2012 End Time Current Events & Health Alerts: 1-8-12–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Study
  • The newly-passed “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)” places private companies on notice that they must act within 72 hours of any order to provide the materials necessary to activate FEMA camps
  • Does the Indefinite Detention Bill Foretell Future?
  • Happy New Year: Obama Signs NDAA, Indefinite Detention Now Law of the Land
  • Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S.
  • Internment Camp Services Bid Arrives After NDAA
  • Army Posts Job for “Internment Specialist” Following KBR Call for FEMA Camp Subcontractors
  • Internment Re-Settlement Specialist: National Guard Recruiting Video
  • Fed Interest in Food Storage Facility Connected to FEMA Executive Order 10999
  • Exclusive: Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse
  • FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency
  • Government censors document revealing plans to wage war on Americans 
  • Church Organization Refuses To Divulge If Pastors Are On FEMA Payroll
  • Feds Train 501c3 Clergy To ‘Quell Dissent’ During Martial Law (3 Parts)
  • Romans 13 & Unlimited Subservience to the Government: Where should a Bible Believing Christian Draw the Line?
  • Disturbing 501c3 Corporate Church Report
  • US Churches Now Part of FEMA & Homeland Security Initiatives

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PDF: End Time Current Events & Health Alerts 1-8-12