Gov. quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022 – The Expose

VIDEO 49.54 – These Aren’t Normal Cancers. Doctors All Over the World Are Noticing That “Something Is Wrong”.

Nano and Micro Blood Clots Seen in the Capillary Blood of the VAXXinated & NONVAXXinated!

FOIA Emails Reveal Canadian Health Officials Had Pre-Knowledge Of Vaxx Effects, Mandated Vaxx Anyway

Pilots, Doctors and Aviation experts lift the lid (regarding the covid kill shot) on what is happening in the sky


Young Colorado man reluctantly took covid jab to travel and had to undergo emergency surgery, after multiple blood clots formed in his leg

Man Begs Parents Not To Inject BioWeapon Death Shot Into Toddler And Infant

Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is ‘the new normal’-I’m getting multiple reports from my nurse friends about kids 2 and 3 years old having seizures. It is ONLY happening on vaccinated kids, and symptoms start 2 to 5 days after the COVID vaccine.

For the Children who get the Kill Shot: FDA Approves First Oral Blood Thinning Medication for Children

Defibrillators To Be Installed In Every State School In England because of all the heart attacks they are anticipating in the children after they get there covid vaxx!!!!

ALL VACCINES ARE BAD! – The Conspiracy To KEEP Us Sick! – Head Of “Learn The Risk” SPEAKS OUT!


Judge Strikes Down Los Angeles School Vaccine Mandate, Siding With Parent

New Zealand Doctors Publish an Open Letter Calling for Criminal Investigation into the ‘Wave of Deaths’ Among the Fully Vaxxed (adversereactionreport.com)

Army Begins Soft Purge: Now Cutting Unvaccinated Soldiers from Pay and Benefits

Hundreds of thousands of US troops may face dismissal More than 260,000 American servicemembers could be discharged due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates SQ;THE CHINESE TAKEDOWN PLOT OF AMERICA’S MILITARY IS ALMOST COMPLETE 

More than 60,000 Army soldiers losing pay, benefits over vaccine mandate Attorney representing military whistleblowers argues total number is much higher 

Covid “positive” citizens in Hong Kong forced to wear ankle bracelet trackers like criminals

Vaccine Injured Veterans Can Unite Upon Title 38 : 11 : 51 . . .

Why Does NY Governor Kathy Hochul Want Government-Mandated ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Isolation’ Camps Despite This Recent Court Ruling? (www.thegatewaypundit.com<<<Give you ONE guess.

Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing. (www.zerohedge.com<<that’s not all they made up



Billings MT: Walmart Employee Calculates Massive Food Price Increase- (Were those Recent Defrosts Really by Accident?)SQ;NO ACCIDENT AT ALL CAREFULLY IMPLEMENTED TO CUT PEOPLE OFF FROM THEIR FOOD SOURCES THROUGH STARVATION! 


++Steve, know you’ll get this info out to the people who will listen. Today around 4pm I recieved a call from my source at the Billings Regional Landfill that Sam’s Club was unloading now their 3rd roll off truck full of frozen foods. The full load dumped and destroyed was roughly 40-50 TONS of frozen food. This was all being monitored for full destruction at the landfill. Apperently their main Freezer went out over night due to a Freon leak and the exhaust vent was pumping hot air in. This was also confirmed by another source who works for an answering service here in town that takes the repair company calls.
Roughly 30 minutes later i get a text from the same Call Service source stating they recieved a repair call for Costco

because their big meat cooler had been down for an unknown amount of time and they were also loading up product to dispose of. Im waiting to hear back from a contact at Costco to see how much was lost.
Then around 6pm I get a call from a friend who has inside info on the walmart in Laurel, MT (only 12 minites outside billings city limits) saying they also had a freezer fail and we loading up 20 tons of “spoiled food” into roll off trucks to destroy.
Then around 6:45pm my landfill source got a call about a fire on the trash pile (the same pile all the food was sent to). This fire was burning hot and black. We have been watching them put it out for almost 2 hours now.
“Now do you think any of this food will be replenished’? Do you think they will be sending more food to the biggest city in Montana? My guess is not. If they do it will be nowhere near the amount to recover the loss. SQ-PICTURE OF LAND FILL FIRE HAS BEEN SENT TO ME AND WILL UPDATE!MEN IN SUITS OVERSEEING DESTRUCTION OF FOOD -BOTH ON SITES AND AT DUMP! Jul 17, 2022


++From: Patricia Sent: Monday, July 11, 2022 10:33 PM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: IUD very strange problems…. (I am listening to your most recent teaching)…This is a short video and it’s just crazy.  I am not criticizing this woman btw, and I am glad she took that thing out.  What I think is crazy is the fact that these problems started when she put it in and it took so long for her to figure this out and take it out. BTW the not being able to dream thing is reported by another woman in the comment section and was using another type of IUD (not copper) My (Nightmare) Experience with the Copper IUD//How the Copper IUD Can Mess With Your Hormones – YouTube

++From: ED Sent: Monday, July 4, 2022 4:02 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Greg Reese (of Info Wars/Alex Jones) promoting Yoga Thought this was interesting. Greg Reese is telling his listeners that Yoga is not a religion, and that Christians can practice it but when doing so meditate on Christ. He then throws in how the transgenders use it in a wrong way in order to help his argument. More subterfuge from people outside the mainstream media, planted most likely, to mislead Christians in following the wrong path. More than likely knowing full well what this can do to us spiritually. Matthew 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. (As in the OM chant) https://gregreese.substack.com/p/yoga-and-transgenderism-in-clown?utm_source=email

Scott Johnson’s Comment: So much leaven to weed through at Info Wars/Alex Jones. See my teaching on this subject here: http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?s=yoga

++From: yvonne  Sent: Monday, July 4, 2022 1:24 AM To:drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Australian journalist from channel 9 said Mary should have had Jesus terminated in her womb. Pat Mesiti outraged call for sacking. Hi Scott

If you able, please listen to Pats call on all churches to take a stand and demand the commentator to be sacked!!

Bless you for all your important work you do 🙏! Yvonne from Tasmania



++ (Video Proof) 2 Headed Giant You Didn’t Know Existed? From: Patricia  Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2022 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: (Video Proof) 2 Headed Giant You Didn’t Know Existed?
Article acknowledges its existence but is calling it a hoax without supporting any reason for calling it a hoax.  The fact that side shows were putting this on display is suspicious as they usually are hoaxers, but I am going somewhere with this.

Kap-Dwa, two-head giant : Patagonian cannibal, (over 12 feet high) – Brown University (exlibrisgroup.com)

I need to point out it is a giant who is a siamese twin (conjoined twin), something we see in real life today, just like the ones below.  The fact that such a set of remains exist (conjoined twins are quite rare) may indicate it was more prevalent in giants than in us.

Meet The Most Famous Conjoined Twins In The World – Celebrities – Nigeria (nairaland.com)

Where Are Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany Hensel Today? (distractify.com)

So this is Shiva who we have been hearing so much about.  Notice all those heads and notice all those arms.  BTW it is getting more DIFFICULT to find authentic photos of actually ancient depictions of the Hindu Godhead that are multi headed and multi armed.  Most of it is usually modern things.  (It used to be when you pulled up images of them, those ancient images and artwork was the first thing that came up and the multi heads and multi arms was the most striking thing about many of them)

BTW in a lot of those ancient artifacts you can not tell by looking at any of these entities if they are male or female.  Someone had to explain to you what the gender of the entity in question is.  I have had a young Indian woman who is trained in classical (Indian iconographic painting confirms this for me).

Wooden statue of many headed hindu god Shiva at the Ancient Siam attraction near Bangkok in Thailand Stock Photo – Alamy

This is not ancient but it is in the precise style I am talking about but in this case, you can tell he is male.  All of him looks male except for his arms..  No, most of these images I saw several decades ago and before, you could not tell the gender.  The blue color does not mean they are blue, it means they are dark skinned.  I don’t know why they just don’t draw them with dark skin.  I wonder if that (blue means dark skinned is a cover for something more hidden.

The many-headed and multi-armed Lord Shiva. Sculpture of the Indian God Shiva. Rishikesh, India, December 11, 2018. #273254836 – Larastock

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-18-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 19, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Woke Church Ministers Label Pro-Life Movement a ‘Demonic Agenda’ and Claim ‘God Is Pro-Choice’!!!!! + Related Reports
  • They are devils with no fear of God!! Pure evil! What would these “ministers” do with these Bible verses? Abortion and Child Sacrifice
  • Predators In Leadership: “Inclusive” Pastors Subvert Christianity & Promote Child Molestation / Pedophilia + Related Reports
  • PARENTS BEWARE–Also, what on earth does this have to do with “disease control”? CDC Partnering up with every type of perversion imaginable!
  • Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop — Information on the unfolding cataclysm surrounding the collapsing Colorado River water source–40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023 –The mainstream media and official sources are doing their best to sweep it under the rug–‘We are talking about 40 million people that will be impacted by the drying out of the Colorado River basin and tributaries Plus Related Reports
  • Welcome to The Police State Future–The Floating Prison Barge–The floating barge was built as a way for authorities to evade oversight and local laws by claiming to be in “waterways” rather than on land–They are in many ways equivalent to CIA “black sites” where prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and enhanced interrogation techniques, despite the illegality of such acts– Buy an electric car to save the planet, but don’t charge it or you’ll crash the power grid
  • Martial Law Red Alert: Democrat Leadership Introduces Bill To Give Biden The Powers of a Dictator & Use Military Against The ‘Right-Wing’ With No Congressional Oversight
  • UN Secretary-General: Fighting Misinformation ‘A Matter of Life And Death’
  • Panicked globalists losing control the information war surrounding COVID, the Ukraine conflict, election integrity, and the Great Reset.
  • Insane Current Event Headlines–The Good and the Bad—Plus Many Proactive Action Alerts

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-18-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-18-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 19, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • How Hillary & the Elite Crash Cars and Planes
  • Black market for body parts exists in America… funeral home operator just charged in criminal scheme
  • Monkey Pox Scamdemic Headlines Read: MONKEYPOX PANDEMIC? ‘Shocking’ Monkeypox Screw-Up Means We Need to Admit We Now Face Two Pandemics–WHO TO RECONVENE over Monkey Pox…Even the WHO admits it has only caused 3 deaths worldwide!!!!! But obviously this is a pandemic we need to give up all our right and liberties for!!!!
  • S. Has 17M Monkeypox Vaccine Doses Stuck in Denmark as NYC Scrambles to Get Shots Into Arms: ‘Make the Vaccine Available to Everyone’
  • Morticians Say: COVID-19 shots causing foot-long blood clots ‘Too many people are silent, and silence is compliance’ Cole also cited studies Physician Resia Pretorius finding the COVID’ spike protein alone causes the proteins in our blood to clump.’ 
  • Report: Casket Maker Fears Bulk Orders of Child Size Coffins Signal Impending Vaccine Deaths ‘Never in 30+ years of business have we ever sold child size coffins in bulk,’– Attributes surge in orders to Covid-19 kill shot deaths
  • Sam Dodson, an electrical engineer miraculously got into the recent FDA meeting and commented on the dangers of the MRNA Covid shot to infants and young ones during the FDA decision a few days ago–This was my 3 minute speech to Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee in their hearing to approve the Covid19 “vaccines” on babies 5 and under–This is a critical step towards the pharmaceutical cartels gaining immunity for adverse reactions cause by their products
  • COVER-UP: Babies & Toddlers Hallucinating & Having Seizures Following COVID-19 Vaccine Shots
  • More Murder Being Committed–U.S. FDA Grants Full Approval to Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Ages 12-15
  • NIH, FDA & CDC Employees Quitting In Droves Over Infant Covid Kill Shot Gene Therapy
  • This is Only a Fraction of the True Numbers But: 75,322 Dead 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines – Babies and Toddlers Hallucinating and Having Seizures After Shots
  • Death claims up $6 BILLION: Fifth-largest life insurance company paid out for 163% more working-age deaths in 2021 after covid “vaccines” were unleashed
  • DEPOPULATION TARGETS TAIWAN: Birth rates over the past year have dropped 23% in Taiwan, following blind obedience to covid vaccines
  • Listener Comment and Research on how a small town in Alabama was decimated by the Covid kill shot?!?!
  • Listener Comment: Just wanted to let you know what’s going on with how they are trying to force us to get a Covid jab to get or keep job
  • S. Orders 3.2 Million Doses of Novavax COVID Vaccine
  • Covid-19 Scamdemic Headlines
  • Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated
  • Reports of Smells, Shedding & Behavioral Changes associated with the Covid Bioweapon Shot
  • Nano and Micro Blood Clots Seen in the Capillary Blood of the VAXXinated & NONVAXXinated!
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed
  • Listener Comment: Brother Scott, Me and my husband were sick, cough, chest pain, the whole nine yards–Took your Covid protocol–Three days later we are just fine–All praises to our Heavenly Father and Christ and to you Brother
  • Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries to build up the Immune System: ++ Note: Selenium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin D-3 and Iodine can easily become depleted from aggressive viruses
  • Stroke Recovery Protocol
  • Listener Comments: Invive Colloidal Silver Covid Remedy & Information on the Nasal Application of Colloidal silver and Iodine
  • How to go after a internal infection from multiple angles
  • Listener Comment: My husband and I have been taking the INVIVE silver for years now and we just don’t get ill.  I’ve been off doctor meds for seven years now and taking good supplements mostly from you.  I was in their big pharma system and on so many prescriptions for over thirty years!  I’m in my sixties now taking natural supplements only and feeling pretty awesome!  
  • Listener Comment Regarding the Invive Silver at: http://www.dr-johnson.com/ — Wow! My son and I are a lot better! Some nasal congestion is hanging on but we both have our old strength back, he’s back to school and I’m doing good too!
  • Listener Comment: Another Invive Covid Testimony
  • Listener Comment About Being Affected by the Covid Vaxxed and Her Experience with the Supplement and Invive
  • Scott Johnson’s Video Presentation From 2006 Where He Predicted the Current Covid Mandated Vaxx Scenario–The Prophecy Club | Dr. Scott Johnson–Avian Flu? & AVIAN FLU? By Dr. Scott Johnson-DVD
  • Listener Comments: My experience with your Covid protocol
  • Have you taken your vitamin C today? While Vitamin C is unequivocally recognized as a quintessential player in maintaining function of the immune system, a recent review paper points to 70-80% of patients with severe covid-19 suffering HYPOvitaminosis C (i.e. low vitamin C status) in hospitals – Please Note Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid
  • Are Fevers Bad?
  • Calcium & Vitamin D-3 Is Vital For Your Immune System
  • Symptoms of coronavirus infections almost perfectly mirror symptoms of zinc deficiency
  • How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines
  • On the Connection Between Graphene Oxide Found in “Covid Vaccines”, Electromagnetic Fields, Blood Clots & Severe “Covid” Symptoms  | How to Remove Graphene Oxide From the Body – Truth Comes to Light
  • Can Fulvic Acid Help With Demagnetizing the Unvaccinated & Its Importance
  • Listener Comment: I am no longer magnetized!!!!! Fulvic Acid WORKS!
  • Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts
  • Black Seed Oil ‘Strongly Binds’ to Vaxxed Spike Protein–Prevents Vascular Damage
  • Hijama aka “cupping”: desperate workers, students forced into vaxx mandates are turning to ancient treatment to remove the injections after administration

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-18-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-11-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • VIDEO: New Trailer for Groundbreaking Film ‘These Little Ones’ Exposing CPS Trafficking — Child Molestation and Sacrifice — Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)– & the Pedophile Elites
  • John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted Presenting Biden’s Son “Beau” an Award that Has Pedophile GirlLover logo (which is a heart inside a heart indicating that the child molester prefers young girls) (Just like Joe and Hunter Biden prefer) and this award was presented at the National Center for Missing & Exploited
  • Joe Biden Pledges to Retain the Killing of Unborn Babies as National Priority, Signs Executive Order Saying Abortion “is essential to justice, equality, and our health, safety, and progress as a Nation”
  • Action Alert: Please act now to DIRECTLY CONTACT your Congressman and Senators to tell them to STOP Biden’s push to codify Roe in Congress
  • The Georgia Guidestones Have Been Totally Destroyed
  • What Really Happened Georgia Guide Stones? Why Did They Totally Destroy and Remove the Evidence? How Can They Now Conduct a Proper Crime Investigation?
  • Scott Johnson’s Comment to group on Facebook Who Believed the Georgia Guidestones were Good
  • C. Christian & the Georgia Guidestones the Best Documentary on the History of the Guidestones: Dark Clouds Over Elberton – YouTube
  • More Quotes on Population Control From Ted Turner and Some Global Elites

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-11-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-11-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • DOOMSDAY theories are abounding as the new July 5, 2022 CERN Large Hadron Collider experiment created unprecedented levels of energy & in an effort to create dark matter and open up demonic portals
  • Bible Study On the “Secrets of the Universe” The CERN Scientists Claim to Fervently Seek — But In Reality, They Have No Interest In Learning or Knowing!
  • CERN — Stargates – Portals — The Dark World / Dark Matter
  • Long Time Listener Comment Regarding CERN and Stranger Things Season 4 Plus Pictures Regarding Stranger Things and Steven Kings’s 2007 Movie: The Mist
  • On multiple occasions when CERN has been fully activated, weird anomalies have occurred. In fact, the last time CERN was turned up to full capacity, strange things have happened around the world affecting the earth’s magnetosphere, and an unexplained “spiral” was observed in Norway. Is there a possibility that CERN opens an inter dimensional portal? What are they really looking for? It’s obvious that scientists have discovered something unique during their latest experiments because this time around they’re turning up the power.
  • Regarding “CERN” ConCERNs & Comments — Is the Q Movement, Trump and The Coming Ascended Masters Promoting CERN?
  • CERN July 5th DOOMSDAY TALK #Witchcraft
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teachings on CERN at: http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?s=CERN
  • The Lotus Flower – The Q Anon PSYOP – Mind Control – MAGA & Trump
  • The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things”

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 7-11-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-5-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | July 5, 2022

Psa 11:7: For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Hebrews 13:15: By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

Isa 3:9: The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

Psa 10:4: The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.

Prayer Alert: After 3 years Offline CERN is getting ready to fire up to power levels the world has never seen on July 5th!

See Scott Johnson’s Teachings on CERN at: http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?s=CERN

Biden promises that your tax dollars will be used by HHS to transport women across state lines for baby killing… “abortion Uber”


Doctors who perform abortions WILL be targeted for prosecution, S Dakota gov declares…

Video: Demonic Imp Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Screams ‘F*** Clarence Thomas’ In Deranged Rant
Patagonia To Pay Bail For Employees Who Are Arrested Protesting SCOTUS Decision

MURDER WITH DICKS: Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO says she’ll give thousands of dollars to any female employee seeking an abortion
‘HHS Secretary Wants to Use Tax Dollars to Transport Women to Commit Abortions’
‘Uncle Clarence’ Trends on Twitter as Pro-Abortion Leftists Launch Race Attacks on Supreme Court Justice

Regarding The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade Top Headlines Read:


Supremes end protections for abortion in place for half century…
Satanic Press Says: Most significant curtailing of a established constitutional right in history…
LIST: 26 states where it will become ILLEGAL…
TEXAS: AG declares agency holiday ‘in remembrance of unborn’…
Violence fear after decision…
Assaults against clinics, patients surge…
Libtard Demonstrator Scales Frederick Douglass Bridge Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling & Calls For Others to ‘Rise Up’

Maxine Waters: “To Hell With the Supreme Court! We Will Defy Them!”

Fake Congresswoman AOC Calls for People to Get “Into the Streets” Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling–Calls Ruling “Illegitimate”
BIDEN: WOMEN’S LIVES ARE AT RISK… But What About the Unborn Babies Life Pedo Joe??!!!

‘Unacceptable Setback’: Bill Gates, George Soros Condemn SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Overturning–Globalists call shutdown of baby part pipeline as “assault on human rights.”

++Just after the Supreme Court delivered its opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade, executives at Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that the company will provide upto $4,000 in abortion-related travel expenses to employees seeking abortions in states which restrict abortion. This is totally unacceptable and insupportable! Please CLICK HERE to SIGN this urgent boycott petition to Dick’s senior management informing them that, until the company reverses any policies which facilitate or promote abortion – the deliberate taking of innocent human life, we will take our sporting goods business elsewhere.*
[*This petition will be hand-delivered to Dick’s Headquarters, just outside Pittsburgh, PA.]

How Sell Out, Satanic Gatekeeper, Fake Christian Justice John Roberts lost control of the Roe vs. Wade Narrative… The chief justice had zero support for his “lukewarm” middle of the road effort which would NOT of overturned Roe v. Wade!!!


Top Headlines: GOODBYE, DOW DROPS BELOW 30,000Wall St Sounds Louder Recession Call…Consumer Spending Running Out Of Steam…Housing Starts To Collapse…$3 trillion in retirement savings wiped out…36% earning $100,000 or more living paycheck to paycheck…China Treasury holdings 12-year low; Japan cuts…Food Shortage Worries Mount As Farms ‘Crushed’…’Teetering On Edge’… ‘CRYPTO WINTER’DIGITAL FORTUNES VANISHINGWORLD RICHEST LOSE $1.4 TRILLIONShocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Many Maxing Out Their Credit Card Ahead Of The RecessionCredit Unions and Banking Groups Warn of “Devastating Consequences” of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency


Pennsylvania Drag Queen Faces 25 Child Pornography Charges

A Disgusting Vile Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month, 2022 | The White House President Biden proclaims pride month, when he could barely issue a proclamation honoring national day of prayer May 5, 2022.

State Farm’s Program to Distribute LGBT Books Draws Fire and Defeat

29-Year-Old Transgender Male Beats 13-Year-Old Girl in Skateboarding Competition

Kamala Harris put in charge of “Ministry of Gender Truth” to harass anyone who doesn’t bow down to LGBT insanity
Some Tampa Bay Rays Players Refuse to Wear ‘Pride’ Emblems

Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center Attacked by Pro-Abortion Radicals  

West Point Brainwashing Cadets On The Evils of ‘Whiteness,’ DoD Documents Reveal

Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks on Christian villages in Mozambique


Religion and Child Abuse News: A Writer in Bridgewater Found Way Out of The Way International Cult

Who was Victor Paul Wierwille? – About The Way – Cafe

Author Who Spent 17 Years in Cult Tells About Sinister Side of ‘The Way International’ – Frank Report

Former Member: The Way International Biblical Ministry Was Rife With Sexual Excesses Just Like Other Cults – Frank Report

Watch: Meghan Walsh: “My Father Is A Monster!” John Walsh is known to America as an anti-crime activist and host/creator of the television series America’s Most Wanted. Following the murder of his son Adam, he became an alleged crusader for justice. However, his daughter Meghan Walsh has a far different image of her father; one that has left her with the scars of mental and physical abuse, the loss of her children, her home, and an attempt to destroy her life through narcissistic brainwashing. You’ll hear her story in her own words, as she cries out for help from a public whom Walsh has deceived for 40 years.



Please add your name to our pre-written letter to pressure your two Senators to VOTE NO on Biden’s nominee for ATF director, Steve Dettelbach.

Treachery! White House Moves to Strangle U.S. Ammunition Supply

IRS buying up massive amounts of ammunition while Biden regime tries to shut down CIVILIAN ammo supply chain

Democrats Propose 1,000% Tax On AR-15s

Rhode Island to Ban Magazines That Hold More Than 10 Rounds

Video: Kyle Rittenhouse Challenges Joe Biden to ‘Come and Take ‘Em’
Philadelphia: Another Violent Weekend Left 36 Shot, Five of Them Fatally


Christian author warns against new ‘Breathe With Me’ Yoga Barbie: ‘Satan is after the children’

Alexa upgrade lets DEAD family speak to you by ‘learning voice in a minute’ as freaked-out fans compare to Black Mirror | The Sun

Sheriff Warns NOT To Pick Up Dollar Bills If you see a folded dollar bill in the parking lot don’t be too fast to pick it up, says one sheriff in Tennessee. The Giles County Sheriff’s office reported that officers found folded dollar bills with white powder inside them at two different gas stations. After testing the white powder the sheriff’s office concluded that fentanyl was inside the folded dollar bills.Last year a Sheriff’s deputy in San Diego almost overdosed after handling fentanyl with his bare hands.

The great recycling LIE (what really happens to plastic)


Senate Committee Passes Bill with Mandatory Supplement Listing Supplement restrictions are moving forward in Congress. Lawmakers need to hear that this is a bad idea. Action Alert!

Prescription Drugs Laced with PFAS A study found that common drugs contain PFAS “forever chemicals”, and the EPA is working hard…to protect these drug makers. Action Alert! 

Is Melatonin Dangerous? Recent media reports employ familiar scare tactics to convince us that melatonin is unsafe-and they are just as wrong as ever. Action Alert!

ANH Advocates Score Big Glutathione Win The FDA’s advisory committee dealt a blow to the agency’s plan to ban compounded glutathione-but the fight is far from over. Action Alert!

Sweden: A Cautionary (Supplement) Tale  Sweden’s supplement restrictions show why mandatory registration for supplements in the US is such a disastrous idea. Action Alert!

Sewage Contaminating Your Food Your food and drinking water could be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals”, at levels that are hundreds of times higher than what is considered safe, but the EPA is too busy looking out for industry to care. Action Alert!

Supplement Bans Courtesy of Junk Science

In banning higher dose vitamins, regulators ignore benefits and exaggerate risks. Action Alert!

Senator Stands for Medical Free Speech

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is taking a stand against doctors and their professional organizations who attempt to silence and sanction their colleagues who dare to stray from the mainstream medical orthodoxies regarding COVID. Action Alert!


Pentagon is Acting As An Enemy of War Against American Troops

Judy Mikovits Shocks The World: Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen

Study: COVID “vaccines” are devastating men’s sperm counts

Please share this helpful video with your friends who are considering vaccinating their kids We want to make sure they have a fair and balanced presentation of the safety and efficacy data justifying vaccinating kids with the recently approved COVID vacc 

Pfizer And Moderna Ask FDA To NOT TEST All Future Covid Jabs! Don’t worry, known liars say it is safe and effective, so shut up and obey. Or…watch the video.SQ; WEF GENOCIDE UNDERWAY WANT TO ACCELERATE HUMAN EXTINCTION 

As More And More Young People Are Murdered By The Vax, A Massive Public Revolt Is Now Urgently Needed! Of All The COVID Insanity, This Action From Our Government Is The Most Senseless:SQ;IT’S GENOCIDE, MAKES PERFECT SENSE ! 

First Pastor to Defy COVID-19 Lockdowns Wins in Court

FDA town hall meeting where the vaccine injured got to speak. Very powerful. Around the 7 minute mark Nada employee speaks

Biden: “We Need More Money To Plan For The Second Pandemic. There’s Going To Be Another Pandemic.”
Eighty percent of those DYING from “covid” in Canada are fully jabbed

Fauci Under Fire over Millions in ‘Royalties’ Payments Received from Big Pharma for Covid Vaccines 

Study: Incurable prion disease linked to covid jabs New research out of France has determined that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)’vaccines’ trigger an incurable and fatal prion condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).SQ:AKA KURU!


An Office Manager From Florida And A Gates-Funded Professor Are Censoring Studies Linking Mask Usage To Increased Deaths. Yet Another Dubious Fact Check. But This One Is Even Weirder Than The Last.

++From: felix  Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2022 11:04 AM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Martial Law Worldwide The Illuminati Puppets sold us to Their god SATAN https://youtu.be/0-gspAVcjxI Hey Scott don’t know if you heard this 10 minute video before.

++From: Craig Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 12:45 AM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Youtube is going to close my channel – vaccine strikes – medical misinformation–Youtube keeps giving me medical misinformation strikes, but they never tell me what the misinformation is… go figure.   I think they are going to take my channel down.   So I thought I would share it with you in case you want to watch some of the videos.  God Bless  ABC CHRISTIAN 5 – YouTube
++From: Evie Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2022 11:53 PM To: Dr Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: LAWYER WARNS OF WHAT’S COMING Hi dr johnson, This came out in May 2022 but it’s pretty powerful. It will be interesting to see if the things they talk about are going to come to pass. But it sure seems likely. https://www.bitchute.com/video/cMYn0Lzc8qSv/

++From: Larry Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2022 1:21 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Hello Brother Scott,

I hope you are doing well. I recently moved to northern Virginia and wanted to see if it was possible to connect with listeners in the area. Would you please consider adding this to your next newsletter? My email is: wiseasserpents@live.com Thank you for your consideration. Larry

++ From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Friday, June 17, 2022 11:19 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Contact Us at Contendingfortruth.com -NAME Will SUBJECT Dream YOUR MESSAGE Dr Johnson, I’ve always been somewhat reserved about sharing my dreams with people because I don’t want anyone to think I’m making predictions or prophecies, but I had a dream last night that I feel like I have to share with someone. I was at Walmart for some reason when immediately the store was full of translucent horsemen with serpent tails and they were hurling fire and brimstone at people, turning them into ash and smoke. I was terrified. I wrapped my arms around one of the pillars, sat on the floor, and started praying. A voice told me “fear not, these are not sent to destroy you, but those who follow the beast”. Even with that, I know that without the blood of Christ I deserve death. I woke up and my heart was pounding and I immediately started beginning for forgiveness for everything I could think of. I was in bed shaking for the next hour. This is the second time in my life that I’ve dreamed about this particular judgement, and both times had me cowering in the fetal position. I’m only telling you this because people need to understand that all those times throughout the Bible where people encounter angels… Those reactions are being understated. Falling on your face and begging, questioning whether or not you’re dead, it really was beyond anything words can describe. People do not want to be found lacking when they stand before God.

++From: Patricia Sent: Monday, June 6, 2022 1:38 AM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com> Subject: My aunt is refusing to move out of Polk County… I am worried she will not find a home in her price range… and something more sinister. Hi Scott, There is a four alarm housing and rental crisis going on in Florida.  Yes, I know it is all over, but Florida is leading the pack it seems. What is going on in Florida is CRAZY.  The prices these houses are going for is insane.  The increases these people are having to pay in rent is insane.  I have periodically spent time online looking into real estate in Florida, in Polk County because of her situation.  So over the last few years I have spent time looking at real estate in that part of Florida.  Just a few years ago (as in just before Covid).  I could find loads of houses that were humble but quite livable for say 70,000 or so.  (I was offended by her situation because I knew there were many houses she could move to if she would humble herself and move.  I mean, I am not talking about ghettos here, I would live in these houses and in these neighborhoods.  Now there is NOTHING….   They are now selling houses that will need to be totally gutted, as in currently uninhabitable, in Polk County (Lakeland\ Winter Haven) for 130,000, 150,000  or more.  I mean it’s INSANE.  Grossly overpriced houses are on the market one day and are sold. The video below is good, but what is more important is the comments below the video.  The numbers of people, people who should be solidly middle class, and are homeless and living out of the car or whatever is unbelievable, the number of people who are about to lose it all is unbelievable.

I hate to say this but when I realized there were large numbers of people moving to Florida, I got the awful feeling like that is the way it is meant to be.  They were escaping California or whatever and running straight to their judgement.  I feel like that is what is going on but I pray I am wrong. I think I am going to start praying for all believers to leave that place or at least pray for them because there IS an exodus from Florida of people who are moving because they can’t afford it anymore. Homelessness in Florida becoming a middle-class problem – YouTube

Scott Johnson’s Response: I agree and that is why I put this link out in a recent newsletter. This confirms what you are saying: ++ FYI Insane Important Info: This Is a Housing Crisis

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Sunday, June 5, 2022 10:26 AM SUBJECT Thank you Scott Johnson YOUR MESSAGE I’m a long time listener and i just want to thank you for all you do to expose what’s really going on in the world. These evil globalist devils are gonna be sorry when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.. I praise His Holy name,

I thank the Lord for going to the cross and for paying for all of our sins by his death burial and resurrection.. Satan was defeated 2,000 years ago, and he is just a loser who is on death rowe. God is in control and always has been. People don’t realize that Hell is very Real! The message of Christ needs to be heard More than Ever.. This is an emergency, people’s souls are in danger and need to wake up.. God bless you Scott Johnson and i will make a donation as soon as i can.

Thank you for all you do  I pray for angels protection for you Scott Johnson..

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-27-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 27, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Covid jabs linked to surge in “demonic possessions,” religious leaders say
  • Regarding The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade–Top Headlines
  • How Sell Out, Satanic Gatekeeper, Fake Christian Justice John Roberts lost control of the Roe vs. Wade Narrative… The chief justice had zero support for his “lukewarm” middle of the road effort which would NOT of overturned Roe v. Wade!!!
  • Roe being overturned does NOT end abortion! Praise God Roe v Wade is overturned! However, the fight is NOT over, states nationwide will make exceptions for abortion!
  • As Demon Possessed Abortion Activists Rage & Riot Over Roe v Wade Being Overturned–Baby Killing Supporters In The MSM And Politics Continue To Lie By Calling Abortion ‘Reproductive Health’
  • Left-wing states form BABY MURDER ALLIANCE, will become “abortion tourism” hubs for coordinated mass murder of human babies
  • Sodomite Pervert “Pride” parades march on around the USA with new urgency…—Nightmare Bombshell: Children Paraded With Naked Men Through Streets of Seattle — The Child Molesters Are Out of the Closet!
  • Bible Verses Regarding Defending & Protection of the Innocent & Children
  • CPS & Foster Care Whistleblower Exposes Horror: It’s Real, Child Sex Trafficking, Torture, Abuse, Murder
  • “Good Guy” John Walsh Connected to Child Trafficking!–Working With The Police, Foster Care and CPS! America’s Most Wanted Host Perpetrating Child Abduction Related: Meghan Walsh Discusses John Walsh, Adam Walsh and Child Protection
  • Children Saved By Sex-Abused Addict: Victims Of Satanic Abuse Saved By Warrior Brides Ministry

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-27-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-27-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 27, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Eliana Brooks is a 15-year survivor of Child Sex Trafficking and she tells her horrific story & How CPS and Foster Care Are a Vital Part of This Satanic System
  • Demolition of supply chains is pre-civil war SABOTAGE to shape the battlefield for domestic WARFARE against We the People
  • Diesel engine oil OUTAGE ALERT – Unless Something Radically Changes The Entire National Supply of Diesel Engine Oil Will Be WIPED OUT in 4 – 8 weeks until 2023!! EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH: Diesel engine oil additive manufacturers that have declared Force Majeure or experienced disrupted operations in 2022–Is this another planned genocide of our economy and food and everything else.
  • Government Issued Starvation: Grain Shortages, Farms Going Up In Flames
  • ‘We’re Barely Making It’: Furious Farmer Goes Viral Explaining Why Food Prices ‘Are Going To Go Up’: US farmer sentiment plummeted in May – as producers have become anxious about their farm’s financial health. 
  • On a ranch in the southwest of the state of Kansas alone, more than 3,000 cattle suddenly fell dead last weekend. According to the farmers, there is no plausible explanation for this mass extinction Cases like this are accumulating in the USA. 
  • Mass CATTLE deaths send shockwaves through food supply as speculation rises: Are they being poisoned on purpose?
  • Another Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames, The 97th Suspicious Event Since Start of 2021
  • You do not need the expensive survival food get rice, beans and canned goods
  • STOCKS, BONDS, CRYPTO and REAL ESTATE: The whole house of cards is coming down
  • Top Headlines On The US Economy
  • They’re Pulling The Plug!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-27-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-13-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 13, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • A Listener Writes: THIS IS TRULY DISTURBING. AI robots preaching sermons and transforming religions in near futureGod and robots: Will AI transform religion?
  • Google places an engineer on leave after claiming its AI is sentient
  • The White House has recently said that sex change surgeries for children are “life saving” and threatened that the Department of Justice will hold states “accountable” for allegedly violating the Constitution by banning the wicked procedures! 
  • EVIL: “Pride in the Park” LGBTQ event aimed at grooming children & The Satanic Temple will be performing “unBaptisms” in the deep-red state of Idaho!
  • Bible Study–Hey All You Satanists, Luciferians, Pagans, LGBTQ Child Molesters/Groomers!! Your Destination in Hellfire Draws Nigh!!!!!
  • Hey Pastors: It’s Time to Choose Your 501c3 or God! If Jesus were alive today, He would be unafraid to stand against all the evil getting worse by the day and He would preach the truth!
  • The Lord’s Protection, Deliverance & the Biblical Remedy for Fear

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-13-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-13-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 13, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Young, Healthy People Dropping Dead At Alarming Rate–Sudden vaccines deaths are now so common they’ve assigned a SYNDROME name for it: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)
  • BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation
  • X-Files revelation on what’s going on–Predictive Programming–The X-Files tells you exactly what they are doing with the Covid kill shots and so much more!
  • CRISPR Experiment Goes Wrong And Turns Fluffy Hamsters Into “Mutant Rage Monsters”
  • The autism epidemic has more sinister roots than you could EVER imagine–Cerebral Organoids in Vaccines Cause Autism–Study Proves Intentional Gene Deletion– Ariyana Love Being Targeted by the Deep State!
  • WEF Says Smartphone Tech Will Be Incorporated Into Your Body
  • Airpods Are Frying Brains Even On Standby!! Then Add In WIFI, Bluetooth, Smartphone and 5G Radiation!!
  • Listener Comment: Many are complaining of having tooth problems as of late seems everywhere I turn… See the research on 5G & microwave pulse energy…it radiates the bones and rots your teeth right out of your jaw…
  • Natural Help For Cavities – Toothaches – Root Canals – Loose Teeth – Gum Issues – General Tooth Health – Oil Pulling & The Supplements To Take For Your Teeth and Bones

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-13-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-6-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 6, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: The Black Hebrew Israelites & the GOCC (The Gathering of Christ Church )– Plus Scott Johnson’s Warning and Another Listeners Reply
  • Black Hebrew Israelites Exposed
  • Black Hebrew Israelite Preacher says Jesus Christ was a Black Man
  • At Least 40,000 “Christian” Denominations Worldwide!!! Denominations are Unbiblical and Spoken Against in the New Testament!!!
  • LGBT indoctrination of children causing HALF of UK teen patients to tell psychologists they’re “trans”
  • Biden to Pull Meal Funding From Schools Not Compliant With Pro-Trans Policies!
  • “Satanic Fruit”: RELATED: ‘Skirt-Wearing,’ ‘Gender-Fluid’ Teen Found Guilty of Loudoun County High School Bathroom Rape
  • Listener Comment: Health Praise Report After Doing Deliverance
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-6-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-6-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 6, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • UN/EU Public Documents CONFIRM that a Secret World Government Agency Is SPRAYING Planet’s Atmosphere With Life-Killing Biocides as Part of a Terraforming Project Designed to Kill all Life on Earth—Jesus Said In John 10:10: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”
  • Top Headlines
  • BOMBSHELL: Top Research Scientist Exposes How Vaccines Are Used To Implant Cancer Viruses For Depopulation
  • Bill Gates assembling a wicked 3,000-person vaccine propaganda team to push more LIES and disinformation about vaccines being “safe and
  • Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing AIDS / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Staged False Flag Shootings, Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living
  • SHOCKING! MILLIONS Died (and Dying) From The Gene Editing Covid Kill Shot! – The Numbers They DON’T Want You To See!
  • Bluetooth Covid Vaxxed Challenge At Public Restaurant
  • Nanotech in the Shots Found Re-Assembling Themselves in the Blood by Scientists Under a Microscope
  • Previously Reported: Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in  COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​With Bluetooth Applications–Graphene Oxide Wireless Network: C-O-V-I-D Bio-weapon Shots Contain Wireless Nanosensor–Some Vaxxed Giving off a Unique Bluetooth Signal!–Here’s Proof the Covid Injections Were Designed to Track the Vaccinated (Video)
  • Not just another tracking device: Hand-implanted MICROCHIP includes ANTENNA used for tracking payments, people and possibly nanoparticles from COVID-19 injections

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 6-6-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-4-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | June 4, 2022

Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

2Ti 3:7  Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

++Arm Teachers and Harden Our Schools>>Anti-gun Left using TX tragedy to cower pro-gun Republicans <<Action Alert Read More

REPORT: National Registry Proven 100% Real <<Action Alert

Traitor Trudeau to freeze all handgun sales in Canada in latest act of WAR against citizens

Congress’ Supplement Sucker Punch A buried provision in Congress’ latest supplement broadside gives the FDA everything it wants to take away the supplements you rely on. Action Alert!

Feds Coming for Your B-Vitamins B vitamins are essential to life, but Congress could be following in Europe’s footsteps in placing outrageous restrictions on these and other vitamins. Action Alert!  

Legislative Update: Supplement Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse A bad supplement policy is moving forward on multiple fronts now. This is the biggest threat to supplements in over a decade. Action Alert!

How a new proposal will replace the supplements you rely on with standardized, low-quality, one-size-fits all products. Action Alert!

Devil Durbin: Don’t Take Our Sunshine Away! The “sunny” days of Americans being able to regenerate health with vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be over. Action Alert!

“Re-Education Camps” for Doctors? Efforts are increasing to silence doctors who stray too far from the dictates of conventional medicine. Action Alerts!

Glutathione D-Day: June 8 The FDA is once again threatening personalized medicines, this time glutathione, a crucial antioxidant. Action Alert!

Legislative Update: FDA Mandatory Supplement Listing It’s crunch time for natural health and supplement supporters to let Congress know where we stand on mandatory FDA product registration for supplements. Action Alert!


++The Rutherford Institute is challenging attempts by a Texas school district to prohibit its employees from publicly criticizing the school or its policies.

These 20 States Threaten Legal Action Over the Ministry of Truth

THE PLAN – WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics documentary

Feds Conducting ‘MAJOR RADIOLOGICAL INCIDENT’ Drill—What Are They Prepping For and Why Now?

DOCTORS and SURGEONS murder far more Americans than all the mass shooters combined: Hospital homicide, organ harvesting, mutilations and more

School Board Director Holding “Queer Night” For Children “0-18” In Downtown Sex Shop » Sons of Liberty Media

TRANZ Barbie–Mattel hell

++Post-Christian Europe Attempting To Shut Down Free Speech–Pastor John Sherwood was preaching on the street on the biblical definition of marriage from Genesis 1:27-28. Someone in the audience was offended and called the police. Read more…

Stanford University says harvesting blood/organ# of children to achieve immortality

Radon The Silent Killer – Heres what you Need to Know!

Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Future

Baby Formula Shortage Connected To Gates: Bill Heavily Invested into Lab-Produced Breast Milk

Infant formula shipped to US border to feed illegals while America’s infants go hungry… welcome to Biden’s America

Learn to make your own infant formula that’s far healthier than store-bought processed formula


Iran: Digital Food Rationing Rolls Out Using Biometric IDs Amid Food Riots



Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH

McDonald’s adds freebies, tarot card readings for Mercury retrograde

Meet the world’s foremost sodomite collector of Ouija boards & HIS “Husband”

JAB ‘EM YOUNG: FDA approves Pfizer’s booster vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 without consulting vaccine advisory panel

Remdesivir ‘Disastrous’ as COVID Treatment, But Government Pays Hospitals to Use It

Former NASA chief scientist: Humans will make contact with aliens soon

A long time Listener: Noah V Malgeri Speaking at Calvary Chapel Red Rock Summerlin Las Vegas, Nevada

Noah Malgeri | for Congress

Steven Ben-Nun / Israeli News Live EXPOSED! Steve Says The KJV Bible A Lie–Not The Word Of GOD?

++—–Original Message—–From: Jason Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 11:09 AMTo: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: End Time Genetic Stew | L.A. Marzulli https://youtu.be/Rv_NY9W1puY Hello Scott, I want to thank you for your time spent, as a brother in The Lord, to warn and dissect these current events. I found you a couple years ago maybe and always look forward to your commentary on these last days “elephants in the room”.

Thank you so very much, and look forward to meeting you in heaven!!

Just figured I would send you this link it’s a fairly short talk from LA Marzulli from just the other day. I agree with you 1000% when you say That you can glean from people without endorsing them!! That’s where I stand with LA. He does have great info, and is surely playing a huge role in disclosure. He was one of the first people I heard speak on the “alien agenda” years and years ago as well as Bill schnoeblin.

Anyways I’m sure you get a lot of mail, don’t mean to spam your inbox, but I want you to know that there are so many of us who are blood bought born again Christians who have had our discernment blown off the charts with this rollout of genetic alteration shots, and are looking for others to talk about these issues!! So a huge thank you and encouragement from me to you to keep pressing on brother, what The Lord has called you to do is edifying and encouraging many others in this day and hour!! Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!!=

++From: P Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 9:51 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Employer surveillance…. Something to be considered….Hi Scott, I have been thinking about employer surveillance of employees lately.  The last two jobs I had in Virginia did this very aggressively and you had to be VERY CAREFUL with anything you posted on social media.  I know of multiple people who were fired.  I personally know people who were counseled about posting on their social media.  (I mean the post was made on the weekend and the counselling was done early in the week.  One person had to be counseled more than one time.)

What I went through at my last job with the harassment and threats over Covid and the George Orwell 1984 big brother monitoring was over the top.  It is why I was pretty quiet about all of that during that whole time, I was just living through it.  (I mean I did not share the half of it.  I was on the wildest ride, getting the most aggressive harassment.  On some level I was not talking about it that much because I think I was somehow or other worried about my email being hacked, even though I thought at the time that was an extreme thing to think, but it was in the back of my mind.

I have thought about my totally unjust, totally nonsensical, crazy firing a bit, now that I am not under the gun, and this is a bit behind me.  It occurred to me, I have no social media, the employer was so big brother, I mean it was creepy the number of times my boss was talking about someone’s private social media, that I wondered if they decided to hack my e-mail, my personal e-mail mind you, and read it.

I mean, I don’t know.  I know that is an extreme thing to say, but honestly the way I was fired makes no sense, my boss did not want to fire me.  (It later came out that she spent two weeks digging her heels in refusing to do this and finally the HR person in charge of firing me got on a conference call with my director and me and the HR person was the one who delivered the message.)  I agree our government is doing this but I wonder if we are to the point where this is going on with employers to this degree.  (Mind you I have not used my work e-mail in a personal capacity.  We are talking about my personal e-mail which of course they have as a way of communicating with me.

I do not have any company phone or computer for them to monitor, so they would be hacking my personal e-mail IF this occurred.

I was thinking your listeners need to be reminded that these people probably are reading their social media posts at the least and could be hacking other very private things like their personal e-mail and their phones..

I mean social media was a bee in my previous boss’s bonet.  She REGULARLY told us not to do certain things because the company would find out and she would have to discipline us.  When there were restrictions from moving from state to state due to Covid, she told us DON’T VIOLATE THE POLICY AS THEY WILL FIND OUT. We were told point blank when there was a town meeting in FR, about the Covid vaccine,  she told us don’t go to that meeting.  They will know who is there and they will fire you for it. I mean you get the picture.

Below is a short video about the griefs of working from home and big brother surveillance.

Secret Employee Tracking Software & Bosses Forcing Workers To Keep Their Webcam On – YouTube

++From: Leslie Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 1:21 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.comSubject: You have known so much since 2006! 2009 !!! wow! blown away

Scott Johnson’s Reply: Thank you! It (meaning the underpinnings for this ministry) all started when I read this book and got saved back in the early part of 1994. It laid the foundation for this ministry I am in today: https://www.amazon.com/Route-Global-Occupation-Gary-Kah/dp/0910311978 <<Looks like they have used copies for less than 2.00.

++From: Adam Cartner Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 7:11 AM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject:…Also wanted to share a sermon with you that I preached here recently.  I’m not usually one to stand in front of a pulpit and share message but the Lord led me to do it. https://youtu.be/TtqC98eKt5M Lord bless you!

++From: glillyjr@… Sent: Saturday, May 7, 2022 5:03 PM Subject: Free Gospel Tracts–Hey Bro. Scott, I wanted to share with you this ministry that prints free KJV tracts and ships them for free as well. The website is below: http://www.fellowshiptractleague.org/ Also to order the ones that give the true Gospel (the tracts that do not say “Let Jesus into your heart”), here is a video that highlights the right ones to order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THu1Xx2g0gA

++From: Patricia H Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2022 4:09 PM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: On the subject of Neighbor’s taking your preps by force…I’m Coming To Your House When SHTF – Can You Trust Anyone? – YouTube

Several good points.  First off you have probably endangered your family by talking to others about this.  Pray about this now. Second off, when you say no to family and neighbors, expect them to return with back up, including the police, to force you to give them your preps. I watched several videos on this topic.  I spent time reading the comments.  Almost everyone in the comments is guilty of running their mouths about prepping and “warning” others to prep and discussing their own preps.  The sheer number of commenters who have had people tell them I am coming to your house is just unbelievable. My personal experience is this.  Most Christian just can not fathom just how evil most people really are and how they are going to totally come of the rails when they have been without food and water a few days.

BTW some of the commenters in some of the videos had little and teen children that were kept in the dark about the parents prepping.  (I have no idea how they did this…)  This was because the young people would accidentally disclose the fact that the parents were prepping.  (One teen knew all about the preps, and had given away A FULL YEARS WORTH of preps to her coworkers at Walmart “because her parents had so much” and her coworkers at Walmart were struggling..  BTW the parents were not strong enough to throw this young lady (18 years old) out of the house because of her treachery, even though the parents were devastated at the loss of a years sacrifices and work.)

Anyway, I know you have covered this before but there were some subtilties I had not considered before.  I sadly realized now most people who have worked hard and prepped are going to have all of that taken from them because of loose lips, treacherous family members and treacherous neighbors.  This became very real to me today for some reason, in a way it has not been before.

This was probably in another video, but there was only one commenter who responded that they realized this was what was going to go down and they moved in secret, cut of all times from old frenemies and family (the family member told them flat out they were coming to their house if thigs got bad) and set up several states away, changed all their contact information, and never informed anyone where they were going…  (I don’t know… it is something to pray about.  In this day and age, with big brother knowing everything about you, I don’t know how that would work, but once again it is something to pray about.) Thanks, Pat

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-30-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 30, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Hymn: “With Christ My Savior and My God” Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!!
  • Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED SATANIC STAND DOWN operation to Allow Maximum Carnage of Children to Enact Gun Confiscation In America– law enforcement saved their own children while parents trying to save their children were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed — Mother trying to save children at Uvalde was handcuffed by federal marshals — COWARD COPS!!! ALL had rifles slung over shoulders, just pushing parents back instead of killing the killer! It only took an hour or two for the Swamp rats to begin calling for gun control after the Texas shooting happened!
  • Biblical Resistance to Tyranny–Bible Verses Regarding Defending & Protection of your Family, the Innocent & Children
  • Meanwhile, a woman with pistol stopped a mass shooting in Charleston, WV – I wonder why the MSM didn’t cover this story?
  • Vice President & High Witchcraft Priestess Kamala Harris Calls For ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ — Says They Have ‘No Place in Civil Society’
  • They Are Coming For The Guns: Get Ready
  • Crime Rates Plummet After Law Required Firearms for Residents in Kennesaw, GA–25 years murder-free in ‘Gun Town USA’
  • Excellent Sermon: God and Guns
  • Pastor John Weaver–Sermon: The Biblical Doctrine of Self-Defense
  • Know When to Draw Your Sword
  • End Time Preparedness/Prepper Mega Study–Part 2 September 23rd, 2012 by Dr. Scott Johnson | Table of Contents:…Biblical Resistance to Tyranny…
  • Listener Comment: Alex Jones says that God came down as an Avatar in Jesus Christ & Infowars is Now Promoting the Blasphemous, New Ager, Zeitgeist Promoting Jordan Maxwell Who Says Jesus is Lucifer!!!! You will see this is yet one more reason to read the King James Bible
  • Scott Johnsons Teachings: Zeitgeist Movie Rebuttal to Its Attack on Jesus Christ & Movie ‘Zeitgeist Addendum’ Exposed
  • Emergency Broadcast!! New York Times & WAPO (Washington Post) Reports Biden Preparing Plans for Martial Law

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-30-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-30-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 30, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Praise the Lord! Biden’s Satanic Amendments Defeated at the WHO Treaty Meeting
  • Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board” declared unconstitutional by FCC
  • The Chinese Are Buying Up Land And Medical Marijuana Growing Licenses in Oklahoma For Human Trafficking Front Businesses
  • Global reset fully underway as 90% of central banks push for digital DBDC currency that governments can control
  • CRYPTO CARNAGE and market mayhem foreshadowing the “mother of all collapses” to comemarket mayhem leading Crypto speculators to commit SUICIDE!!!
  • See Scott Johnson’s teachings on CBDC’s (and how this ties into Blockchain, Crypto Currency and the Cashless System Satan Needs to Implement the Mark of the Beast System at: http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?s=CBDC & http://www.contendingfortruth.com/?s=Crypto%20Currency
  • No cash or cards allowed!!!: Major supermarkets In Brazil set to accept only BIOMETRICS payment more trials in Asia and the Middle East are planned – with a view to a global rollout later in 2022!!!<<Resist this evil!!
  • Current Insane Headlines & Proactive Actions
  • Here We Go Again: Biden Administration Buys Millions of Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine After Case is Confirmed in Massachusetts
  • Rare Monkeypox Virus Arrives, Just as Gates and WHO ‘Predicted’ – Vaccines ‘Miraculously’ Ready – RAIR
  • Monkeypox Outbreak Good For Fauci: Fauci Has “Vaccine” Ready For Outbreak
  • Doctor Exposes the True Dangers of Monkeypox Amid Mass Pandemic Hysteria

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-30-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-16-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 17, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Psalm 77—When Your Discouraged Remember all the Good Things the Lord has Done
  • Supreme Court Reportedly Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade–Let States Protect Babies From Abortion
  • What is Despicable about ROE is that All the Governments of Men Obeyed SCOTUS for 49 Years while the Preborn were Savagely Butchered
  • Witchcraft, The Great Invocation and The World Economic Forum
  • The Great Invocation: Praying for the Arrival of the Antichrist
  • LUCIS TRUST, Maitreya & The Great Invocation
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-15-21-Part 2—The masses are Begging for the Antichrist to Show Up Now! Will Maitreya Answer the Satanic Call & Appear Soon? Who is Maitreya AKA Devil Betraya? What is the Great Invocation? What is the Day of Declaration?
  • Maitreya’s Day of Declaration Description Straight From his UN Sponsored Website
  • Together Elevate LUCIS TRUST
  • ExecutiveOrder10 – Kandiss Taylor

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-16-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-16-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 17, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Elon Musk Says He’s ‘Ok’ With Ending Up In Hell, Claims ‘The Vast Majority Of All Humans Ever Born Will Be There’
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla covers travel costs for workers seeking abortions
  • Pretend Rebel Billionaire Elon Musk Twitter DIGITAL ID Agenda
  • Elon Musk Is Evil
  • It Begins! First Human Trials Start for Brain Computer Interface That Translates Brain Activity
  • DIESELGEDDON – America’s diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, leading to HALTING of food, fertilizer, coal and energy

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-16-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-7-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 7, 2022

Pro 4:14 Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.

Pro 12:12 The wicked desireth the net of evil men: but the root of the righteous yieldeth fruit.

Pro 24:1 Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.

Pro 24:19 Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked;

Pro 28:5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.



Supreme Court Reportedly Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Let States Protect Babies From Abortion

26 states where abortions will likely be outlawed

Governors respond… North Carolina Pro-Baby Murderer Governor Roy Cooper: “Now more than ever, governors and state legislatures must stand up for women’s healthcare. We know the stakes and must stand firm to protect a woman’s choice and access to medical care,” said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat <<Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ judge and remove this vessel of Satan

Abortion extremists target pregnancy centers in reaction to leaked Supreme Court draft regarding Roe

Former Abortion Doctor Who Performed 1,200 Abortions Left Congress Speechless In Description Of Second Trimester Dismemberment Of Baby (Video) » Sons of Liberty Media

Wicked Clothing company Levi’s promises to help employees get out-of-state abortions

++ Prayer Alert!!: EMERGENCY GLOBAL GOV’T ALERT: Threat to national sovereignty set to go down May 22-28 at WHO World Health Assembly–World Health Organization Is Preparing Vote To Strip The US (And 194 Other Nations) Of Their Sovereignty To Give Them TOTAL CONTROL Of The World

++ Supplement Bombshell Coming Senator Durbin’s (D-IL) supplement regulation threatening 41,000 supplements is moving forward, and on multiple fronts. We must respond immediately. Urgent Action Alert!

++ATF just officially dropped its disastrous final rule, which will regulate certain gun parts kits and eventually add 100% of gun purchases since August 2002 into its nearly billion-record gun registry. Thankfully, we have allies on Capitol Hill who are willing to fight back – but they need your help! Action Alert


++ FYI Insane Important Info: This Is a Housing Crisis

Food Bank Demand Soars (Again) As Inflation Crushes Working-Poor

And the Hits Against the American Food Supply System Keep On Coming

Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, Fish, Pigs Euthanized; Crops Not Planted

US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull before firing almost every worker;The culling has been repeated at chicken and turkey farms across Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah.SQ;”FEATHER-WARFARE AS ‘AGRI TERROR INCREASES’! 

You Need to Be Thinking NOW About Bartering

++Everyone Should Watch This: How to Get Out of a Sinking Car!.. HOW TO ESCAPE and SURVIVE

Main Stream News: Thousands of double jabbed over 50s have died from COVID in the last 4 weeks

Moderna is Coming For Your Babies: Big Pharma Seeks FDA Approval For kids 6mo-4yrs


VAERS Database Hijacked: Vaccine Data Tracker Compromised, Adverse Events Deleted

What Pfizer, J&J COVID Vaccine Animal Trials Reveal About Shots’ Potential Impact on Major Organs

COVID vaccines: Purging pro-life Christians from the U.S. military

New Witch Hunt to Strip Honest Doctors of Their Licenses

CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders

New Study confirming COVID Vaccine causes Severe Autoimmune-Hepatitis is published days after W.H.O issued ‘Global Alert’ about new Severe Hepatitis among Children

Famous Soccer Player Matt Le Tissier – On the Record Regarding The Covid Kill Shot and Scamdemic

Kavanaugh, Barrett reject appeal of Airman who refuses COVID shot–Trump appointees again side with court’s left flank in vaccine-mandate case

KILLING THE YOUNG: Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z experience record 84% excess mortality in fall of 2021, after vaccine mandates were rolled out

Rhode Island: Mandatory Vax or Pay Double Your Income Tax — And Other Dystopian Global News of the Week

China kidnapping toddlers, beating pets to death

Shanghai’s mass “quarantine” (concentration) camps have no showers; lights stay on 24 hours

Police in Shanghai are destroying the grown vegetables of local residents. Lockdown, shortage of food … yeah, this makes sense

++From: Debra <dg…@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2022 12:44 AM To: Scott Johnson drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: Nanotech in the Shots Found Re-Assembling Themselves in the Blood by Scientists Under a Microscope–Dear Dr. Johnson, I pray this message finds you and Taylor well. Below is an article and a video showing the vaccine nanobots reassembling themselves into more complex machines once in people’s blood. The video also shows footage of two 8-month-old “hybrid” babies climbing a refrigerator and another one climbing over a fence. I also included a second video from the same people discussing the bluetooth MAC addresses being emitted by the vaccinated people. At the beginning of the video, they show footage of this and state that when they tried to connect their device to these people’s MAC addresses, it asked them for a password to connect!  Which obviously means that the wicked psychopaths who created this technology also possess these passwords and undoubtedly at some point will connect into these people’s MAC addresses and will be able to control them remotely. God bless, Debbie https://lifeoftheblood.com/nanotech-in-the-shots/   &   THE GREAT CULLING IS UPON US — HOPE & TIVON

++From: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 5:07 PM To: ‘AA rick@..Subject: What Is Long COVID (PASC)? Rick: See the link below, but my take is this is happening primarily in those that contracted Covid, but were in a poor nutritional status prior to, during and after getting Covid; and as a result they never had the tools to properly battle it. For example many asked me why they could not get their taste or smell back after contracting Covid, and when I asked them about it, they were not taking zinc. Zinc plays a huge role in taste and smell (and your immune system) and Covid appears to deplete it (and many other immune system based vitamins and minerals) massively and quickly. So if you are not supplementing with zinc (or eating foods rich in zinc) they tend to have longer lasting loss (or aberrations) of taste and smell. This is why from the beginning I was heavily emphasizing the importance of supplementation; so hopefully even if you were exposed to Covid, you would never get sick. See the attachment for my most updated document on this subject where I lay all this out and what supplements I recommend; many we have had you on. Great hearing from you and God bless! Scott https://www.webmd.com/lung/what-is-long-covid-pasc#1

The People Behind DHS’s Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board”

The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network

Company Says 1st Stage of U.S. GMO Mosquito Project a “Success” despite Results NOT Being Independently Confirmed or Peer-reviewed

++ The U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a lower court ruling that allows police to warrantlessly track people’s location and movements through their personal cell phones, despite longstanding Fourth Amendment’s prohibitions against warrantless searches and seizures and growing concerns about the government’s massive surveillance networks.

Netflix Collapsing as World Rejects Woke Programming


++A bill passed by the Tennessee legislature to deter homelessness could put all citizens at risk of jail, police searches and a $3,000 fine for sleeping or camping outside in a public place.

NEW Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control – coreysdigs.com

Walgreens in Disney area-Florida machines with “swipe” ready to go

Move over, Nimrod: Amazon gets green light for its ‘Tower of Babel’ HQ

Illinois school district hosts “Satan” club for elementary students after hours in response to “horrific” Christian “indoctrination”

North Carolina parents outraged over school’s ‘Satan Club’ | Fox News

Elementary Students Using VR Goggles “funded through the district’s education foundation” Despite Health Risks

Oregon’s ‘Menstrual Dignity Act’ requires schools to place feminine products in boys’ bathrooms

++Did you know about this ? On Sat, Apr 30, 2022, at 2:24 PM, Cristina wrote: https://youtu.be/47TZ9MHI1qg 

++From: Giic Llc Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2022 4:56 AM To: scott johnson  Subject: Re: Ever hear of OUR: Operation Underground Railroad with Tim Ballard

I found this investigative reporter who is claiming Tim and the OUR non profit is holding over 30 million in funds. Shows up to fundraisers in a helicopter and does not do these rescue operations like they say they do. 

Here is a link to a long interview with an investigative reporter named Lynn Packer.


& https://gritdaily.com/operation-underground-railroad-tim-ballard/

++From: Mark Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2022 12:17 PM Subject: Sunlight Breakdown for the Human Body

Hello Dr. Johnson, I saw this YouTube from MedCram – 11:20 time mark. 

The Vitamin D Paradox in COVID-19 and Why It Predicts But Doesn’t Always Protect

This Dr. talked about all of the benefits of natural sunlight benefits and how LED bulbs don’t produce the added benefits of UV and near IR radiation.  You have talked about this for years.  

Points I took from this video:

LED bulbs mainly produce visible light

Modern glass windows blocks everything but visible light

Old incandescent bulbs give us a lot of IR light in the past

Most doctors don’t want us to get out in the sunlight but just take a pill.  Also, put on a thick layer of sun screen.

The data shows that the Lord Jesus filled his creation with invisible things that often are the most valuable.  It reminds me of what the Bible states in Romans 8:28 KJV. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9eEyWlbToI4

++ From: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Sent: Friday, April 15, 2022 5:07 PM To: ‘saint…@comcast.net’ Subject: Yes I have reported and exposed the star of David/hexagram:

The HEXagram, the Mark of the Beast & the Hebrew Roots Connection-Part 1  By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 23, 2007

The HEXagram & the Mark of the Beast & the Hebrew Roots Connection-Part 2

Also I am no fan of Scofield either, but what I sent you (Regarding Chuck Baldwin) has nothing to do with that and it pertains to things he openly proclaims and admits to.

Proverbs 18:13:  “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”

I covered Chuck Baldwin’s teachings/beliefs here:

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-24-21-Part 1 By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 25, 2021

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-24-21-Part 2

See the attachment regarding Texe Marrs. I got saved in 1994 (been in ministry for about 17 years) and have been aware (and at one time a fan of both Texe Marrs and Chuck Baldwin) but I have researched their belief systems and what I found was extremely alarming. Also “Sincerity” is no benchmark of truth. There are thousands of cults out there that are very “sincere” in their own hearts, and all on the way to hell.

Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25: “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Proverbs 28:26:  “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.”
Jeremiah 17: 9 &10: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?  I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.    

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-2-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 2, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made–Fetal-Maternal Microchimerism
  • For pregnancy–The supplements that are essential for your baby
  • Prayer Alert!!–EMERGENCY GLOBAL GOV’T ALERT: Threat to national sovereignty set to go down May 22-28 at WHO World Health Assembly–World Health Organization Is Preparing Vote To Strip The US (And 194 Other Nations) Of Their Sovereignty To Give Them TOTAL CONTROL Of The World
  • CLAIM: Covid vaccines installed Marburg “payloads” in human victims – 5G broadcast signal will activate the bioweapon unleashing the next raging pandemic—Why has there been so much predictive programming about the coming zombie apocalypse by Hellywood & our governments?
  • Previously Covered–DOCTOR’s Findings: Marburg, Aids, Ebola & the C-O-V-I-D Vaxx–Intentional Infection Underway–Breaking J&J vaxx!!! These shots are deleting your genes that repair your damaged DNA!!!! Inducing an AIDS/HIV like condition and that is just a little what is covered here
  • MARBURG VIRUS DISEASE Natural Recommended Protocol
  • Video Shows Full Remote Control Over Nervous System Via Brain Implant – Klaus Shwab Predicts Such Control Over Humanity

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-2-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-2-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | May 2, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Beta Testing For the Rest of the World–Nigeria Blocks 73 MILLION Smart Phones For No Digital ID
  • Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian ‘Social Credit System’ to ‘Conserve Resources’– First of its Kind in the EU – Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded for ‘Good Behavior’
  • Demonic “Creature-Like Thing” Exits Jab Victim: 32 Year Old Bioweapon Jab Victim Coughs up Horror
  • After Getting the Covid Shot 769 Athletes Collapsed This Year During Competitions!!! And that is just what we know of!
  • Nothing to See Here: 43,898 Dead 4,190,493 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions<<And this is only a small fraction of the real death and injury numbers!!!
  • Covid SCAMdemic Kill Shot Headlines
  • FDA Exec on camera reveals Future COVID Policy “Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible”
  • The Covid / Snake Venom Subject Discussed
  • Discussion on Venom Papers-natural enzymes in body
  • Snake Venom and COVID-19 – by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA
  • The Problem With Bad Research–Commenting on Dr. Bryan Ardis’ interview with Stew Peters
  • Examining The Words Fortune and Luck and the Pagan Deities Associated with Them + Plus What About Fortune Cookies, Divination and Astrology

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-2-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-25-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 26, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Comment Regarding My Information on Easter Says: I mean this with all respect but EVEN IF what you are saying is true, why would it be a bad thing to take an old pagan practice and transform it into a Christian reality?
  • Drag Queen Shows at Lutheran Church + Bible Study
  • Virtually all the prominent Covid ‘truther’ doctors are connected to the Occult “Seven Rays” – “The Academy of Divine Knowledge” & New Ager Sasha Stone who is united with the UN & so much more! Members Include: Christ Hating Godless David Icke – Del Big Tree – Dr. Judy Mikovits – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Carrie Madej – Sherri Tenpenny, MICHAEL JACO – DR. LARRY PALEVSKY – DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP – SEAN STONE – Dr David Martin – Dr Andrew Wakefield & many More– All placed by the UN to make our transition to the NEW NORMAL / New World Order more comfortable?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-25-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-25-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 26, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-25-21-Part 1 By Scott Johnson …General Michael Flynn Prays to Archangel Michael & Invokes Luciferian Madame Helena Blavatsky’s & Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “Seven Rays” (Which Are Linked to the Ascended Masters) at “Pastor” Hank Kunneman’s Religious Event
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-6-21-Part 1 By Scott Johnson …Exposed Again: General Michael Flynn, former national security adviser in the Trump administration, recently said the United States should have a single religion!–But Flynn was simply revealing the next step in The Great Reset / New World Order—Plus Scott Johnson’s’ Recent Teachings Exposing Gen. Flynn & the Entity he Prays to Known as Archangel Michael…This is how the high level new age movement views the imposter: Archangel Michael
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-11-21-Part 2 By Scott Johnson…MUST See – Dr Tenpenny – Dr Madej – Dr Buttar – Del Bigtree – Robert David Steele – G. Edward Griffin – Robert Kennedy Jr. & many others are compromised!! All (either knowingly or unknowingly) part of controlled opposition
  • Many Prominent Truther Doctors Connected to Guru, New Ager, Occultist Sasha Stone
  • Black Swan Event? Staged Rail Delays of Fertilizer Will Drive Up Food Prices by Shrinking Harvests
  • USDA: 69% of total U.S. winter wheat production currently in drought zones… sharp decline in yields right around the corner–Most of the Great Plains except for eastern Oklahoma is seeing record drought conditions
  • Multiple Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants in US Have Recently Exploded or Burned Down
  • Pattern of fires striking food facilities across the USA suggests ARSON TEAMS are burning down America’s food production infrastructure
  • The Coming American Famine of 2022
  • Expanding Megadrought Leaves Western US Residents Scrambling for Water
  • Plan To Replace World Constitutions WHO Pandemic Treaty for Force Vaccination
  • HHS Secretary confirms covid vaccines are killing BLACKS AND LATINOS
    “at about two times the rate of white Americans” … ethnic cleansing via VAX?
  • 1000% Increase in Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA Vaccine for 5 to 11 Year Olds
  • FDA Springs Into Action Over 100 Reports Of ‘Lucky Charms’ Cereal Poisoning, But What About The One Million Plus Reports Of Adverse Vaccine Reactions?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-25-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-18-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 18, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Easter/Ishtar: Paganism Repackaged–& Is it Good Thursday or Good Friday?–By Scott Johnson  
  • Pentagon releases 1,500 pages of secret documents about shadowy UFO program UFO occurrences such as “apparent abduction” and “unaccounted for pregnancy”!
  • FROM BEYOND–Alien first contact ‘could destroy religion and spark global chaos’–Plus a Bible Study
  • NO JOKE: NASA Hires Priests To Help Prepare Humanity For Alien Contact In Center Of Theological Inquiry Program At Princeton University–NASA is hiring 24 priests and theologians in its program at the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton to prepare humanity for ET contact + Plus Bible Study
  • Vatican Easing Humanity Toward Alien Disclosure?-Part 1 Says Aliens Can be Saved!!! + Bible Study & the Blasphemous Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation Exposed
  • The Hybrid Aliens Among Us & Have they Infiltrated the Government of the World?
  • ‘Surprised and Concerned’: Poison Control Issues Nationwide ‘Toxic’ Warning About Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Tests – Kit Includes Poisonous ‘Liquid Substance’ Used Commonly in ‘Pest Control’ – 
  • Will weaponized H5N1 be the next human pandemic? There is an untold story involving Bird Flu, gain of function research, the Gates foundation, and Ukrainian biolabs — and it is time to tell it. Heads Up! 3% of all egg-laying chickens have died or been killed and nearly 20 million birds in total dead in the US due to the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Something the CDC failed to mention in their report avian influenza has crossed over to humans in other parts of the world recently.
  • Former CDC Director Says: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic – C-19 was just practice!!
  • People are now consuming a credit card’s worth of microplastics every week from tainted food supply; gut composition being drastically altered
  • Invive Silver Testimony
  • Probiotics/Flora Dr. Johnson Carries:
  • Scott Johnson’s Comment: Here is the recent audio presentation I did where I went over my whole product line and what each product is helpful for: 12-18-21: Health/Exercise & Supplements Update–Audio With PDF’s
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-18-22

Click Here To Play The Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-15-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 15, 2022

Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…

Proverbs 17:15: “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.”

Psalm 94:16&20: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?…Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?”

Pro 8:13: The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

America’s Grand Jury: The People Vs. Anthony Fauci – CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio

Bombshell!: Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney

Disney Adds Same-Sex Kiss to Prequel to Popular ‘Toy Story’ Children’s Movie Series

5,500 children are on NHS waiting list to change sex

‘Sexy Summer Camp’ Led By Witches Teaches Children How To Enjoy SILENT CRY Intercourse As Part Of Their Training To Become Prostitutes

Oklahoma lawmakers pass one of the nation’s toughest anti-abortion laws

Lindale Becomes Latest Texas ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ as Abortion Bans Spread

Biden Pays Farms to STOP – EU Out of Feed – Meat Taxes & Chicken Permits – Up to You to GROW FOOD!

Donald Trump bought and paid for by the Worlds Billionaires

WATER WARNING: Municipal water systems may be distribution vector for pandemic toxins

The Global Fertilizer Shortage Means That Far Less Food Will Be Grown All Over The Planet In 2022

Worst Megadrought In 1,200 Years Is About to Cause ‘Unprecedented’ Water Crises In America

Prepare for Big Global Famine! World Powers Stage Events to Control Entire Population

Government says “bird flu” responsible for rising egg prices

Homeless lady gives money to stranger

Double vaxxed mothers giving birth to “black eyed” babies – what have they done to their DNA?

Are black eyed babies Gates’ Humans 2.0 – after parents vaxxed?

Netflix’s Show Sweet Tooth—Predictive Programming—A New Satanic Era! All New Babies Born As Hybrids Due To A Pandemic

Slow Acting Lethal Poison In ‘Vaccinated’ People – Dr. Ben Marble With Maria Zeee [VIDEO]


41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100%

Compilation of Vax Victims–This is an hour-long compilation from BitChute of people’s reactions and experiences post-vax

FOIA Request Unearths that Pfizer Planned to Hire 1,800 Employees to Deal with Reporting on Adverse Effects from COVID Vaccine

Nightmare Scenario: The “Spilling Out” of Marburg and Ebola From Within Nanoparticles–Attorney Todd Callender: “[When] lipid nanoparticles react to that particular [18 GHz] frequency, it causes them to swell, [which] causes them to spill out the contents… The lipid nanoparticles contain pathogenic chimeric bugs, [for] lack of a better word, some of which are Marburg, E. coli hybrids, some of which are Ebola, and staphylococcus and various others.” @Covid19vaccinevictims

Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT

Depleted – That “Dirty” Secret About Your Food WATCH VIDEO

++ “Dumbphone” Sales Soaring As People Revolt Against “Overwhelming” Smartphones

++ How root canals lead to a diseased body and what you can do to about it

++ National Alerts  Action Alert: GOA Fighting Biden’s Attempt to Expand the Gun Registry

++ TAKE ACTION and tell the Senate not to confirm ANY ATF NOMINEE who opposes your right to keep and bear arms.

++ Feds Approve the Poison, Threaten the Cure Federal policies both make us sick and threaten our ability detoxify with NAC-all while industry lines its pockets. ACTION ALERT!

++ Biden’s Budget Proposal: Implications for Natural Health Insights from ANH’s Legislative Team on the threat to supplements in the President’s budget. Action Alert!

++ Biden’s Supplement “Hit List” Explained The President has asked Congress to give the FDA the money and authority it needs to get the supplement “hit list” it wants. Action Alert!

++ Supplements Next to Cigarettes Behind Counters? Bad supplement bills in Rhode Island, New York, California, Missouri, and Massachusetts that would severely restrict supplement access show where other states could be heading. Action Alert!

++ The Red Meat Witch-Hunt Exposed

++ FDA clears GMO CRISPR cattle for meat production

++ Dangerous chemicals found in food wrappers at major fast-food restaurants and grocery chains, report says

++ Insatiable? Study Finds “cell phone radiation increases food consumption” and “could be a potential contributing factor to overeating”

Crypto Currency Blockchain Exposed

++What Happens To Cash? Satan walking us into a trap–Bitcoin was built by the NSA!!! Countries Race to Set New ‘CBDC’ Digital Currency and Track EVERYTHING! Q: Once central banks can track every penny, guess what? A: They will track every penny Governments will know where every penny is coming from and going to and tax everything. They will sell this scheme as a necessity to combat drugs, tax evasion, and a necessity for fairness. Once in place, if governments ever decide people are “hoarding” money, they will consider putting time limits on it to force people to spend it.

Play: https://youtu.be/J82rflmlaOA

++You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Digital CBDC Can Be Turned Off Like A Light Switch

Play Mute 3:13-3:15: https://youtu.be/RSyyGTjtH1M

++—–Original Message—–From: KELVIN Sent: Saturday, April 9, 2022 4:54 PM Subject: Abortion Outrage!!! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CcI3RZpF6ZR/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 1 By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2009–My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences – 2 parts09/13/2009In this teaching we will be discussing my testimony and many of the supernatural experiences I have had since being saved, and the power of the name of Jesus Christ & His Word has over the forces of darkness

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 2


End Time Current Events–9-13-16 – Part 1 By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 14, 2016–Table of Contents: Jasmin the Black Eyed Witch & Her Coven Death Threats Scott Johnson If He Doesn’t Shut Down ContendingForTruth.com

++From: jiic <jiic@protonmail.com> Sent: Friday, April 8, 2022 3:01 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Jonathan with Draconian update from Tonga & Ukrainian campaign update

Hi Scott, I wanted to give you a Tongan, Draconian, utter nonsense update.
So I just found out (news article attached) that over 300 people got arrested and fined for not following Satan’s orders so well (non mask wearing, keeping proper “Social distancing” & breaching curfew.
Snitched on by town officers and neighbors, this coming from a so called Christian nation , it literally disgusts me.
We have been in full lockdowns for the past 3 weeks, food shelves are going bare, business’s being destroyed ( our business now is in the red, havent made a profit for the last 4 weeks or so, that’s coming from over a million dollar turnover from yearly 2020 sales to this)
All by design & what’s most disgusting is that all this “aid” supposedly coming in for disaster relief from the alphabet agencies (IMF, WB , UN, etc…) for the Staged Volcano event & ” Covid” is being squandered by government not disbursing to the people.
I had to permenatly close & move out of one of my shops as they have had this Location closed down ever since “V” Day (aka Volcano blowing up day, Jan 15th) because the Death Department said its to much foot traffic making it to risky to open up do to Covid.
Now Here is an actual link to there “aid” they are “giving”. Its almost to comical to even discuss.
” Covid 19 Compliance: Occupational Safety & Health Funding Support ”
So they will give 1000 top ($435usd) for big businesses & 500 top ($217usd) for small businesses to “to provide the necessary protection for workers, customers, clients and visitors to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their workplace.”
This is one of there questions:
“How will you use the funding to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your business?
These are the boxes you can choose:
*  Face covering (eg. mask for workers, signage advising customers)
* Physical distancing of 1.5m – 2m and capacity limits.
* Hand hygiene (eg. hand sanitizers, disinfectants, handwashing facilities)
* Vaccination (eg. transportation for staff to get vaccinated, security to check customers are vaccinated)
* COVID-19 Protocols and TESTING (eg. develop a process in getting staff tested, process when staff should stay at home)
* Record-Keeping (eg. develop a sign in system for customers, develop a database for staff vaccination)
* Other:
…Just look at this for yourself: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7Dq0rxvvKiAVmuBsZgBSK3tAtAMe81KHLGQGaDp3zLkyq4Q/formResponse
I’m not surprised and are well prepared for all of this but mostly just disgusted. The best way forward is to work full on in becoming self sufficient, which is what we are doing.
Now i would like to give you a quick update with the Ukrainian war and funding campaign.
So were getting first hand reports of terrible things happening.
Main one we are working with now is getting help to children that have been raped from evacuated towns( Bucha, Iripin, Vorzel, etc…) This goes beyond evil. My wife has a trustworthly psychologist friend she is sending funds to for her to distribute towards these children’s families directly (mostly food) & to try & purchase token gifts that equate to love for these children. Here is the campaign link again, which we are updating weekly on the site:
Ok Scott, Take care my friend. Jonathan

++From: Leslie O Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2022 2:00 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Just listened to your three hour teaching on Psalm 64.

Thank you so much Scott. It is a humbling and beautiful audio and I am truly blessed by this.

Thank you for all you do !!! Amazing also that in 2007 you mentioned forced vaccinations & concentrations camps…

your teachings are blessed. Your bible studies are awesome!!! Gives peace!

++From: Keith Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2022 11:44 AMTo: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Watch “This Will Make You Think Differently About Catholicism…” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/ZesJt_8JBIg A nice reminder that it was the 2nd commandment that was deleted and the 10th that was split…

++From: David R Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2022 2:41 AM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Thank You Dr Scott. I sure hope one day I get to spend some time with you in the kingdom of heaven. If it wasn’t for coming across your podcast I don’t know where I would be today but I can almost guarantee i wouldn’t be where I am I believe sincerely God uses you to reach to people i Pray for your ministry and you as a person. God Bless you and what you do.

++—–Original Message—–From: Virginia Sent: Friday, April 1, 2022 12:43 AM–Subject: Vax vs. Unvaxxed care – Personal account–Hi Scott, Ya gotta hear this…he told them he was vaxxed at first and got totally different treatment: fear-mongering, threats, lies…coughing up blood and collapsed lungs three times, chronic kidney disease after Remdesivir… unbelievable https://brandnewtube.com/watch/shocking-man-survives-remdesivir-forced-to-live-with-kidney-failure-for-being-unvaxxed_AROLsWLCw6RMizo.html

++—–Original Message—–From: Evie Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2022 10:58 PM To: Dr Scott Johnson Subject: WORTH YOUR TIME TO VIEW. Reiner Fuellmich Exposes Massive Military Deaths | EU–Hi brother Johnson, This is worth your time to review. Talk about a power punch in summary form of the realities we face!  Unbelievable how the enemy has covered EVERY base to pull this take down off. I hope it blesses you and your listeners. Include the link in your pdf. God bless! Evie https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2022/03/reiner-fuellmich-exposes-massive-military-deaths-2685209.html

++Should I “Accept Cookies” on websites!

++Something for food gardeners to start considering if you not already

++Your action can help support and protect health choices in your state. The states listed below have active legislation that affects your vaccination rights and your access to naturopathic doctors. Click your state below to send a message to your legislators to support vaccine choice and enhance access to naturopathic doctors!

Protect Vaccine Choice in Your State!














New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina




South Carolina




Support Naturopathic Licensure in Your State




New York

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-11-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Military Deployed In Some National Parks? Americans Ritualistically Killed in US National Parks? Are the Giants/Nephilim Getting Ready to Make their Big Debut?
  • Super Charged ‘Do it Yourself’ Anointing Oil
  • Sick Wicked Child Molester Supporter/Enabler Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court by the Evil Senate!!!
  • Child Molesters Are Employed By and Overrun Disney!! The Dark Side Of Disney
  • Bombshell!: “Why Was Ghislaine Maxwell Doing Fundraisers For Disney in 1985!? Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney
  • Keep Them Docile With Drugs & Video Games

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-11-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-11-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Economist at World Government Summit says new financial world order about to shift in dramatic new direction–The NWO Financial Reset Being Discussed At “World Government Summit 2022”
  • Russia-Ukraine War To Trigger New World Order: BlackRock CEO
  • The Incoming Tyranny of CBDC’s–which are related to cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Previous report–What Happens To Cash? Satan walking us into a trap–Bitcoin was built by the NSA!!! Countries Race to Set New ‘CBDC’ Digital Currency and Track EVERYTHING!
  • This Is What Satan Intends to Bring Everywhere: Chinese Residents forced to have QR code vax passports scanned Generations of indoctrination comes to this: People lining up, ON THEIR KNEES!!!, waiting for Chinese stormtroopers TO scan their movement licenses/QR code vaccine passports!!! In China to NOT do the daily mandatory Covid devil test is a criminal offence!!!
  • Chinese Children being taken from their parents under China’s Zero Covid crackdown as Satanic Communist regime (under the lying narrative of eradicating the Covid-19 virus)
  • Terrifying Morbidity Increases Since COVID VAX Introduced–All Vax’d to be DEAD by 2025?
  • Covid Kill Shot Drastically Affecting Breast Milk and So Much More–Critical thinking with Dr. Tenpenny and Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Northrup, Dr. Merrill
  • Australia Senator Confirms: COVID Vax Contains Nanotechnology; self-assembling inside PEOPLE–Calls it “Genocide”
  • The Preplanned Lentivirus AIDS Apocalypse Of the Covid Vaxxed Is Coming
  • Is your 501c3 church getting paid by the government to convince the flock to get the covid gene editing kill shot? Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse is, among many others!!! And how much are these corrupt churches being paid by the government? They reportedly are selling their souls to get $10 for each person-to-person outreach!!. 
  • Hey Franklin Graham: Do you still think Jesus Christ would advocate taking he Covid kill shot!!?? 22,000% Increase in Deaths following COVID Vaccines for Adults Over 50 as FDA Authorizes 2nd Booster for this Age Group
  • French Lawyer arrested for Treason after helping Reiner Fuellmich prove World Leaders have committed Crimes Against Humanity in the name of Covid-19 – The Expose
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-11-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-28-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 29, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Must Listen–The Latest Colossal Lies From the Disclosure Movement!! Get Ready as the ‘Strong Delusion’ is Just Getting Cranked up!! Space Arks and the Arriving Alien ET Seeders
  • Beyond Insane: Hellywood Predicts This Exact Deception In Last Scene of the Movie “Mission to Mars”:
  • What Does the Old Testament Hebrew Bible Term Elohim Mean?
  • Indigo & Star Children Exposed!-Parts 1-3-By Dr. Scott Johnson | April 27, 2008
  • Bible Verses About Atheists & Evolution
  • The Miracle of Water/Ice
  • Book–Darwin’s Universe: Survival for Nothing
  • Don’t Trust Carbon Dating and Other Dating Methods–How Old IS That Fossil?
  • World Renown Scientist’s Computer Proves Noah’s Flood

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-28-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-28-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 29, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Vessel of Satan and Serial Child Molester Joe Biden says: “There’s Going To Be A New World Order, And America Has To Lead It”
  • Current NWO “Order out of Chaos” Headlines
  • Gas rationing, food vouchers and hunger are now being normalized for the war phase of the plandemic
  • A WORD FOR ALL PASTORS TO IMPLEMENT NOW! It was then 22 years ago that I knew America would suffer famine! A Time to Act: A Report of the USDA National Commission on Small Farms
  • Shocking Numbers Show That The Middle Class In The U.S. Is Being Systematically Destroyed
  • Beta Testing for the Rest of the World–Shock As Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Declares Martial Law, Seizes Control Of All Media And Outlaws All Political Opposition To His Own Party
  • Female Ukrainian Refugees Encounter Swedish Multicultural Islamic Satanic Diversity
  • Prager U, TheBlaze, and many prominent “conservative” commentators have just crossed a line few could have imagined, and are now Full Woke! Plus Bible Study On the LGBTQ Movement
  • BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Selective Service System Tweets “In the event of a (Military) Draft . . .” Preparing for WW3? Gov’t Tells “Conscientious Objectors” To Register Now to Avoid Fighting After They’re Drafted
  • Who Is One of the Main Men Leading the COVID-19 / Great Reset Agenda? Yuval Noah Harari Who Proclaims: “History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods”
  • Young Shares New COVID Vaccine & Blood Findings–Self-Assembly with Pulsed RFs
  • On Twitter: “What in the actual H***??? Dr Ryan Cole shows what he pulled out of an individual who bowed down at the altar of Big Pharma
  • Shocking! Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Poisoning of Pure Bloods
  • A proven 1100% increase in U.S. military deaths since the Covid Kill Shot! US LAWYER SPEAKS OUT
  • Action Alert–They Are Trying To Ban NAC! Feds Approve the Poison, Threaten the Cure
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-28-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-23-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 23, 2022

Pro 8:11-13 & 17: For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. I wisdom dwell with prudence…The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate…I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

As Americans Go Broke Paying for Gas, Congress Quietly Increased Their Pay by a Whopping 21 Percent

Global Radiation Report: DefCon 3 – Current LevelThe Top 12 current Gamma Radiation readings in the US.

Trans Man Abomination Lia Thomas’s competitors in emotional turmoil: NCAA All-American swimmer One comment reads: “This totally disgusting and these universities should be ashamed of themselves. Women athletes need to band together and boycott the NCAA! If you don’t who will, and it will only get worse. As a former coach, this disgust’s and anger’s me and is so unfair!” Comedian Adam Carolla simply noted with a graphic on Twitter how Thomas went from a national ranking of 462 in men’s swimming to becoming number 1 in the women’s category. pic.twitter.com/v1idZdnqMo

Barcoding Nature: The Largest Global Land Grab in Human History

++The fight to protect our Second Amendment rights never stops, but that’s because the enemies of freedom also never stop. Democrats and Republicans have been pushing to stuff gun control in big and popular bills, such as the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA), for years. Part of their strategy was putting something unpopular, like gun control, into something which is difficult to vote against.  Like a law called the Violence Against Women Act.

So far, Gun Owners of America has been successful at defeating the gun grabbers at every turn. But just recently, the anti-gun politicians have pulled perhaps their dirtiest trick yet. Contact your Representative and Senators and demand they put a stop to this!

++Insider Info: Next Six Months Critical for SupplementsThe next six months are critical to halting a terrible policy that would restrict your supplement access. ANH-USA and other stakeholders have been working hard on Capitol Hill to make sure Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) does not get his “mandatory filing” requirement for supplements passed into law. This proposal would require all supplement products to register and be listed with the FDA – and to update that registration with any tiny change to the product’s formulation or edits to the product’s label or marketing. The next six months are a critical period: if Sen. Durbin and his allies don’t push the policy forward by that time, it likely won’t happen during this session of Congress. To stop this supplement-restricting policy, we must keep up the pressure on Congress. ACTION ALERT

Protect Access to Dietary Supplements!  California    Massachusetts   Missouri   New York   Rhode Island

Pro-Life Movement Gets Big Win – Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Abortion Providers

With the Impending Cyber Attack Upon US Banks, Americans Need to Know How to Withdraw Their Cash Without Going to Prison

Parents’ Efforts Around the Country Starting to Pay Off!


Shocking! US Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Poisoning of Pure Bloods

In New York, 26.9% of Medicare-Aged Patients Who Received Fauci’s 5-Day Remdesivir Protocol Died

The Lies of Pfizer: The Billion Dollar Cash Payment from Biden to Media

BOMBSHELL: Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells

VACCINE WARNING: mRNA spike proteins linked to infertility in next generation via engineered “ovarian failure”

Killer Covid Nurses: We Stayed For The Paycheck

Pfizer, FDA Hid Data Showing Clinical Trials Failed, Says Former BlackRock Advisor

Pharmaceutical giant Gilead spent $259 million bribing doctors and hospitals to push deadly drugs on patients




Rick Wiles Censors Truth and Aids Genocide Operation

TruNews Can’t Handle the Truth


++ From: Giic Llc <giicllc@gmail.com> Sent: Monday, March 21, 2022 3:02 PMTo: scott johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>Subject: Quick update on Ukrainian Fundraising Campaign Hi Scott, March 22nd here.Our net has gotten terrible,  but we are managing to run campaign  with help of my boys in the states…So far as of now 10 transfers of money has gotten thru to the families. This has helped well over 55 people to put food on the table and to stock up, but it seems like a race against time as grocery store shelves are going bare( also to note the US$ has lost 3.% in the last 7days of transfers,  which relates to minus 447 Hrevna, which my wife said can buy food for a day for 3-4 people). We had one family buy a large pig to roast, then canned it for rationing for a later date, as shelves are bare and this family went to the grocers saw meat for 150Hrevna, the next day that same meat cost 750Hrevna, so were seeing massive inflation on food.

Fuel in Kiev is gone, I mean there are people waiting in lines for days, praying for a delivery and if it comes it’s gone within minutes…One family got away from direct bombing under Kiev and is now up in Western Ukraine deep in the mountains staying at a neighbor of a friends tool shed. They were initially invited to come and stay with there friend, but upon arrival this friends home was packed with extended family members running from bombed areas of Ukraine, he described all the Homes in this very remote village as packed to the gills with extended family members and friends.

Knee deep snow, not proper clothes, broken shoes and no food to be had. People are trying to find any work at all, anything, but nothing is available. On top of that all bank accounts are frozen. This money to them via Western  union was a God send & that is exactly what I keep referring people back to. 

I tell them all of good of what we have is from the Grace of God. I respond with my wife translating all back to God and the only way thru is HIS Son. I site many scriptures & am getting families to read there bibles. Other families are coming back with this really wacky alien agenda garbage, so you are definitely onto something in your reports of this nature…. You can look at particular detailed updates of these families on the campaign link: https://givesendgo.com/G2VUS?utm_source=sharelink&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=G2VUSGod bless you and really appreciate your work…Jonathan 

++In our latest 4-minute video, Pastor Matt discusses how the nature of man is the reason that any form of government – including a representative constitutional republic – can be corrupted.

++On Thu, Mar 17, 2022 at 8:21 AM, Fishermen wrote: Re: SB669 Praise the Lord the senate committee meeting was canceled. https://www.lifenews.com/2022/03/14/sponsor-of-maryland-bill-that-legalizes-infanticide-up-to-28-days-cancels-hearing I don’t know if we are out of the woods yet but I’m watching this closely. I’m signed up for written testimony if this comes back.  I watched the House committee hearing and the debate. Some solid delegates and proponents for life testified, but it made me sick to hear the wicked speech of those for this bill (HB1171 was the house version along with another). Thank you for bringing this to the prayers and attention of your listeners Scott! God bless!–Mike T

++From: Carol Subject: $10 Rocket Stove Build Your Own- Emergency Preparedness Cooking – YouTube-You may have this covered already? This may be helpful for your listeners. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJpHxA8IcEU

++From: glillyjr@ Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 9:35 AM Subject: The TV series The Chosen Exposed



++From: David R <David…@gmail.com> Sent: Friday, March 18, 2022 9:20 PM To: Scott Johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: I just want to let you know Dr Scott that you have truly impacted my life tremendously and I personally bealive God used you to reach me in some of my darkest points. God Bless you and your ministry. 

++From: Todd S [mailto:tsc…@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 1:48 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Re: Request for  recent price list Dr. Johnson…We pray for you and your daughter nearly every day.  The Lord has used you to change my worldview for the past 15+ years.  The products and protocols we have from you have helped our family more than you know.  What a blessing you have been to us! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!! Todd 

++To: contendingfortruth@fastmail.fm Subject: There’s a new message in your inbox Date: Monday, March 21, 2022 5:47, “Dr. Scott Johnson” suzanne s wrote: Thanks as always for this precious ministry.  You remain in my prayers and I believe God will continue to expand your field of influence. The truth is becoming a rarity, but God will see to it that those whose truth rests in Him will have His miraculous intervention in their protection, provision, and ministry.

++From: Leslie Sent: Monday, March 21, 2022 2:00 PM To: drjohnson@ix.netcom.com Subject: thank u Finished part 2; yikes!!! Now listening to  your transhumanism audio from 2018…you knew exactly what was coming but I have to tell you, Scott, that when I heard the part about Sophia the Robot asking for money and you saying she sounds like a televangelist (Joel Olsteen) I laughed so hard !  I am still cracking up; you are hilarious!  THANK YOU FOR YOURENDLESS RESEARCH & YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!

++What Does the Bible Have to Say About the Skyrocking End Times Food Prices–Preparation Regarding the End-times

Rev 6:5 ¶ And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 

Rev 6:6   And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure(1) of wheat for a penny(2), and three measures(1) of barley for a penny(2); and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 

Strong’s G5518 – choinix 1) a choenix, a dry measure, containing two setarii (less than a quart) (or as much as would support a man of moderate appetite for a day)

Strong’s G1220 – dēnarion 2) A Roman silver coin in NT time called the denarius…It was the principal silver coin of the Roman empire. From the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, it would seem that a denarius was then the ordinary pay for a day’s wages. (Mt. 20:2-13)

If we have wisdom (and are led to do so) we should prepare for this, like God instructed Joseph to do:

If we have wisdom we should prepare for this, like God instructed Joseph to do:

Gen 41:34   Let Pharaoh do [this], and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years. 

Gen 41:35   And let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities. 

Gen 41:36   And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine.

Pro 10:5: He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.

Pro 6:6 ¶ Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: 

Pro 6:7   Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, 

Pro 6:8   Provideth her meat in the summer, [and] gathereth her food in the harvest.  

Pro 22:3 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

1Ti 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Pro 10:2: Treasures of wickedness profit nothing: but righteousness delivereth from death.

Pro 10:3: The LORD will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish: but he casteth away the substance of the wicked.

Pro 22:9 He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.

Pro 28:27 He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-21-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 21, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment on Church Covid Garbage & Where To Go to Get Baptized
  • Kandahar Giant Cover-up Debate: Did the US Military Kill a Real Giant in an Afghanistan Cave?
  • Lying Signs and Wonders? UFOs Help Ukrainians in War as an Answer to Prayer?
  • Do Not Trust These “Ministries’ or Documentaries as They are From the SDA / Seventh Day Adventist Cult
  • SDA / Seventh Day Adventist Cult Sabbath Keepers Refuted
  • Sabbath vs. Sunday Worship-Parts 1&2 By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 16, 2007
  • The most potent blasphemy of SDA Founder Ellen G. White Regarding the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-1-21-Part 2–…Warning Regarding Seventh Day Adventist SDA Walter Veith – Even though we are NOT even in the tribulation many are teaching: The Deadly Wound of the Antichrist has been (or will shortly be) Healed??!! & Is the image of the beast forming?

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-21-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 21, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • The World’s Oceans Regulate The Amount Of C02 And Carbon Automatically–Global Warming, Climate Change Is A Scam
  • Ukraine silently implemented the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app! 
  • 10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset
  • BEWARE More Tyranny Incoming With Joe Biden’s New ‘COVID Czar’ A Freedom-Hating Despot Who’s Pushing Mandatory Vax Passports For Americans To Simply Live Our Everyday Lives – The Demolition Of ‘The Old World Order’ To Usher In ‘The Tyrannical New One’ Is In Full Gallop
  • DEPOPULATION: Covid “Vaccines” Projected to KILL TEN TIMES the Number of HOLOCAUST VICTIMS in 2022 ALONE, Analysis: “Vax” Death Rate FAR HIGHER Than Previously Reported; Biden Regime PAYING Doctors to PUSH “Vaccines”
  • Millions of people fully vaccinated for COVID are now suffering from excruciating illnesses
  • Wall Street analyst: COVID vaccines ‘greatest fraud in history’–CDC data shows an insane rise in deaths among Millennials over the past year
  • Covid Kill Shot Headlines
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-14-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • No This is Not a Misprint!: Maryland Senate Bill 669 Legalizes Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth!!! Maryland Prepare for God’s Fury!!!!!
  • ‘This codifies what Satan wants’: Maryland legislator blasts abortion bill
  • Organization Endorsed by Democratic Party Promotes Sexual Assault of Babies
  • Satan’s Final War Plan || The Great Deception
  • Pro-Child Molestor Groups Assault Reporter In Downtown Austin, Texas
  • The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie Exposed Again—Aliens Are not Our Creators They are the Return of the Nephilim That Jesus Christ Predicted in Matthew 24:37 & Luke 17:26 Regarding the End Times We are Living In
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: The “Ancient Astronaut” Lie: The Shocking Origin of the “Intelligent Design” Theory
  • Listener Comment: Everything you suspected is true! Here is even more proof, as if you needed it

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-14-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-14-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment About a 2021 Movie That Describes Alien Disclosure Happening the Same Time Russia and Ukraine Are At War
  • Will This Be How Disclosure Happens? Supposed Space Ark In Ukraine Now Controlled by Russia?
  • Insane World Headlines!
  • The First Casualty Of War Is The Truth
  • Listener Comment:  I wanted to give you a quick update in what we know of the horrible situation in Ukraine + Ways to Donate to Help
  • Listener Comment: Updated News & Warnings from Refugees crossing borders in Romania, Poland & Moldavia
  • CRYPTO FEVER: Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing The Creation Of A Digital Dollar As World Continues Moving Closer To A Cashless Society
  • Secretary of Transportation Degenerate Sodomite Devil Pete Buttigieg Rolls Out Plan To Cover America With ‘Red Light’ Surveillance Cameras Connected To The Metaverse
  • US Digital Passport Alert
  • Breaking: Parasite Worm Eggs Found In Covid Vaxx Vials: German Doctors Report Hatching Eggs In Vaxx
  • An Annual COVID Kill Shot Vax for Kids?
  • The Pfizer “vaccine” has ONLY 1,291 side effects! <<No this is not a misprint!! This is the clinical data a judge forced the FDA to release … it’s worse than you could possibly imagine—I wonder if this has anything—or everything—to do with the ongoing plague of “sudden deaths” now ravaging humanity worldwide?
  • CONFIRMED! 1 billion dollars in tax payers money secretly given to large media companies to push vaccines and prevent vaccine hesitancy–GENOCIDE AND HUMAN RACE EXTINCTION IS BIG BUSINESS!
  • Listener Comment: Another Invive Covid Testimony
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-14-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-7-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 8, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • It’s Official: American Christianity Is (By and Large) Very Apostate
  • Perpetual Tyranny: Endless Wars Are the Enemy of Freedom
  • Listener Comment: Help Ukrainian Families who are Suffering in War
  • Listener Comment About How Evil GOFUNDME is
  • Russia Invasion – UKRAINE Pastor Shares Inspirational Message
  • Beyond Evil! Ukrainian President Zelensky in Gay Erotica Videos

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-7-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 8, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Will Russia/Ukraine War Bring Us Into the New World Order?
  • Perspective Check: Why Take Sides When it’s All The Same Web? If they Can Keep You In Fear-They Keep You Under Control!
  • Klaus Schwab Confirms Putin is His Puppet President….Is the Ukraine War Another Psy-Op like Covid??? And let us not forget that Klaus Schwab Boasted that Putin is a WEF trained Soros Puppet
  • PROJECT BLUE BEAM—Will the “Aliens” Make Their Big Debut Soon?
  • Breaking & Right on Cue-Deception Alert–Ascended Master Ashtar Says: If They Start Nuclear War… Galactic Federation Of Light Will Appear To Save Planet Earth!!
  • Slain in the Spirit and Ashtar In the “Christian” Churches!!—Who is Ashtar?
  • Real Life “They Live” Moment Caught On Camera At United Nations? US Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the UN Security Council Shapeshifting?
  • The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed
  • A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-7-22-Part 3

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 8, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Dr. Viviane Brunet on black-eyed babies of vaccinated parents
  • Listener Comment: Time Magazine Cover Shows Human DNA Strands Turning into a Serpent and Talks about how Genetic Engineering will Change Us
  • Will The Covid Vaxxed Become Mind Control Slaves?
  • Johns Hopkins University Confirms You Can Be Vaccinated with a PCR Swab Test Without Knowing It!
  • Listener Comment: ‘Do Not Vaccinate’ Bracelets
  • America is a Hospital
  • Civil Rights Attorney Absolutely Obliterates Narratives, ‘They Have Declared War On Our Children’
  • Listener Comments: Invive Colloidal Silver Covid Remedy & Information on the Nasal Application of Colloidal silver and Iodine
  • How to go after a internal infection from multiple angles with just Invive silver and iodine
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 3-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 3 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-4-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | March 4, 2022

Psa 11:7: For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Hebrews 13:15: By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

++Shocking study finds covid vaccines REWRITE your DNA… criminal CDC proven to have repeatedly LIED about this very issue to deceive and harm the public

++The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to stop police from using hidden cameras to secretly and warrantlessly record and monitor a person’s activities outside their home over an extended period of time.

++DeSantis Signs State Legislation That Protects Practitioners From Liability For Actions Surrounding CONvid-1984

++Biden trying to ban 40 MILLION guns! The Biden Administration is weaponizing the National Firearms Act of 1934, or NFA, to ban roughly 40,000,000 lawfully acquired pistols. Tentatively, ATF has scheduled Biden’s Pistol Ban for implementation in August of 2022.  That’s why we need you to take action and tell your elected representatives to repeal the NFA restrictions on SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs before Biden abuses them!

++Action Alert: Join The Fight Against Latest Gun-Control Bill! The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that hacks away at our right to self-defense – all in the name of protecting women from violence. I’m asking you to call attention to this thinly-disguised gun control and stop it from passing into law. 

++COVID “Disinformation” Witch Hunt We need to offer protection to doctors who dare to speak about natural and off-patent medicines to help with COVID. ACTION ALERTS!

++The results of the most comprehensive glyphosate testing of food products ever conducted in the U.S. were released by The Detox Project on Tuesday, in a detailed report that shows the true levels of weedkiller contamination in essential foods, sold by some of the top grocery stores in the country.

++Action Alert! The nutrient content of our food is markedly decreasing, in large part due to industrial farming practices and the government policies that support them. We can’t have a healthy population without healthy food, and it is ridiculous that the Department of Agriculture (USDA) is helping Big Ag get rich while the rest of us get sick. The declining nutrient content of our food underscores the need for us to have access to quality supplements, access which is threatened by policies being worked out in Congress right now.

++Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid vaccines cause CATASTROPHIC damage to organs

++The KJV Defended as God’s Preserved Word Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | August 10, 2008

The KJV Defended as God’s Preserved Word-Part 2

The KJV Defended as God’s Preserved Word-Part 3

The KJV Defended as God’s Preserved Word-Part 4

++ jiic <jiic@protonmail.com> Sent: Friday, February 25, 2022 1:21 PM To: drjohnson@ Tonga Updates–Jonathan here. Man I have been trying to get in contact with you but had not net connection until now, and just barely connected…I believe I just sent you my kings letter which sums up alot of what is going on here… I wrote you a whole email but it got lost when trying to save it offline. Let me go over some highlights.

  1. First the Volcano was blown up it was not a natural event, AT ALL!
  2. Weeks before the blast there was weather warfare with strange lightening only around the Volcano coming straight down, like they were tying to light the thing on fire …This was during full sunny days but lightening all around Volcano, I saw this with my own eyes.
  3. Day before blast the sea was doing! this weird toilet bowl flush thing, where water was swirling around, again I had seen this with my own eyes, so they issued a Tsunami warning but never came.
  4. The king left Nukualofa that day, not sure if he was in country or out to another island. Also I got reports that the kings “nobles” ( I can verify they are NOT very noble) left to New Zealand the week before)
  5. The sunset before the blast day, colors were all yellow, like things that should be green were seen as yellow, and red seems as yellow, very strange.
  6. Blast day, 60km from blast zone , 5:15pm there was a rapid succession of mega mega ground shaking explosions all within a minute.
  7. The blasts were extremely loud but the real pain was these shock waves after each blast, all i could do was cover my daughter & hold her ears. Very discombobulating.
  8. Ground shaking from each blast, windows shattering, sorry this was NO DAM VOLCANO.
  9. Huge mushroom cloud of w! hite smoke, just like you see in the nuclear bomb explosions. ! All normal clouds getting sucked into the mushroom cloud. Then from the column of the mushroom you see black rising up high into the sky.

Then the whole sky turns black within 5 minutes. I mean literally it went from day to night within 10 minutes of blast.  Then raining down nickle size pumice and ash for hours on end.

  1. TSUNAMI comes 20 minutes after blast
  2. The same Volcano erupted 5 years ago and formed a whole island, you barely noticed this event, only the ashes on your car windshield and minor ash covered sky for a few hours.
  3. Volcano is gone, cant see any part of island, nothing, nada, zilch, because it was blown up!
  4. Geological web sites showing epicenter was @ 0.0km, not the normal 35km below sea level. That’s because it was some type of super sonic missile/s.
  5. Satelite image right before the blast show a large incoming object going through the clouds, hitting the water then KABOOM! & all hell breaks loose. I knew it was a bomb from the get go, the satelite image just confirmed what I intuitively knew already….

I will send you the satellite image when my net is up properly.

Just to give you an idea of the ash cover, I went to clean up my main shop first, we packed full 24,  25kg bags full of ashes, that was an area of 60ft by 80ft, were talking a huge dump of ashes!

Now onto Operation Omnicron and 5g.

Just days after the blast you have all these military planes flying around Tonga

Then come 6 different military boats. Nzd, Australia, China.

Then the new boogey man comes Omnicron, supposedly coming into the country from the military “help”

But wait a minute all personal were tripled vaxxed before coming to Tonga, but hey who has a working brain in 2022?

Operation Omnicron is born, and the people flock to the vax centers.

2nd dose vaxxers don’t comply anymore, now you need the boosta.

Whole count! ry goes into lockdown, but Satan’s Minions are very kind, you can get y! our shopping done on Tuesday & Friday’s between 6&6, (I am surprised they didnt slip in another 6, ha), but only for the triple vaxxed.  But wait what about those who now want to comply and just get the boosta,  no no no, you have to get the first 2 shots, then the booster, that makes sense huh?

Military check points on all roads, some towns locked down, no one in or out.

There is a Swede family here that is fully into Jesus & not taking the kill shots. This is what they wanted me to get out to the world:

“Please get this out to people outside of Tonga! Our messages don’t get through. We’re not allowed to leave Holonga without a v-card. We can’t access cash, gas, hospital, post office, pharmacy, WU, dentist, maternal care, stores etc. We have 8 children and my wife is pregnant, w 32. A family tried to help us withdraw money using our card. The bank stopped them, said we needed a v-card. Tonga C policy and law is based on old data and need to urgently ! be stopped!  They are breaking our God given/human rights. If we don’t have nutrition our immune systrem will not work properly. All restrictions removed in Denmark and Switzerland, O is mild and gives natural imm. that stops C. The only working radio in Tonga broadcast bad science and old data to defend government policy.


I was able to get them groceries via a vaxxed friend, so they will be good for a couple of weeks.

On another note My good pastor friend who refused the death shots just helped  delivered his wife’s baby at home as they are refused hospital services if they dont have the jabs.

So welcome Christina Victoria to the world!

I got to name her as they wanted to show there gratitude for our friend ship and the help I have given to them over the years.

Christina represents Christ, Victoria represents victory in Christ over Satan’s system, ha just think in 2022 a non registered,non vaxxed, non marked new born bab! y,  Praise God!!

Now onto net. They say because of the Tsunami the cable snapped and cut out our net, but if this was true then how could I be speaking to my boys via net upto 6:30pm, a full 50 minutes after the Tsunami came and went??

What’s at play is just another demonic Hegelian Dialectic after another.

Now I hear Elon Musk is “helping” to bring fast reliable net to Tonga, New towers popping up, welcome to 5g zombie land…

I want to see how I can protect my family and self from incoming 5g radiation, any ideas?

There wont be any towers near my home as we are quite remote.

I myself am quite prepared for all this, no need to go anywhere near town for years to come….

Ok Scott that’s it for now.

Let me know if you want further details Your brother in Christ



On Tue, Mar 1, 2022, 4:03 AM <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

Wow, praise the Lord! Let me know a donation link and I will include that when I talk about this.

I would ask anyone you know in government there if they have access to a Geiger counter.


Aww that is sweet. I just used my PayPal account giicllc@gmail.com & gave them Paanga( local currency) here. 

But I am not personally needing any handouts, I am very well prepared for this. 

What I am scrambling or should I say fast tracking for, is getting the Word of God in me. I started really reading &;studying the Bible for the first time about 10 months ago. I am upto 2Corinthians right now, and wanting to get thru to Revelations before it’s to late!

This was the email from the Swede Family after Patricia donated. They to are preparing to give birth at home without any Hospital assistance. ” Jonathan, Patricia,

Thank you very much for your help and God bless you!

The money will be great to have as we need to prepare a home birth kit, my wife is in week 34 tomorrow. We don’t expect any help from the hospital. She has been sick but is getting better now. Better nutrition(thank you again Jonathan!) and less stress was the medicine.

A short and positive update. On Friday we were able to leave the village, road blocks were gone. While waiting outside of the bank we noticed that the ATM started to work again. I think we were number 2 using it, praise God!

The bank office still require a v-card but if the ATMs work and are not monitored, we can access our money. Another problem for us is that my computer broke and we still don’t have Internet that is useful. I do various Christian apps and receive donations online. It seems like it will take months before Internet is back to normal which will effect my work.


I don’t know why they changed their policy, cases still come in. I’m hoping it’s here to stay but preparing for the worst again. They got a lot of shots to get rid of.

99.64% of their target population(12+) has now been injected. They plan to start “vaccinations” of children 5-12 years old in April. Most Tongans will hand over their children for injection without hesitation. 🙁

I really hope that truth will catch up soon!

Iceland and Switzerland removed ALL restrictions, including restrictions for “unvaxxed” travelers.Please continue to pray for us! John”

From: Giic Llc <giicllc@gmail.com> ent: Monday, February 28, 2022 3:39 AMTo: scott johnson <drjohnson@ix.netcom.com> Subject: Re: Jonathan with a request.My net is still really screwy…

Yes a Geiger counter is what I wanted from day 1. I also wanted to let you know that a Listener of yours Patricia donated 500! To The Swede family & my Pastor friend Solomone. 

How sweet is that?? I am looking forward to your analysis of setting up of ww4,  (Covid has got ww3) Thank you for your ministry…

From: jiic <jiic@protonmail.com> Sent: Friday, February 25, 2022 1:21 PM To: drjohnson@ Subject: Re: Jonathan updating from Tonga

Hi Scott, Yes God is very good & abounds in LOADS of GRACE! ONLY 3 people died! Now you & I both know Tonga is nothing in the worlds eyes, so why here? Possibilities:

  1. First “they” can only be China, Russia, or USA. This is big boy toys…
  2. Using the Volcano as a cover to test there capabilities? Also something to note is the same day this event took place, Korea was firing off there missile tests. I beleive this was just another cover to possibly blame on them if they got exposed. But I can definitely say this was no pencil little missile…
  3. Tonga has no radar, no capabilities to measure radiation, or detect any missile strike, nada, so it’s a very easy target.
  4. Its interesting to note that NZD, Australia & China military are here but not any USA. Not sure if this is significant or not, but can this area be a strategic South Pacific controlled point for WW3?
  5. At first I thought Nuclear bomb and i put my daughter & I on Iodine for 2 weeks, but we both feel fine, so maybe it’s not nuclear but another type of bomb tested?
  6. The unstable earth propaganda, where God gets the blame and pumping out fear to the masses? All this global warming, Carbon tax, Gaia garbage, Must reduce human population to save the gnats off a donkey’s ass kind of thing! Ha. These are just possible reasons, but very plausible….

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-21-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Is World War 3 Imminent? When all else fails they take you to war! Top Headlines  
  • Opinion: Canada Is Falling–America Is In It’s Final Stages! Here Comes the CHICOM Peacekeepers! The Doug and Dave Intel Report
  • Listener Comment: UN Bluehat peacekeepers are here in Canada
  • A Full On ‘Jack Boot Across Your Throat’ Dictatorship Is Now the Norm in Canada–Ottawa Police Chief: Protesters Will Be Hunted Down and Punished Even If They ‘Retreat And Go Home’–Emergency powers invoked to seize the Freedom Convoy’s bank accounts and revoke the protesters’ trucker’s licenses and insurance–They will cancel their truck insurance and freeze all their assets too!!! Brutal Trudeau regime tramples elderly with war horses!
  • Meanwhile the Q Movement says keep smoking the False “HOPEium” as any day Donald Trump is going to come back on his white horse and get rid of all the bad guys and the save us all!! They Keep Saying the White Hats Are In Control–Will NESARA / GESARA be implemented?
  • Disney Cannibalism Horror Movie ‘Fresh’ As Film Company Openly Aligns Itself With Evil
  • Geomagnetic Storm Dooms 40 Starlink Internet Satellites
  • EMF-Emitting Satellites: What You Need to Know
  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink subjected monkeys to ‘extreme suffering’
  • Beagles are the breed of choice in the animal testing industry because, as they say, they are “docile, forgiving, and don’t fight back.” For the very reason so many people love them, they are exploited. We will keep working to end animal testing once and for all!
  • Biden Makes Outrageous Change To Immigration Services
  • WOKEISM goes insane as Biden regime offers FREE CRACK PIPES
    to Black Americans and LGBT, with DOJ supervised heroin injection sites
  • Media pushing “HIV variant” narrative as cover story for vaccine-induced immune system collapse–Plus FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine].  I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.” Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”
  • Watch: BBC Says Covid Vaccine Contains HIV!!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-21-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Trudeau Can Delete a Post But He Can’t Delete a Picture – The Scandal is Growing
  • Proof: U.S. Directed Energy Weapons Burn The Faces Of Australians–Globalist Leadership Gone Mad: Tyrants Hunt Down Freedom Crusaders With Sonic Weaponry
  • Medical Treason Killing Soldiers: Intentional Harm, Death carried Out By Military Command
  • FDA Broke Pfizer’s EUA Shield: Liability Protection Gone, Time To Bring Down The Gavel
  • JAB Injured woman REVEALS there are 50 people at the CDC PROCESS over a Million VAERS Reports!
  • Blasphemous Comedian Heather McDonald Collapsed on stage & fractured her skull after boasting about taking 3 Covid jabs, the Flu and Shingles Shot and then mocking Jesus!
  • Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in  COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​With Bluetooth Applications
  • Military lawyer says genetic changes from vaccine are creating new human ‘species’ under the law!
  • Riot Gear Squad Ontario Canada is UN / NATO Hired Goons—They Speak German
  • Listener Invive Silver Covid Testimony Plus More
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-21-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-19-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 20, 2022

2Ch 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.


WFC22 Canberra more cooking of people

CRACKDOWN RAMPS UP: Ottawa Police Clash with Truckers As They Make Mass Arrests – Begin Smashing Windows to Forcefully Remove Protesters from Vehicles – (VIDEO) (www.thegatewaypundit.com)

Quebec provincial police equipped with full riot gear put on gas masks as they move to disperse a peaceful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. The martial law enforcement have brought in LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) equipment and have positioned snipers above the crowd. (vid8.poal.co

LRAD Microwave victims from Canberra… People were targeted by the australian government (www.bitchute.com)


NSA whistleblower about HAVANA Act of 2021: Time to discuss innocent victims of Microwave Weapons experiments (archive.ph)

Microwave weapons that cause Havana Syndrome exist in USA, China and Russia (strangesounds.org)

Canada’s Chrystia Freeland, who seized crypto and bank funds, found to be granddaughter of actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist

Hidden Alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders working in Lockstep to enforce the Great Reset include Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, & Boris Johnson

Madman Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)


PCR Tests Have Served Their Purpose in the COVID “Crisis”, They’re Now Being Cancelled – Everywhere – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate


Carhartt Will Uphold Its COVID-19 Jab Mandate for Employees

SICKENING  Big Fines for the Unjabbed

Pro-Vaccine Big Pharma Execs Invite You to D.C. to “Protest Against Vaccine Mandates” – Did You Forget What Happened on Jan. 6th 2021?

Under Quebec’s draconian new vaccine passport scheme, unvaccinated people who visit large stores like Walmart and Costco will have to be accompanied by employees to make sure they don’t buy anything other than food or pharmaceutical products

Vaccine injuries in the DOD and the attempted cover-up – Terminal X

Demonic Pedophiles Target Kids: Government Ad Promotes Pedophilia, Transgenderism & Vaxx On Kids

SECDEF tells governors Guard troops must get COVID-19 vaccine

TREASON: Australia Keeps Launching Huge Concentration Camps & Evidence Mounts That Inmates Are Being GASSED

++ S. 675, the NICS Denial Notification Act of 2021, is gaining traction in the U.S. Senate. We urgently need your help to shut this gun control bill down! The NICS Denial Notification Act would open criminal investigations into 100% of background check denials, even though government studies show 9 out of 10 times these denials are false positives.

Passage of this language would result in criminal investigations into TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent, law-abiding Americans for the non-crime of being denied a gun purchase by a broken background check system each year.

Tell your Senators right away NOT to expand this abysmally broken system.

++ Anti-gun politicians from both sides of the aisle have been pushing an anti-gun version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a bill designed to appear nice on the outside, but with infringements on your rights on the inside. 

VAWA has several massive anti-gun provisions which would put both men and women in a more dangerous position — one of being disarmed. GOA has been fighting this anti-gun bill since 2019, but anti-gunners in Congress are closer than ever before to having it pass. We need you to fight back against this today!

Action Alert: ATF Has Nearly 1 BILLION Records in a Registry

More cryptocurrency fraud? Bitcoin slides as shares of MicroStrategy slip and SEC rejects company’s accounting methods

‘Hundreds of thousands, if not millions’ of birds died during 2020 U.S. Air Force 5G exercise, New Mexico;

AT&T, Verizon Will Delay 5G Near Airports After Airline CEOs Warned of ‘Catastrophic Aviation Crisis’ – Breaking911

IRS To Require Facial Recognition To View Tax Returns

California City First in US to Mandate Liability Insurance for Gun Owners

FDA Raising Our Blood Pressure The FDA accepted a health claim for magnesium, but somehow still manages to censor information on this critical nutrient. ACTION ALERT!

Unregulated Chemicals Kill Millions Every Year…and the EPA does nothing. Faced with such needless death, why is this agency doing nothing to protect us? ACTION ALERT!

Is ‘Organic’ Dry Cleaning a Scam? Many dry cleaning stores advertise they are organic, but it doesn’t mean they are better for your health or the environment.

EEU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing

U.S. judge blocks Biden vaccine mandate for federal workers in latest blow to White House Covid agenda

New Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin cleans house, asks all “diversity” office staffers (liberal fascists) to resign, appoints anti-CRT official

Boris Johnson just removed ALL COVID MEASURES IN BRITAIN Masks, work from home, and Covid passports are GONE.

Glen Youngkin Sworn In As VA Governor, Immediately BANS Critical Race Theory & Vaccine Mandate


UK: Covid Restrictions Abruptly Lifted, Nations Liberate Citizens as Covid Narrative Crumbles

Signs that You Are Being Tracked with an Apple AirTag and Tips to Stop It – Activist Post

Car Sick: The Toxic Soup Inside Your Car

++The state of FL will not enforce a federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare settings, which the Supreme Court upheld Jan. 13. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/legal-regulatory-issues/desantis-casts-aside-cms-vaccine-rule-for-hospitals.html  &  https://amp.tallahassee.com/amp/6518864001

++ Jeremy Segal is running for county supervisor in Walworth County, Wisconsin. And he is on fire about the interposition of lesser magistrates. In this 20-minute interview on the Charlie James Show, Segal makes clear why he is running for county office – and how the lesser governments are meant to interpose against the evil of the superior authorities, not blithely comply. Listen here and catch some of the fire! Though we didn’t know Jeremy, we have since learned he has read Pastor Matt’s book on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – and is getting it into the hands of others.

ZOE International: A Mission to Share the Gospel and Help End Child Trafficking


Moderna Stock Crashes – Losses Top $130 Billion, Stock Down 67% from Highs Last Year Following Lackluster COVID Vaccine Results

Battleground Melbourne – a Topher Field Documentary

JUST IN – Denmark no longer classifies COVID-19 as a “socially critical disease,” all restrictions will be lifted from February 1 – PM Mette Frederiksen.  The UK, Ireland and the Netherlands have all taken a similar approach. 

Nordic Country Declares Covid-19 No Longer ‘Socially Critical Disease,’ Drops All Restrictions (townhall.com)

HISTORIC! Over 50,000 Truckers Join Freedom Convoy Through Canada Protesting COVID Mandates – Massive Crowds of Canadians Show Up In Support

Revolution! One Million People Marching To Ottawa To Demand PM Trudeau’s Resignation:But right now there’s 50,000 truckers and about 1.4 million people headed to the parliament in Ottawa,

Marvel Star Blasts Vaccine Mandates — “Nobody Should Ever Be Forced To Inject Their Body With Anything”

PT4 London England Jan22nd Worldwide Rally For Freedom 11yr Old Jasmin Speaks About COVID Vaccines (rumble.com)

Parents, Students are Taking Universities to Court over COVID Vaccine Mandates

NUREMBERG 2.0: Grand Jury Evidence Presentation 2/5/2022

From: Julie V Sent: Monday, January 31, 2022 9:54 AM Subject: Bunbury WA Police Headquarters Told We Are Executing Arrest Warrants For Charges Against Politicians I am soooooo proud of this group of courageous people.  I hope more people will follow this example… MUST WATCH.. WE HAVE OUR OWN COMMON LAW COURT ..WHO KNEW?? THANK YOU STEVEN SUKKAR! A group of approx 40 people who served papers to the Bunbury Police Headquarters on Sat 29th Jan for charges of crimes against humanity, misconduct and Treason, by our Premier and related governmental parties. We are all a part of the Freedom Movement across Australia, executing our rights and freedoms under common law. https://www.bitchute.com/video/C2h7Z41Q5psu/ WE HAVE OUR OWN COMMON LAW COURT

Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols

Male teen deaths skyrocket 53% following mass covid vaccination

Minnesota government BRIBING families with $200 gift cards to get their CHILDREN vaccinated

MIT Scientist Warns Parents NOT TO GIVE CHILDREN Vaccine, Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease In Young People

Israel hit by a covid blizzard of the vaccinated



Registered Nurse Reveals What She Saw On Her Intensive Care Unit After The COVID Jabs Rolled Out [VIDEO]


Official Data shows Children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 Vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the ONS is trying to hide it

High Court Judge decides Parents do not need to know number of kids who’ve died due to the Covid-19 Vaccine because they’re too stupid to understand the data

White Coat Mafia Tyranny – Dr. Betsy Eads> says hospitals and doctors are getting ‘bonuses’ for practicing medicine that is murdering patients. Eads says, ‘You cannot tell me, at this juncture, that hospitals and doctors do not know what they are doing’. 

‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims

posted a day ago

Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Complex

France, Italy, Germany and Spain suspend use of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine amid blood clot fears

Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out: Triathlete’s Life Destroyed By Covid Bioweapon Jab


From: Douglas Riggs [mailto:dw_riggs@verizon.net] Sent: Monday, 24 January 2022 11:11 PM Subject: Pastor Doug Riggs – Memorial A memorial to honor our friend, brother and pastor, Douglas Woods Riggs.
Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26 Doug is not deceased, dead, nor in the grave. Doug is face to face with Jesus our Savior and Lord. Doug has departed from us, but is with Christ, Yeshua Mashiach.
We had a memorial service to honor our friend, brother, and pastor Friday evening, January 14, 2022 – just the small group of us in Syracuse. We recorded the audio as we shared our thoughts. We invited a few to make a short audio recording of what they would have shared had they been present, and many sent emails of condolence and testimony of how Doug influenced, helped and changed their lives, some of which we read. We could not include all we received as that would have made this memorial many times longer in duration.
We hope this blesses you as you reminisce and consider the legacy Doug gave as he lived a sacrificial life as a vessel through whom Jesus healed many brokenhearted saints and set free those held in captivity (Isaiah 61:1 cp Luke 4:18). Doug was God’s gift of a pastor-teacher to us and he faithfully carried out that responsibility to equip us to do the work of ministry to the building up of the body of Christ – all this to reach the goal: “until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:7-16). Our website http://www.dougriggs.org/ will continue to provide the ministry and stewardship God imparted to Doug as God permits. Pastor Doug Riggs – Memorial   https://youtu.be/TDtDygKhLW4       https://youtu.be/Y7vZq40ZvEc


++ In this article “Seven Simple Steps Toward Online Privacy,” are recommendations for protecting your privacy while surfing the web, most of which don’t cost anything.



++—–Original Message—–From: Virginia Sent: Friday, February 4, 2022 1:00 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Something your listeners should be aware of–I know you’ve talked about the muslim sleeper cells here before, but did you know there are spies who pretend to be Christians to gather info about us? I think I just had a real-life experience with it: I was recently working at a hotel where about 6 of the housekeepers were guys from Africa, ranging in age from maybe 18 to early 20s, students at SUU.  I was getting to know each of them a little since I was working in the laundry room when they came to get sheets and towels and I tend to be somewhat chatty.  They spoke enough English to understand simple sentences. They all seemed very nice, but two of them didn’t seem to want to talk much, understandably why would they want to chat with a lady who is almost 60.  haha.  There were two sets of brothers among them. One time one of the guys with a brother came in playing some Christian worship music on his headphones, that I could hear.  I asked him if he was a Christian and said “yes.”  I said Awesome! I am too! and told him I liked the music he was playing.  I turned out that his brother, also working there, was a Muslim,  and he used to be Muslim alsoI asked him how he became a Christian. He said he had been converted after he came here.  I think it was about 6 months that he had been here working.  I was kind of shocked.  We would talk a little at work.   But in the next couple of weeks I thought it was kind of strange that he was laughing and joking with the other guys from Africa (not sure if they were all muslim), thinking how could there be “fellowship” if he was a Christian.  Why wasn’t he being ostracised, mocked, etc., like I’ve experienced many times at work.  No he was good buddies with the rest of them. But he didn’t seem to be very close to his brother, who was a more serious type. Another one of the African guys tried to get me in trouble at work in a sly way. Long story.  And his plan sort of worked, and I wondered if that was some mild Christian persecution.  I continued to be friendly to all of them.  The “Christian” guy said he went to church on campus once a week.  I was asking him if he had some other muslim friends who might be interested in a Bible study.  He said he did, but nothing ever came of it.  I got sick… I told him what happened. He did ask me for my phone number, but we never contacted each other. He had gotten his vax in Africa. I warned him about the vaccines and said the next one might be the Mark of the Beast.  I gave him some links with the info.  But  now I’m leaving town for a new job since my hours were cut, since business was slow.  The weird thing is… few weeks ago, I believe it was the Holy Spirit who prompted me to look up something online about the muslims…I’m not even sure what I was searching.  But I “stumbled upon” a website that said many of the muslims that come here are fakes, they are planted here to try to befriend infidels and gather info to give to the extremist muslims in there area, phone numbers, addresses, etc, so that when jihad is begun, they will know exactly where to find us.  They are spies basically.  I’m not sure if the “Christian” guy was a fake and a spy, but in my gut I suspect that he is.  If you walk around playing loud worship music, usually young people, their peers would mock them, but I never saw that. 

Anyways, here is the website: https://www.christianpost.com/news/all-churches-in-america-have-muslim-spies-in-them-who-are-cataloging-every-jew-and-christian-in-preparation-for-jihad-warns-author-avi-lipkin.html


++ From: scott@ Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 11:53 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: emf blocking–Hi Scott, Just started listening to your latest audio. Just wanted to comment on the emf topic. I’ve been following this topic for years now (not as much lately) as I feel like I’ve been emf damaged from my time working in video games. I’ve been out of that environment since 2009 but there were lots of high exposure devices back in those days (crt monitors, routers everywhere and cell phones). Anyways, went through lots of meters and protective measures over the years. Here’s my tips:

1- Aluminum window screen: You can buy rolls of this on Amazon. It is a well known as being effective at blocking emf. There are or were a lot of Youtube videos on people testing it. I’ve tested it myself and it works. I can have my phone pegging my meter and put it on the other side of the mesh and it drops it down to a safe level. My primary work space is surrounded by it as I’ve hung it up on my walls. Yes, people that come into my space always ask and give me the “look” but so what. Dollar for dollar, it’s the cheapest way to protect yourself. Lead paint is great if you can find it but as you pointed out it’s expensive. If you end up moving then you can take it with you. Lead stays behind.

2- Meter: Safe and Sound Pro II. I’ve had and tested many and this is the one I settled on. It covers a broader range of the spectrum than most other models including the lower 5g bandwith. 

3- Aluminum foil: I use the foil to cover emitters such as our router. I built a wood box and started layering foil on it (super 77 spray glue to attach). Using my meter I can then decide how much emf I want to let through and then stop layering. This way when my wife and kids want their emf for their phones I can remove the box and put it on when not needed or when sleeping. 

4- Clothing: I do have the clothing and it does work but it’s expensive and the silver eventually falls off the threads even if not washing it from rubbing around. The bed coverings work and will last as your not rubbing them as much.

Electric cars are high emf emitters (probably one of the reasons to move everyone into them) 



EMF is similar to radar in that it’s line of site. So, if you put up the aluminum mesh but left a gap in your covering that just so happened to be in the direction of the cell tower or your neighbors router then the emf can enter and then bounce around inside till it dissipates or finds and exit point. This is where the meter helps you test out your protection builds. This is also what makes airplanes and trains such toxic environments. A whole bunch of people in a metal tube with not only their cell phones on but the wifi being emitted from the plane for the passengers. It just bounces around with hundreds of emitters with nowhere to go. If I have to fly I always wear my silver lined clothing including head covering. It’s fun going through security with that on as it blocks the body scanners. I’ve seen the results including getting the 3rd degree from security. 

One more topic not often discussed is dirty electricity. It can have similar or worse effects than emf and it’s in everyone’s houses. The industry could have prevented this when they rolled out the electrification by having the power generating plants produce clean but they didn’t (probably by design). Studies have shown that when the US rolled out electricity to houses the overall health of the nation plummeted. This is too big of a topic to cover here but this can be mitigated too by companies like Greenwave.  Best, Scott


++—– Original message —–From: <d…john@hotmail.com>To: Scott Johnson < > Subject: Invive Testimony

Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 8:36 AMHi Scott, I ordered a 6 pack of the 5000ppm silver (seems like the best deal) when my wife and I became ill in late Dec last year. Everyone around us here in Toronto was testing positive for COVID (which doesn’t mean much) but we were very sick and my wife was and is pregnant.

After weeks of being sick with hacking coughs and fevers the silver arrived and we both began taking it in about 10 drop doses multiple times a day. After two days the main symptoms had lifted and we both started to recover from this long drawn illness – it was a Godsent.

But I noticed other effects from the silver. I had these marks that had been forming on my back behind where my heart is.

For years these marks have slowly been growing – I also had a sharp pain around my heart which I figured was some sort of infection. However, when I went to our wonderful, socialist hospitals I was told nothing was wrong; and the #1 questions everyone here is asked who needs help but doesn’t get is, “are you sure you’re not high on drugs and just paranoid?”

Our healthcare system is broken. 

The abnormal amount of phlegm I was coughing up coincide with the dissipation of the chest pain AND the gradual healing of the marks on my back. 

My pregnant wife is also thriving – its common for women to fear taking strong cures while pregnant, but she had no side effects as promised and is better than ever!

I can’t say how appreciative I am of you and what you have done by publishing free protocols and medical treatments like Invive – I know God has your rewards for such charity stored up and waiting for you. 

God bless! 

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-14-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 16, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Are We On the Cusp of the Long Predicted WW3 That Will Most Likely Take Us Into The Tribulation? Top Headlines Pointing In That Direction—Regarding the End Times & Tribulation Period Jesus Predicted in Matthew 24:6-8 KJV: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”
  • End Time Current Events: 2-12-12–Part 1 By Scott Johnson | Be Nobody’s Valentine – The Horrific Pagan History of Valentine’s Day…
  • Scottsdale, Arizona set to host “World Record” largest satanic conference ever conducted this weekend Feb 10, 2022–Plus What is an Occultic Invocation
  • The Satanic Prayer For the Antichrist to Arise: The Great Invocation–Straight From the Lucis Trust (Originally Alice Bailey’s Lucifer Trust) Website
  • Scott Johnson’s Teachings on Alice Bailey, The U.N., Lucis Trust, World Goodwill, Earth Charter, Maitreya
  • Devil Betraya’s (AKA lord Maitreya’s) Website–UN Sponsored Share International is Still Running Strong & Pumping Out The Lies After All These Years!!!
  • Murdered government whistleblower warned in 1995 about global depopulation using engineered bioweapons, followed by planetary-scale extermination of the human race
  • Scott Johnson’s Teaching: Exposing The Strong Delusion: E.T.’s, Aliens, UFO’s, The Nephilum & The Greada Treaty — Parts 1-6

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-14-22

Click Here To Play The Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-7-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Psalm 39 Bible Verses
  • Researcher Claims Almost All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them Who Are ‘Cataloging’ Every Christian in Preparation for Jihad—This In Addition To the Traitorous Clergy Response Team “Pastors” Selling Out Their Congregations Plus the Witches and Warlocks Hidden in the Church
  • Listener Comment About the Freedom Trucker Convoy In Canada and Her Concerns
  • Who is David Wilcock’s (& General Michael Flynn’s) “Michael the Arch-Angel”?
  • Exposed Again: General Michael Flynn, former national security adviser in the Trump administration, recently said the United States should have a single religion!–But Flynn was simply revealing the next step in The Great Reset / New World Order
  • Don’t fall for the “we are winning” meme–It’s all part of the plan
  • Listener Comment: About Monoclonal Antibodies Infusion Therapy- I know of 2 People who Died Very Shortly after Taking this Treatment for Cancer since 2017
  • Warning: Regeneron Monoclonal Antibodies Infusion Therapy Exposed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-7-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | February 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • This Explains So Much: 5G Powered Graphene Based Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine–Forced Trans-humanization of society is happening now
  • Update On The Covid Agenda Legal Actions ~ Proceedings Start Soon Plus Covid Agenda Pushback Updates!
  • Reiner Fuellmich’s Opening Statements @ Grand Jury Covid-Crimes Against Humanity Nuremberg 2.0 Trial
  • Covid Pushback Headlines
  • Covid Kill Shot Headlines
  • Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Huge Rubbery Clots & Parasites
  • Natural Stroke Recovery Protocol
  • Vax Victims Overflow Morgues: Bodies Fill Morgues, Overflow Into Refrigerated Trailers
  • Man in car wreck put on ventilator-wakes up & pulls it out before they killed him–You Cannot Trust These Hospitals – They Are killing People
  • Listener/Nurse Comment: Have you seen this presentation from a frontline nurse to a Senate hearing? I have been working with covid patients on high flow oxygen demands since the pandemic began in March 2020 and I can tell you that every word she speaks is truth
  • Recommend Protocol For Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-7-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-24-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 25, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Biblical Parameters for Giving and Receiving Receiving Correction
  • America’s Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles
  • Activating 5G towers could KILL people who took COVID-19 vaccines, analysts warn
  • The Covid Vaxxed–Marked for life-tracked till death?
  • Listener Comment: The Big Picture and End Game–Elite In New Zealand Zone 1 Elysium
  • SHOCK VIDEO: NHS Doctor Says “All The Vaccines Will Be Recalled Soon”
  • Covid Positive Pushback Headlines
  • British Airways had four pilots suddenly drop dead, and United Airlines has now expressed that their employees nor pilots are mandated to take the vaccination–The Vaccinated are advised not to fly due to health complications of the Covid kill shot
  • The cabal needs a war/invasion to bring forth their agenda–The C19 scam is losing its power more and more every day–Our media LIES 24/7–When All Else Fails, They Take You To War!
  • Israeli vaccine advisor: “We have made mistakes”
  • Executing Covid Patients for Profit Is a Growing Enterprise In American Hospitals
  • Breaking: Biden’s political opposition targeted with asymmetric biological warfare for depopulation as part of Great Reset–Shocking data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) revealing that “highly toxic” lots of the experimental COVID mRNA injection have been disproportionately deployed in conservative-led states, resulting in nearly twice as many deaths from the shot than in blue states
  • Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols
  • Things the Bible Says God Hates

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-24-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-24-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 25, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill-Providers Incentivized By Feds to Murder Covid Patients
  • Organ Harvesting A Real Concern—Unvaxxed Organ Donors Better Think Twice About Going to the Hospital!!! Hospitals Killing For Organs “This is Absolutely Evil And A Crime Against Humanity!”
  • Organ Donor & Transplant Warning–GUTTED ALIVE-MEDICAL DEBAUCHERY AND ORGAN HARVESTING IN OUR HOSPITALS–What You Lose When You Sign That Organ Donor Card — Shocking!
  • As We Have Warned–Don’t Trust the “Frontline Doctors”: FRONTLINE DOCS NOW USING SSRI’S Antidepressants (That use fluoride as its main ingredient!) FOR Covid Treatment & that is just one of the horrific drugs they are advocating!!!!
  • Recommend Protocol For The Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 1-24-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-17-22-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 17, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Pastor who was nearly killed by a tyrant, speaks out
  • “The Authority of a County” is a 16-minute talk by Pastor Matt Trewhella 
  • The Dollar Has Entered A Death Spiral, And A Lot More Inflation Is On The Way
  • Quebec Canada plans to hit unvaccinated with a ‘significant’ tax because they won’t take the gene editing Covid Kill shot bioweapon!!!
  • Canadian Truckers to Go Full STRIKE January 23 – Store Shelves Will be Empty Until Vax Mandates are gone”Trucker Spills The Beans!! Trudeau’s Unconstitutional Vaxx Mandates Takes 38000 Truckers Off The Road!! Shelves Going To Go Empty…Trudeau Wants To Starve/Kill Millions of Canadians!!
  • Unjabbed barred from banks & post office in multiple countries—Get the Kill Shot & you can have your money–But remember this is just all about your health!
  • Ronald McDonald House To Evict Unvaccinated Cancer-Stricken Children
  • Joe Biden’s ‘Woke’ Military Prepares For War Upon America As ‘Paper’s Please’ Becomes Official Policy In Washington DC – We’ve Seen This Madness Before And The Road Leads To Destruction
  • Mark it Down—This will be painted by the satanic mainstream media as the number one threat to the planet!–‘This is a war!’ Anti-vaxxers set up ‘military-style’ training camps to unleash disruption–ANTI-VAXXERS have threatened to take direct action against “vaccine centres, schools, and councils'” across the UK following disturbing footage of a military-style training camp
  • Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency
  • Huge Number of Vax Deaths & it’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-17-22

Click Here To Play The Part 1 Audio

Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-17-22-Part 2

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 17, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibodies / Regeneron!!!
  • New Details: Deadliest Vax Lots: Vial Went to All 50 States Still on Circulation
  • CDC Whistleblower Drops Nuke: Deadly Bioweapon Lots Targeting Specific Groups
  • Breaking: Epstein & Maxwell Are Israeli Spies, Planned Bioweapon Shots, Says Doctor
  • Thousands of Miscarriages Following COVID-19 Injections Reported in VAERS are Being Censored as an Entire Generation is Being Sterilized
  • Injectable Microchip Trackers: Vindicated Again: Tracking System “Will Be Used”
  • Big Pharma adds lethal Sodium Azide to DIY Home Covid Test kits
  • Many Are Waking Up–DEATH SPIRAL: CNN Ratings Drop 90% in Key Audience, Loses 80% of Total Viewers
  • Recommend Protocol For The Covid-19 & the Shedding From The Covid Vaxxed
  • Listener Comment: Brother Scott, Me and my husband were sick, cough, chest pain, the whole nine yards–Took your Covid protocol–Three days later we are just fine–All praises to our Heavenly Father and Christ and to you Brother
  • Recommended Products Dr. Johnson Carries to build up the Immune System

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-17-22

Click Here To Play The Part 2 Audio

Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-16-22

By Dr. Scott Johnson | January 16, 2022

Pro 10:16: The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: the fruit of the wicked to sin.

Col 1:12-14: Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins…



New Documentary on The PCR Test Deception is Banned on YouTube – Share this Film with Skeptics



++ Here is a 4-minute video compilation of massive protests against vaccine passports and all the other draconian measures being imposed by the governments of men. People are fighting for their lives. Understand – though the majority march lockstep to their enslavement and the media censors all that does not fit their narrative – you are not alone. Click here to share this post on social network.

After Thousands Of Parents Refused To Comply, California School District Reverses Child Jab Mandate

Federal judge suspends mask, jab requirements for TX Head Start


ACT NOW: Tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary! Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting the vaccine.

Veterans Affairs Nurse Stands Up: RN Crushes Tyrannical Covid Response Measures

Study: Antioxidants Provide COVID Key A new understanding of COVID is emerging, suggesting the disease attacks the immune system rather than the lungs-yet the government is threatening supplements like NAC that could help. ACTION ALERT!

Better Vax Injury Tracking System Ignored; Why? The government’s method of tracking vaccine injuries could be missing as many as 99 percent of injuries. This is unacceptableACTION ALERT!

5000 Anti-Mandate Protesters at New York Capitol

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: New Findings Are Enough to Dismantle Entire VVV Industry

Fighting Tyranny and Winning: ForOurRights.org- Defending Basic God-Given Rights

They Have Already Setup The Internment Camps!’ Strike Teams Being Hired to Hunt Down UnJabbed


EVERYBODY IN WA SIGN ! WA leg… protect your right to decline vaccination!

Washington State Legislature – Public Bill Comments: https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/5144

Dems Scheme Sickening Plot To Make Unvaccinated Pay Big Time

Quebec Government Becomes World’s 1st To Impose Steep “Health Tax” For Unvaxxed Citizens

Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency

Action Alert: Gun Owners Have Won Round One, But More Work Still Needed!


Twitter BANS Project Veritas within Minutes of Exposing Fauci’s Crimes

U.S. shoppers facing increasingly barren shelves, with comparisons to Soviet stores in the 1980s amid Biden’s worsening supply chain crisis

EXPOSED: Apple CEO Tim Cook signed secret $275 billion deal with the CCP, betraying America

Austria Hiring People to “Hunt Down Vaccine Refusers”

Ecuador makes COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all eligible residents

Satanic Temple Holiday Display to Be Installed at Illinois State Capitol Building

25 Cops in a Single Texas County Arrested in 2021 from Child Rape to Bestiality >The perverts are not just cops. They are CPS workers, Judges, Lawyers, CEO’s, Politicians, False Preachers ,maybe the person who you think is a good Christian! 

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to pharma and the central banks

“You’re playing right into their hands by not getting the vaccine” says Lucifer Trump

US Air Force Military Whistleblower: “The Covid Plan” – Full Military Purge

The 1992 Olympics Predicted 2021

FDA Authorizes Pfizer’s COVID-19 Pill Weeks After Landing $5 Billion Deal With Biden Administration

Shortages Are Getting Worse As The Global Supply Chain Crisis Enters An Ominous New Chapter

US military hasn’t approved any of 12,000 religious exemption requests for COVID vax: report

NYC announces door-to-door vaccination teams that will come to your house and pay you $100 to take the death jab

Shock Video: NYPD Vax Passport Enforcers Break Up Child’s Birthday Party After Demanding Vaccine Papers

Unvaccinated NYC Activists Arrested During Staged Burger King Sit-In Protest

Marines ‘Crushed’ By Vax Mandate As ‘Thousands’ Denied Religious Exemptions In ‘Political Purge’:Multiple ‘thousands’ of Marines are still set to be processed out over the mandate, and that the corps ‘best and brightest’ are being crushed’by Biden 

Fact-Check Foul Play: How Fact-Checkers Lie and Manipulate

America’s medical schools now push WOKETARD indoctrination, total denial of physiology, biology and sex chromosomes

WATCH: Bombshell Video That Got Dr. Malone Kicked Off Twitter

Leftist plandemic hysteria driving asymptomatic Vermonters to flood hospitals in senseless covid panic

Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED again


New Israeli weapon causing INTERNAL HUMAN COMBUSTION on defenseless Protestors???

Experimental Injection Injured Pilot Warns Of Unfit Pilots Flying Airplanes (Video)


Profanity Warning: The Paranoid Mentally Deranged Mask Zombies

Pilot: Pilots Still Taking Flight Despite Adverse Reactions To Covid Shot For Fear Of Losing Job (redvoicemedia.com)

GMO Foods Will Start Being Labelled “Bioengineered” or Include a QR Code, Website, or Phone Number for Verification

GM Had to Recall 141,000 Chevy Bolt EVs due to Battery Fires and Explosions; Of Course, Battery Fires Not Isolated to Bolts

Biden bans conservatives and Christians from the military

CHAOS! State of Emergency In Kazakhstan As Protesters Storm Government Building, Internet Cut Off

Crisis in Slovenia? Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab

Is this really Holland?

America’s Frontline Doctor: The COVID Tests Are Not Only Inaccurate, But Dangerous

OPERATION CHAOS: Democrats flood America’s streets with violent criminals ahead of planned false flag event

Vaccinated Women Are Now Lying About Their Vax Status As More Men See Them As Infertility Risk

Remdesivir Deaths from Dr Fau-chee mandated Federal Hospital Protocols and Money Bonuses from Medicare

++Many patients are dying from Remdesivir treatment after Hospital Admission because Dr Fau-chee, knowing that this drug had KILLED the most trial patients from the EBOLA virus scare several years ago.  Dr Brian Ardis blew the whistle on Fau-chee after thoroughly reading the research papers

Citi To Fire All Unvaxx’d Unless They Comply With Mandate By Jan 14

Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees — about 1% of its workforce

Despotism Is the New Normal: Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022 

Unvaccinated Canadians can be banned from grocery stores in New Brunswick