End Times Gospel Tract

18 Future Events Guaranteed to Come to PassA Contending for Truth listener recently felt led to create a Gospel Tract that focuses on End Times Events.  We are excited to share this tract for use by all of our listeners.

You may download this tract for free as a high quality PDF and print yourself or distribute electronically to as many people as you like.

You also have the option of ordering this tract from a professional printer, Fundamental Media, who will print and ship these tracts directly to you.

1000 – $250.00

2,500 – $400.00

5,000 – $500.00

10,000 – $900.00

Fundamental Media offers a ten day turnaround for orders or can rush your order for an additional cost.  To place your order, contact Fundamental Media by phone or email and ask for the tract called, “18 Future Events Guaranteed to Come to Pass”.

Fundamental Media:

Phone: 800-997-5638

Email: info@fundamentalmedia.org

Web: www.fundamentalmedia.org


11 Responses to “End Times Gospel Tract”
  1. Carl says:

    This is really good, good job.

  2. Adrian Murguia says:

    This tract is the best I have seen when it comes to the end times. I just past out 20 last week and I am planning to print more for this week. They are good conversation starters as well, I had a couple of good conversations with two individuals on the streets of Houston, Texas using these as springboards to open up conversations about the Gospel. Bro. Scott, I wonder if the brother-in-Christ that produced these tracts has any plans to translate them into Spanish? Just wanted to let you know that I have been truly blessed by your audio messages on Contending for the Truth, I pray that the Lord of glory will use your ministry to reach multitudes who are even today in the valley of decision. God bless you my Brother.

  3. David says:

    i really want to speak with you Scott. Not sure how much to tell you. i have seen many fallen angels and was saved by Holy faced Crowned Men. Plus i did the fasting and prayer and the Word of God. There were many types of the fallen. For at least 3 days. It happend back in april or march.i am sure the Holy Spirit was here and still is. You might believe me.i Pray you do.I have much to say to you. I like your sermons. Some stuff make me cry and you through a little humor in there and make me laugh.i dare not lie about this.Psalms helped me a lot. I pray you see this

  4. Andrew London says:

    Praise Jesus!! an Awesome tract! I am on the streets working with various different tracts recently discovered my first end time tract which is very good but this one Excellent. A good quality high impact tract with all thats happening around the world this is definitely going to get people reading cant wait to start using it!!!

  5. Lana says:

    Lord, I pray for all the unsaved to have the chance to be saved! I pray our families get their acts together and stop worshipping sports and t.v. and bars, and get back to the right church. I pray for our health to be good and our teeth get fixed and healed!

  6. Shawn Cipriano says:

    first off, i am a huge fan! I am a new Christian, i started listing to Steve Quayle before you. I herd the whole interview on Omega Man radio. I hear you about Tom tute his own Horn! Lol. It was said that they are not beliving in the jeziwdwits and that whole Petrus Ramanis, whatever, but that a lot of people do and he also brings up the INca, Mia, and Cherrokee indian proficie . And they were saying that obviously demons gave all of them forsight regardless something is still happing very soon. I like Steve Quayle but he does say “i” a lot!! I would much rather listen to you an your teachings. As i said i am a new Christian. I also have some gifts that God gave me, decernment, and some other that i wont mention now. Anyway, any info you can give me to help be be a better Christian and witness would be greatly appreciated!! Thaks, your a great and blessed person.!

  7. Good morning. This tract may be exactly what I have been looking for. I have been distributing tracts in the surrounding cities for years, however, most fail to address the urgency of the hour from a prophetic standpoint. Most tracts which do discuss the time of the end tend to do so at the expense of explaining “what must i do to be saved?” This tract takes care of this problem.

    One never knows where a tract will end up. It may take a short trip to a trash can, it may be laid on a counter where others will unwittingly stumble across it….or it may end up stashed away amongst other stored items and unexpectedly be found and read years later; when the events discussed in this tract are no longer deniable by even the most skeptical of folks. (seriously though; I don’t think we have “years” remaining) Many are still living out their lives as though tomorrow will look just like today. When the inevitable becomes undeniable, it would be good for this tract to be in the hands of those who initially took it out of courtesy, didn’t take it seriously, but held onto it anyways.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  8. Free distributions for Gospel Tracts

  9. abey says:

    Knowing the truth is to getting at the root of it. Freemasonry is that iniquity come of ‘old established at the time of QE1. Its target is to destroy religions to the monoasethic by Pitting one against the other & their masters are the cabals behind this ISIS recruited in Muslim names but are not Muslims pretending to be muslim radicals but on the inside bathing & soaked in western harlotry in the indulgences, the same thugs used in Libya, Syria , false flag operations in continuation of the fear factor to enslavements unto the mark of the beast. Zech 5 to the flying scroll(Freemasonry) & the wickedness in an Ephah that governs it is but what is known as the “Isis” its god & her biggest enemy is the Catholic Church. This is the plain truth. Let the truth be preached. Rejoice those who love the truth for last was witnessed Our Lord in His Glory & Fulness standing in battle readiness unto the day of the Lord,.for the days of Freemasonry & their deceits are but numbered. All, without exceptions will stand before Him, for even that ‘ole serpent, stands wrapped in darkness form the Glorious One before him. PREACH THE TRUTH PASTOR SCOTT JOHNSON.

  10. Bible Prophecy helps to from a moral point of view, put things in perspective. We patrol the neighborhoods and what goes on gives us a modern-day synopsis of what the Bible says of what to expect in terms of future events.

  11. ishmael bailey says:

    Im a teenage boy I have listened to you ever scence i was 14 but i have been luke warm. My parents wont beive me. Please help. Pray for them

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