A World Given Over To Satan

In this teaching we will be reviewing several current/end time events and see how these events fit into the big (Biblical) picture. We will first be looking at how the Lord has always preserved a remnant in every time period (no matter how wicked the world had become), and how God typically uses judgment of the wicked to preserve his elect. We will then look at a Biblical/end time chronology of Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews since they were first given back some of their land (via the Balfour Declaration) up through the tribulation. Then you will be shown some of the demonic earmarks of the homosexual movement that are not reported on the nightly news. Because of the wickedness that is being committed in the world and all the innocent blood crying out from the land (primarily via abortions); society is being taken over and given over to devils. Occultists know these heinous acts of wickedness open doors to other unseen dimensions, similar to the bottomless pit in the book of Revelation being opened up.

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